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8:25 Boy Scout Color Guard runs through convention hall like a bat out of hell.

To some ♪♪AC/DC♪♪..??

Thank Gaia you're back safe and sound, Lar. anyway.

Passed on complimentary Wasabi Colonic and went to Starbucks for some rocket fuel.

I would have thought if anything could be considered rocket fuel, it would be a Wasabi Colonic. Just think, you could have saved the cost of a plane ticket.

Friend of USA

"...complimentary ginseng colonics"

Read that while sipping green tea with lemon and ginseng, wondering if any of that ginseng is recycled...


I entered "Dominionism" into one of those Dictionary web site thingys ... I had to type it in because my right mouse button is still stuck from a beer spillage incident. I spelled it wrong a couple of times but I finally got it right and here is the result:

The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary.

Suggestions for dominionism:

1. dominions
2. Dominicans
3. demonizing
4. diminuendos
5. daunomycins
6. daunomycin
7. diminutions
8. dominances
9. dominickers
10. Domenic
11. dominos
12. doomsday

As usual the Professym is right on the money! But some of the words that are close to dominionism scare me. (I guess dominionism is really some new made up word, which also scares me)

It's a Conspiracy!


Have you reached another level of enlightenment, Larry?


5:20 burned Bush in effigy. The peeResident, not the Rhododendron.

So where's effigy; is that a small town outside of Scarsdale? Seriously, though, I hope you didn't use something that looked like an actual bush; people might have thought you were promoting Judiaism.


Bob Da' Builder,

That Conspiracy Generator is PRICELESS. I love it!

It's even more fun played at a kool-aid kegger! Immediately after I saw you linked it here, I called an impromptu k-a kegger. Whew! We ain't seen NUTTIN' yet from G[6]W[6]B[6].
Another cool thing---DUnderground didn't even ask for a cover charge nor facility rental fee! What a blessing from Gaia!

Dr. Winston Turner

Thank Goddess someone is still willing to stand up for the true Christ-Buddha-Rajneesh-Hubbard origins of American culture. Your touching post has left me crying as well.

Right Thinking Girl

I heart Liberal Larry.

I'm twelve weeks pregnant with my first child. I already know its a girl, but rest assured, if she were a boy, I'd name her Larry. Because you're freaking brilliant!


I ♥ Liberal Larry.
I'm twelve weeks pregnant with my first child. I already know its a girl, but rest assured, if she were a boy, I'd name her Larry. Because you're freaking brilliant!
Posted by: Right Thinking Girl | May 4, 2005 12:15 AM

So? Name her Larry anyway! Why force gender roles on the poor child?! How progressive is that???

The Powers That Be


You comments over at Iddybud's blog are hilarious. Keep them up.


I'm really disappointed. I would have thought that a true progressive would have gone for the Wasabi colonic. Does this demonstrate a lack of commitment - a lacuna in the lambent liquid life that is Liberal Larry? I don't know, but I will be spending sometime brooding with my inner child on this one.



Don't doubt the Professym! I'm sure he had a good reason for denying himself the personal pleasure of the Wasabi enema experience. Perhaps he was maintaining his scientific observational integrity to study the effects of the most progressive homeopathic methods for use in his class.

I can almost see it now ... rocket propelled midgets shooting across the linoleum and crashing into some hypothetical trash cans (or groups of rightist protestors) at the end of the hall!

Professym Chomstein is a visionary!


---11:25 Attended John Sugg lecture on the intolerance of the Christian Right.---

John Sugg wasn't there.

Che Guevarito

CKCat, While there are no wrong answers here, I think Meat Loaf, not AC/DC sang "Bat out of Hell". But I'll give you a gold star anyway, just to encourage your self-esteem.

Larry, wasn't reciting the Ferengi "Rules of Acquisition" dangerously close to religion, capitalism, and Zionism? I mean, it's obvious to anyone who's watched the Deep Space 9 Boxed Collector's Edition (Editor's Cut) And Complimentary Version of Slackware 8.1 DVD that the Ferengi were the Joooooos of space.

I would've thought the conference would be more culturally sensitive than that.

Friend of USA

Dominionism ;

- Take over the federal government and suppress other religions through genocide and mass murder, rather than through proselytizing.

- Reestablish slavery.

- Reduce women to near-slavery by making them property, first of their fathers, and then of their husbands.

- Extending the death penalty to things like adultery, rebelliousness, effeminateness, and heresy.

- Execute anyone found guilty of pre-marital, extramaritial, or homosexual sex.

- Bring back the death penalty for witchcraft.


But nothing in there says we can not read Larry's enlighting pieces while smoking / passing the bong...strange isn't it ?

Starbux= The Real Terrorists

I'm glad you had a chance to do some reconn over at the local Starbucks (I hope you remembered to flush a bagel down the toilet on your way out).

Starbucks moves into neighborhoods and crushes the local coffee shops, driving up unemployment and forcing people to commit crimes. Once the region is gutted and transformed into a black dreary wasteland of misery and despair, Starbucks strolls through the wreckage, a conqueror.

Friend of USA


Sorry to hear " tinfoil breast " gave you the cold shoulder, I know how that feels , but before
you go do something rash to spite Iddybud, like throw yourself in the arms of the first catholic schoolgirl you meet, let me give you some advice ;

Don't be a fool !

Wrap your tool !

Be double-safe ;

Wear a tin foil condom !

Red Loser

1:00 Attended Biff Skiplet lecture on how the alliance between Dominionists and Cardassians threatens to turn the Alpha Quadrant into a fascist theocracy.

Why do you think they call them the Founding Fathers?


It's worse than you think! I was planning my vacation (I want to go to France, but the Euro is too high to be covered by unemployment checks)so we were going to pile in the Yugo and head for the Grand Canyon. While scoping out there the park service web page to find out what I can do for free, I learn that there are RELIGIOUS GATHERINGS held on the SACRED FEDERAL GROUND of Grand Canyon National park! All of these male dominated hate fest known as "services"are CHRISTIAN!! (except for the Mormon one, of course). Not one mention of going up to Yavapai Point with our dream catchers to pray to the Devine Earth Goddess, which each full moon takes the form of the bald eagle, and blesses the gathered throng with her sacred droppings! If the parks fall to those Dirty Christians what will be next: The National Cathedral!!


"11:35 Followed angry mob across the street and pelted intolerant dominionists with rancid tomatoes as they came out of church."

Oh, sure....I see the byble thumpin' haters already pre-meditated their jihad on the peaceful CUNY gathering,..BUT..were surprised by a pre-emptive strike from the peaceful ones. HAHAHAHA!. Well, how often do YOU see fascists leaving their "house of WARship", ALL loaded up with rotten tomatoes? Usually they've got their hands full with their Hali-Bush-Cheney padded pocketbooks and that old book of fairy tales. I don't care WHAT the CUNYcans were throwing. The dominionists got what they deserved, with the blessing of Gaia.

You just won't let it go, will you, nitpicking antagonist?
Use some logic, would ya!

#1--Amidst ginseng & Wasabi colonics in the Holistic Wellness Center cafeteria, WHAT are the chances of finding meatloaf??? DUH!
#2--At a progressive gathering, OBVIOUSLY persyns of AC/DC persuasion are welcome & can find refuge.
#3--Boy Scouts [color guard]? By *virtue* of their oppressive, dogmatic, dominionist selves may have been running like "a bat outta hell", but make NO mistake about it, they are on a hiway to hell...well, if there were such a place.

In conclusion, you narrow-minded twit-- Billboard™ magazine is a living, breathing document! [Before you & your mean spirited poopyheadedness has a chance to fire back at me with your "yeah, but..."]---so are R&R®, Rolling Stone® AND Soundscan®. Get it? Got it? Good! pppbbbtttthhhhh.

You're outting yourself as a rethuglimole, dude. You wouldn't last a minute at DUnderground with all your warmongreling!

Che Guevarito

You're outting yourself as a rethuglimole, dude.

Now that was just plain cruel. If I wasn't already an effeminate sissy in perpetual tearful hysteria, I'd start crying. As it is, I'll just wail a bit louder.

I thought we had something special.

Right Thinking Girl

I ♥ Liberal Larry.
I'm twelve weeks pregnant with my first child. I already know its a girl, but rest assured, if she were a boy, I'd name her Larry. Because you're freaking brilliant!
Posted by: Right Thinking Girl | May 4, 2005 12:15 AM

So? Name her Larry anyway! Why force gender roles on the poor child?! How progressive is that???

Not progressive enough, apparently. And I missed the obvious progressive option of abortion.

I'm a terrible progressive.


"I thought we had something special.==posted by: sniveling Che Guava Fritos

Oh, but we DO! I'm "something" and you're "special"... and I mean that in a short bus sorta' way. (~;)

IMNSHO, I think you're simply chiding me as a form of MANipulation... trying to MANipulate me into expediting my visit to Trinidad. Interesting that word: MANipulate!

[/cm--you are TOO friggin' funny for you to actually be on this planet legally.]


Join the club :)

In between soccer, talking, foosball, and eating cookies, our fundamentalist church group has been working hard on our plans for theocracy.


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