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See, it's this kind of stuff that makes me think howie is actually a secret neo-con sent to infiltrate progressive sites like this. How else to explain his overuse of the word "progressive" - he's trying to camouflage himself too much.

Also, I hear all the fundamentalist pastors have been meeting in the basements of the local Baptist churches around the nation since the Raygun administration, secretly planning their dominionism theocracy. Gaia save us from these right-wingnuts!

J. Mark English

This is a fantastic site. Can't wait to check it out on a daily basis.

Che Guevarito


Dude, you're harshing my mellow. Throw on some Flloyd, but an Ex-Lax in the bong, and consider joining the Kabbaleh. This is me, man...

I would never try to mynipulate you. That would require asserting myself, and next thing you know my parents will make me move out of their garage and get a job. Then there's child support, taxes, Social Security payments, college loan repayment, Blockbuster late fees... No, I'd rather be society's bitch: You stick it out there, and I'll take it all, every inch, and ask - nay DEMAND - more.

But consider this: If you do go to Trinidad in the next several years, you won't have to go through mynopause.


♪♪~They call hym Harshie Mellow...(that's right!)~♪♪

Friend of USA

Ok Che, CKCat it's time for;


err I mean GROUP HUGS!


Ok Che, CKCat it's time for;

err I mean GROUP HUGS!

AHA!! Abu-FOUSA...SO that's what this is all about, you're in on this with him, perv.


I'm all for group long as we don't include Howie and Dean04! **Shuddering**


Janny Mae,
Croup is not only a cough, but also: "The rump of a beast of burden, especially a horse."

Therefore, including hoowie & Dweeb04 would be a Croup Hug.

Bless your naive little heart, JM. You should know better by now, though. Che Guava Frito & his accomplice Abu-FOUSA are making plays for a Grope Hug!

Che Guevarito

Well what's a little group nookie between progressives? Have we laerned nothing from Boom-Boom or Bill "Ron Jeremy's Idol" Clinton.

Dibs on Abu!


I know it's boringly hetero of me, but I got dibs on Larry, dang it!


Grope hug? Hmmm. I misunderstood that badly, didn't I. Say, CKC, if you've dibs on Larry, then can I have this guy

??? Oh, never mind, the progressistud would never let me do anything but LOOK!


Right Thinking Girl,
Don't be so hard on yourself. If progressives are to regain their proper place in the world, they are going to have to start reproducing. Otherwise the world will soon be entirely populated by Catholic home-schooled children who will continue to breed until they've entirely overwhelmed our fragile eco-system with their 15-passenger vans.

Have some more babies, damnit! And then go apply for government benefits that you have earned through your victimhood created by our phalo-centric society.


Janny Mae,
Go ahead! Hep yo' self! Surely understanding my plight of having to wake up to "that face" every morning, you don't begrudge me a change of scenery, right??

I'm snickering a little about Che G's quick grab for, and obliviousness to "Friend Of USA". Ya think perhaps his name is telling of someone who really....I mean REALLY "gets around"? hehehe

Friend of USA


How quickly you've dropped my abu FOUSA moniker to conveniently use my other alias to accuse me of "getting around"...
( even though frankly, I'm not sure what you mean by "getting around", and Babel fish does not help at all! )

This impromptue alliance between Che and me is merely a spontaneous reaction to your trying to emasculate a fellow member of the white male tribe.

You bully girl you !

( gotta stop, I'm giggling uncontrollably , but of course, giggling in a very masculine way. )


Hwo can you all be maknig jokes adn laughing wehn American cursaders are fighting (and dying) in the Iraq war (which was/is wrong)?


Dean-desperatelyseekingblogtraffic-04, strikes again!


abu-baby! (FOUSA)

You need me to 'splain Loooosy?

Here's a list of people who "get around" (or got around earlier)

Bill Clinton-- got/gets around Arkansas (and elsewhere)

Madonna--probably "got" around in probably no less than 28 states. She's married now, so "working" perhaps only one country now.

J-Lo--[see Madonna]

Ms. Fleiss & her Heidi ho's in Follywood [and news reports said the Dem Nat'l Convention was good for business, too]

You declare yourself a "friend" to an entire country!! [Good for Che G. heh!]

This ain't your Beach Boys "I Get Around" no more, abu-FOUSA!

Pol Pothead

Whoa, dude! Like, I can't believe I missed out on the big CUNY Bible-Banger Sneer-a-Rama and sh*t! I was, like, so caught up with decorating our float for the big Onanist Pride Parade (this year's theme: 'Let he who has a free hand cast the first stone') and finishing off the baggie Fawnpetal laid on me that time just, like, kind of bent, folded, trimmed, and shoved itself. Like, I'll have to make up for all the sneering I didn't get to do when we have our monthly Trotskyite Workers Against Theocracy meeting. We're, like, teaming up with a group of religious progressyves called 'Christians Against Christianity' to fight against the pulpit-humping Fascists on the city council who are, like, BLATANTLY and in clear violation of the separation of Church and Me and whichever Amendment says you can't do this kind of sh*t (the 40th or 42nd, I think), allowing the Christianazis to travel to their little snake-handling hootennannies on PUBLIC ROADS. PUBLIC. Roads paid for by yours and my tax dollars, if I had paid any taxes and sh*t. Man, it's just exactly like living in Afraqestan under the Taliban, except that, like, instead of publicly executing non-believers and sh*t, the Christhuglicans brutally exclude them from playing on the Baptist Association softball team.

I fear for what we're becoming. And squirrels. I fear those, too.

Right Thinking Girl

Have some more babies, damnit! And then go apply for government benefits that you have earned through your victimhood created by our phalo-centric society.

Well, if abortion is the fundamental right of all women, I really am being victimized by the father of my child and society since they are telling me all kinds of things like, "You'll love this baby", "This baby could grow up to cure cancer", and the awful-terrible comments that, "This child is a gift from God."

I'm so hurt by these remarks and so hurt by having responsible unprotected sex that I have no choice but to lash out at society and demand my welfare benefits.

Thanks, Brainsample. I think I can carry on another day because of your kind words. Truth to power!

Oh, and P.S. I already know it's a girl, so I'm doing the progressive movement by contributing one more person eligible for abortion! Whew, that's a huge weight off my shoulders.


Whoops, that last sentence should read: I alreay know that it's a girl, so I'm doing the progressive movement a favor by contributing another person eligible for abortion.


Leninist Larry:

You little chickenspit! No nude dancing in Central Park?

No dung-bombing in the bushes like Poo Barrymore?

You even wussed out on the Wasabi enemas!

And you call yourself "Progressive"!

You're as bad as the NRA Nazi Neo-cons who buy "exemptions" from the "Kraft durch Freude" clinic enemas given at THEIR fandangoes:

For godess' sake, be a myn!


Saint Martian Player

William Shatner performed John Lennon's Imagine while crowd danced lambada around Virgin Mary statue smeared with goat feces.

phhhttfff! gak! I knead yer source, dewed!

Che Guevarito

Reich Thinking Grrrl:

Your worldview is so Dark Ages, what with the whole "Sanctity of life" crap, and becoming emotionally attached to that lump of placental goo your husbynd forced you to carry. Welcome to the twentieth century!

You should come over to my parent's house this weekend. I'm arranging a "Snuff Out The Candlelight" vigil outside an adoption agency to protest the barbaric act of fobbing off unwanted fetuses to the highest bidder, while encouraging the moral and beautiful act of sucking said fetus into a sink.

We'll stand near the entrance, taunting the inexplicably knocked-up womyn considering this terrible mistake, and telling them they'll regret it if they show up to their prom pregnant; That Quarterback Billy will never love them if they can't make that special night even more special; That people will laugh at them when they get fat and their nipples leak (Children can be so cruel.).

Then we'll blow out a candle to symbolize their choice, and drive them to Planned Parenthood.

Afterwards, we'll all go back to my place to play X-Box and play Truth or Dare. Recently pregnant chicks are hot!


Snuff out the Candlelight!

You have Goddess-like intelligence, che!


Right Thinking Girl:

Since fetuses we are forced to carry to full term never really 'wean' themselves, as such, from our bank accounts, these little bundles of burden force us into capitalistic compromise.

As you apparently have been coherced (or perhaps threatened) by a member of the phallused species, to bear and birth this burden, it will require extra funding. Therefore, might I suggest you creating a new line of baby things. T-shirts that (for infant womyn) say things like:

"I support the abortion industry.Just because my mom didn't have one, doesn't mean I won't one day make up for it"

Or a burping towel that reads:
"I brought you into this world, and I vote for those who will grant me the right to retroactively take you out! Love Mom"

Talk about an effective way to "get the message" to that fussy, colicky baby to "shut up NOW!".

I think it's safe to assume that you wouldn't have any problem getting Planet Parenthoodhoodwinked to market and distribute your line for you. And yes, since: "from each according to yms ability, to each according to yms need."--I DO expect $ome kickback$.

Gaia bless you & that little womyn tissue.

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