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Pile On®

Yes yes, that is enough.

I like the DINOS thing. That works for me.


Libr'ul Larry:
"However, I'm fully aware that there are a few brain dead cons lurking on this blog who lack the reasoning skills to grasp the fundamentals of political science"

Not me bubba, I'm on my game. I think you might be insinuating that Ms. Owen is uhhhh, hmmmm...extreme?

Yessiree, I'm sharp as a bowlin' ball!


Extreme enough for you?


Che Guevarito

I read that Owen does not even have the support of several non-partisan judicial watchdog groups. The AFL-CIO, ACLU, Screen Actors' Guild, and the NY Times all failed to give Ms. Owen the nod.

I also read that her political contributors included Enron and Halliburton. She's perfectly happy to accept contributions from religious whacko extremists, gun nut extremists, anti-choice extremists, but I could not find a single contribution from a Bhuddist monastery, a convicted felon, a Hollywood mogul, or an illegal alien!

How I long for the good old days when Bill Clinton nominated moderate judges. Remember how annoying it was to watch Repugnican extremists whine, snivel, and obstruct the People's Work by blocking these highly qualified moderates?


Larry, what about the plan karl rove and bush are devising to send all our children to hitleresque bible camps?


Excuse my exiguity of excitement, but I have experienced extended exasperation over existent & extant extemperaneous appointments such as exemplified in the approval of an extremely exacting judge such as the extreme Ms. Owen. I find it extremely ,excruciatingly exigent & inexcusable!


CKCat, I can't read your post! It's been Ex'ed out!


Janny Mae,
I expected an explanation requisition. It's exposition can be explicitly extrapolated by an extremely expert expositor eye.

Che Guevarito

Exactly, CKC. Your exemplary exhibit exposes an exact example of the excessively excruciating excrement, access to ecstatic existence, etc. that expletive-exhaling extortionists with XX chromosomes expect from their ex.


sorry to break the news to you liberals. but liberalism isn't the mainstream anymore. conservatives won every branch of gov't. in elections mind you. you're just going to have to deal with the fact that liberalism is a minority view now


Terence just doesn't get it.
CKCat, exquistite exposition exemplifying erudition.


That's only because most of the sheeple aren't smart enough to be liberals! They just can't understand the logic that the government knows better what to do with their money than they do; they can't understand that the 14th Amendment was clearly written specifically to allow teenage persyns to have government-funded abortions without parental consent, and that the 2nd Amendment doesn't protect the right to keep and bear arms! They don't know that once a decision has been made by the Supreme Court, it is completely inviolable and can never be discussed again. (They keep making up things like "Plessy v. Ferguson" that is clearly a figment of their Nazi-like imaginations.) They also don't know that Bu-shaitan only "won" because he hacked the tabulators! If they were intelligent enough to ignore any "facts" that conflict with their world-view, then they would be just as progressyve as the members of this board.


Erroneously, every egghead envisioning egalitarianism expects extreme enjoyment. Even evil egomaniacs elucidate examples enjoining everyone expecting elimination ef ecstatic emotions.

Che Guevarito


How dare you lower the quality of our political discourse by bringing profanity-laced ad hominem and hateful diatribe into our socially responsible civil science forum!

Liberalism and the democratic party are exactly where Terry McAuliffe led them. We are now in the position to do what we do best: Obstruct, cry, and blame Bush for all that is wrong with the world without the burden of actually fixing anything. We protect democracy by ensuring that the minority empowered, just as the founding mothers and fathers envisioned.

In the words of noted statesman and nonpartisan watchdog, John Stewart, "Stop. You are hurting America."

Go to college. Come back when you have gleaned some educational vignettes.

Che Guevarito

[Y]ou're just going to have to deal with the fact that liberalism is a minority view now

Why do you want to oppress minorities, Terrencehitler?


"and that the 2nd Amendment doesn't protect the right to keep and bear arms!

Bobblehead, you sicko punk!! No one should have a right to keep bear arms. That's just cruel & sick. I even refuse to buy or endorse bear claws, no matter HOW great the bakery or coffee shop's supposed to be!

The only bare arms you should have a right to *keep* are your OWN, and even then progressyve legislators should pass a law requiring sunscreen, especially for rednecks, who will inevitably bare arms since their wardrobe appears to only consist of their wife beater tank tops!!!


"sorry to break the news to you liberals. but liberalism isn't the mainstream anymore"

Incorrect, chummie. Wherever a Liberal may stand , the Mainstream runs right between his/her legs.

If the Liberal moves, the Mainstream moves to follow them.

In fact, the words "Mainstream" and "Liberal" are entirely interchangeable, and I can provide reams of cites from any number of journalist media to prove the point.

It has always been so, it shall ever be so.

The very Universe revolves around the Liberal's navel.

"conservatives won every branch of gov't. in elections mind you."

Again, verifiably wrong.

The very outcome of these "selections" are prima facie evidence of the corrupt and flawed process that produced them.

An open and honest and all-inclusive democratic process, by definition, would produce a government that would execute the agenda of the mainstream immediately and unthinkingly.

The process must be reformed so that the word "government" joins the words "mainstream" and "Liberal" in interchangeability.

By any means necessary.

"you're just going to have to deal with the fact that liberalism is a minority view now."

You cite no facts, Terence, you merely parrot the propaganda that you have been spoon-fed by globalist corporate interests and their sexist and theocratic lackey hirelings.

If you persist in posting these blatant untruths, then you must be re-educated to prevent you from indulging in such hate speech.

For the sake of the children.



She is indeed so extremely extreme that it is extremely disturbing to anyone not extremely religiously insane. I say this on behalf of the extreme majority of Democratic Underground.

You forgot to mention that she was seen in church one day. Also, what made all this much much worse is that those rulings about parental notification were made in accordance with Texas law, which is extremely extreme. Any decent judge would have discovered that they were unconstitutional, even if she had to get out her crayon and amend the constitution a bit. This extreme failure is extremely disturbing to all of us moderates.

I hope Karl Rove is reading. Curse you, Rovian Reptilian! They're everywhere.


Well, well well. I've always suspected there were Rove operatives posing as progressyves here. Now I have an unimpeachable [porcelain] source as to the ID of at least one of them: Bilgeman!!!

What other logical explanation is there for my toilet spewing water from underneath....on a Friday OF A LONG WEEKEND??....Hmmmm....? Obviously the Hali-Bush-Cheney-Rove-Rums-Rice Reich wants their Hali-Bush-Bilgemen who couldn't go camping this weekend to bring in the Reich's piece of the after hour$ plumbing pie, whilst their co-hinchmyn of plumbage are doing their own trademark brand of crack® at their favorite fishing and camping spots.

Oh my!...I am so forever indebted to the Masters of Critical Thinking at the Dem Underground & MoveOn.orgy & Michael Mooooore crocku..err..documentaries. My time with all of them has proven once again, to be time WELL spent to learn the same!


"What other logical explanation is there for my toilet spewing water from underneath....on a Friday OF A LONG WEEKEND??....Hmmmm....? "

I'd opine that the theocrats have degraded or damaged the beeswax seal that gaskets your crapper to the floor. It is a fairly simple, although rather messy repair. Just like Shrubya's foreign policies.

Cut off the water like a greedy Oil Industry executive, and disconnect the "pipes", like Halliburton in a warzone.

Remove the "pretty caps" on either side of the the toilet base to reveal the ugly nuts hidden beneath, like Darth Cheney removing his mask.

Unscrew those nuts and pull the entire toilet off of the studs like Jerry Falwell yanking the plugs outta Terry Schiavo.

You will then have to scrape the remains of the wax gasket from around the waste pipe inlet like the Supreme KKKourt is scraping what remains of our civil liberties from the Constitution.
Do likewise from the base of the toilet.

Measure the outside diameter of the waste pipe at it's widest, and write down that measurement.
Take that measurement to your nearest Home Depot or Lowes plumbing department and ask the Fascist gougers there to show you which gasket corresponds to that measurement,(write down the EnviroCriminalist Syndicate that manufactured your toilet at their slave labor "Maquiladora". That will help.

You then replace that wax gasket on the waste pipe, carefully mount the toilet bowl atop it, like a Gay Marriage Honeymoon, and re-bolt the bowl to the floor, like Karl Rove locking a Blue State ballot box.

Reconnect the water pipes and turn on the water, like a Southern Sheriff firehosing civil rights demonstrators, and if nothing leaks, you'll be "Mainstreaming" again in no time.

Keep a shop-vac and a mop handy:

Yours for Sanitation in Water Treatment and Politics,



I've got my own ophthalmological leak going on now after reading that![laughed till tears rolled] Good googly moogly that was FRIGGIN' funny. The least of which wasn't mildly hilarious was using Jerry Falwell and "studs" in the same sentence. (~;). [I know. I know. the Byble Thumperarchy fascists mandate he's my "brother" so I can't completely diss him......but......]

If I was that ambitious today, I'd probably easily be able to do the repair myself with your clear and most UN-Freakin'-believably comedic instructions, but I'm NOT and that's what landlords are for. And I've just been sighing and whining about how I want my OWN house! Timing is everything.

The guy that remodeled the loo room a few years ago did a pretty rethuglikkanly shoddy job...he even semi-admitted to it. What's is he...the friggin' Pope??? Geeeeeez

You need to save that classic post in a file somewhere...and use it in a Plumbing home repair type book you write. I kid you not! [I dare Tyler to read it and not laugh!]

I s'pose I owe you an apology for talkin' smack about you being a KKKRover, too! An extra reminder of that not being the case came as I was typing this and the phone rang with a cha-ching voice over gig offer! So Gaia moves in my$teriou$ way$ when her progressyve childryn are getting along.

I'm going to print up your instructions for da land lawd!! (~;) No really, I am.

Friend of USA

I agree that bit on political plumbing was really good!

Che Guevarito

What were you flushing that caused your toilet to break? A Koran perhaps? And on Friday, the Muslim sabbath!

J'accuse Mme CKC! May you receive 72 virgin nerds when you meet Allah!

(Now that I'va opened that can of worms, I'll go hide. CKCat doesn't play with her claws in!)


Che, I'd definitely go hide, if I were you! CKCat only bears her claws on odd-numbered Fridays, before a holiday weekend, four days following a full moon during the NBA playoff season (which basically lasts all year).

Damn that plumbing piece WAS hysterically funny! Brilliant, Bilgeman! Brilliant. *patting Bilgeman on the back with a plunger*


Ahhhh...Che's looking for a fight and instead gets a nice claws retarcted soft padded paw pat!

You unwittingly helped me figure out some of this plumbing misery...err...mystery! The whole Koran in the Korapper thing never even crossed my mind!! THEN..YOU shed (not shat) light on it! It's "The HBCRRR Reich" trying to pin that Korap on me! Well, it just so happens that one of my neighbors toilet kept running and running and running which appears to have exposed a bigger sewage snafu, in that there was a stream of non potable, already been pooted in water running down the driveway!! The prob appears to be connected to with a supposed repair "they" made before...right next to my house.

The neighbor chick or her biker boyfriend are probably kin to a member of "The Reich". They flushed the Koran down the Korapper and tried to pin it on me!

You are so right about the sport that never ends! Sheesh....steeeeRIKE 3 already!!! I prefer Hockey. Quite frankly the NHL season seems to have gotten shorter and shorter [probably in favor of baseball] to the point where I don't remember ONE game from last year. Not a ONE!

Since your charges against me are categorically FALSE, Che---it's no longer allahbout the 72 nerd virgins! It's now at 8 down & 64 to go!

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