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I went to Iddybud's blog and read Larry's comments. Needless to say I will now need Depends and Huggies wipes. My monitor is covered with tea and chewing gum, and my keyboard needs cleaning.

Thanks Larry.


OOoh, and CKC, we can have the gals from NOW babysit and give them speeches like "Terry Schiavo was a retro and her husbynd chose a fertyle womyn and she expelled two fetal units for hym because it was her choyce." Start the scatological programming early.


Great idea, Cricket!! Let's not forget the Planet Parenthoodwinked childrens storybook entry about Lacy Peterson. So the little myn & womyn understand the importance of choosing abortion, because ".....look what happens when you don't".

Which also serves as a two-fold "the moral of the story is..." as it addresses the age old ReichWing fascist anti-pro-choice little Eichmanns sheeples ILLEGITIMATE drone of: "what about the [sperm donor] myn's choice?" Scott Petersons shining example should shut their mouths. He obviously had a say in the matter. PPH & the Nattering Organism of Wildebeests (NOW) thanks you, Mr. Peterson.


The best I've ever read
kept laughing all day after reading:

12:00 Lunch break. Passed on complimentary Wasabi Colonic and went to Starbucks for some rocket fuel.

12:15 Chip Berlet lecture on the rise of Dominionism drowned out by bloodcurdling screams from Holistic Wellness Center


It's clear that you guys know what's best for my baby.

It takes a village!

(And you guys so totally rock.)


Just think of it, RTG: Almost any one of us is a candidate to be Gaia parents for your fetus.

I hope you're far enough along
(in your progress-sieve evolution) to not feel obligated to adhere to outdated, gender oppressive roles. IOW--If you want a womyn to be your girl-tissues Gaia-fathyr ,or a myn to be i♀'s Gaia mothyr, then go for it!

Don't forget too, that if at any point in the incubation of this tissue, you just don't want to deal with it any longer, yet are still too much of a wimp womyn to go through w/the "A" procedure---I'm sure you'll be able to find a FL judge who will demand that your husbynd have the womb translpanted into his belly for the remainder of the pregnyncy. Oh, and don't worry about looking any further than FL to find a wealth of helpful attorneys, also.


The baby's father is an attorney, so I'm covered in that area. But yes, you're just filling my empty brain with the best ideas EVER!

Che Guevarito

And speaking of tragedies, isn't it a shame we don't all live under the jurisdiction of Florida courts?

I'll be thinking of you, Don. I'll snuff out a candle in your honor, like your wife should've done years ago.


Iddybud and her cleavage are apparantly underwhelmed by what they percieve to be your "troll" comments on her blog.

Liberal Larry, you have blog-commented with honor and glory. You are a TRUE Klingon.

Ditzy Chick

TRUE Klingon? My dog has those sometimes, right before she goes to the groomer. We call em "dingle berries" though.

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