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And that, my friends, is the long and short of it...


I am sick and tired of my genitals being mocked. I blame my parents for this but my mom says it's my own fault because ," I shouldn't be flashing people in the first place!"


Free Abu Farraj al-Libbi now!!


She should have been punished to the fullest extent of the law by demoting her to the rank of Pvt. Parts Lynndie England.


I'm starting to think that we have enemies. I came accross this quote while reading book reviews at I don't understand why people can not just leave politics out of literature discussions! Anyway, it was a review of a great book called "Why neocons are idoits" (I believe). The quote:

"As an ardent reactionary, I used to be optimistic about the future of the conservative-liberal political wars. My optimism was based on a Darwinian analysis.
I considered liberals in their natural state: squeaky, bearded, granola-eating, ever-accommodating she-males and hairy, snarling, oppressive, leathery, liberated females. I reasoned happily that conservatives would win because liberals would be incapable of reproducing, due to the absence of sexual differentiation. They would not even have the opportunity to abort their young."

I think that is mean.


Leninist Larry:
"and the most heinous crime of all, an act of such inhuman brutality that it makes the Rape of Nan King look like a Sunday picnic:

4. Eleven counts of genital mocking"

No, Larry you boob, you've got it all wrong!

Take a closer look at the photograph you posted.

England is not mocking this fellow's genitalia at all...she is pointing at it with one hand and giving the "thumbs up" of approval with the other.

In his turn, the fellow is giving her a "thumbs up" of approval in his own "lonely Mujahadeen" way.

How can you people be so blind?

This is making friends and winning hearts and minds,(and loins), of the Iraqi people.

And for this poor England is persecuted.

Now I find it unconscionable that she wasn't brought to justice for endangering these poor fellows' health with her secondhand cigarette smoke.

One would think that in the 21st century military, a prison would be a smoke-free workplace.


exacerbated feminist

Haven't you ever heard of DURESS ? COERCION ? CONSTRAINT ?

Can't you peopel see thta those men are forcing her to act like this!

Like a cow walking into the slaughter house that woman just does what she is told to do.

She can not even imagine having a choice.

She has been brain washed by all the men in her life , her own father , her friends, male soldiers...

That poor woman...

Men have raped her mind, have tied and bound her free will...

That poor woman...can't you see the fear, the despair, the terror in her eyes ???

That poor woman will become another statistic...

But she is the real VICTIM here!!!

I can't take it no more , I can't take it!!!

I will loose my mind and take you all with me you horrible horrible men!!!

I FUCK'N HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!

I hate men

I HATE MEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



4000 years of white male hegemony are still pervasive in our society (which will eventually become a socialist utopia, where men and womyn and transgendered midget lesbian biker gangs may still have a voice in this Fascist world Bush Hitler has put us in)


exacerbated feminist:

You should express your feelings more.

It's not healthy to keep it all bottled-up inside you.

Take a minute and then tell us how you REALLY feel.


Che Guevarito

In an attempt to be provocative, you have crossed a line. This is no laughing matter.

I have been a victim of serial genital mockery my whole life. The doctor told my mother I was a grrrl. At my bris, the mohel said "What, you want I should sew other skins on here? Oy!" I had to aim upward to avoid peeing on my balls. I was mercilessly ridiculed with chants of "mushroom cap" and "Sir Winky the Pitiful" in the shower. And that was on my honeymoon! When I went to Trinidad for a consultation, the doctor told me I didn't have enough material for him to use to make me a womyn.

The gonadally challenged should be revered and pitied, not mocked.

(It looks to me like she just shot a rubber band at Abu-Peepee.)

Pol Pothead

Like, the horrors captured in this photograph will be a totally bogus stain on our nation's honor and sh*t for, like, ever, I guess.

Those poor, poor prisoner dudes. I can, like, only IMAGINE their suffering, their degradation and sh*t. Only imagine... their shame... imagine... the frisson of fear at being naked and totally at another's mercy...

Only imagine...



Imagine... (pant pant) ummmmmm... Oooh!


Yes! Take me, Lynndie! Make me bark like a dog! Arf! More! More! I'll be your insurgent of love, my metafascist military mama! Yes! Make me your b*tch! That's it! Aaaahhh...



Like, anyway, I'm so totally moved by these insurgent dudes' plight, I'm gonna need some tissues...

Partisan Pundit

"palimpsest piece of flatulovaporous effluvium"


You got me with that one.

I'm reduced to a rather shameful, "Uh, yeah. What HE said."

Liberal Larry

Some really smart dude on Iddybud's site called me that. Smart people talk that way, you know. I wouldn't expect you to understand, because you're an uneducated con.

Red Loser

The great thing about being 100 pounds overweight is that no one can find your genitalia to mock them.


red loser:
"The great thing about being 100 pounds overweight is that no one can find your genitalia to mock them."

Do you ever put a mirror on the floor, stand naked over it, and then use another handheld mirror to get a periscopic view of what yer junk looks like from a roach's POV?

Me neither...


Pol Pothead

Professym Chomstein:

"Some really smart dude on Iddybud's site called me that."

Dude, I have, like, been to Iddyut's site and you were the only smart one I saw there. Was it like Dr. Hook said, was I stoned and I missed it?

I feel kind of bad, like, 'cause I know Iddybust is on our side and a model of progressyve thought and sh*t, but honestly, reading her posts is like being slowly smothered under a pile of honey-glazed, sugar-frosted chicken sh*t.


Red Loser said: "The great thing about being 100 pounds overweight is that no one can find your genitalia to mock them."

Why does everybody keep bringing up Michael Moore!?? Oh, wait, he's 300lbs overweight. Begging your pardon....


I find the timing of this Pvt Parts England case distract attention from the Hali-Bush-Cheney-Rove-Rums-Rice Reich rigged re-Selection of Englands Prime MONSTER Tony Blair. He/they stole the friggin' thing from Sting again!! I hope Al Gore spares no time in leading a UN delegation to do a re-count
If Sting would have had Madonna as his like a Vice Virgin PM running mate & the Ditzy Chicks as campaign Maineagers, he would have won by a landmine...err..landslide.

Stalin Lives In Boston

i have to agree with pol pothead about ickybusts boring blog. i have been visiting her to soak up some of the grief larry's been giving her and i have to say that even though she's as far out and eager to soak up "information" that fits a preconstructed opinion as any other democrat, there's still something sorely lacking from her blog and online "journalism".

it's as if she wants me to care in a way that i just can't.

i'm sorry, when ronald raygun stole the election from jimmuh cartuh in 1980 it launched me into a perpetual spiritual misery spiral of intense soulfull disillusion.

ever since we turned into a hardlined catholic theocracy under raygun's scornful rule, i've been far too terrified to care about any cause to help or further humankind in any way.

in fact, the only way i can bring myself any iota of pleasure or happiness is through the elegance of poop videos and autoerotic massage.

wait, im getting off track here...

pass the bong, please.


""palimpsest piece of flatulovaporous effluvium""

The really smart dude that wrote that about Larry is also Yanni's premiere lyric writer.

Personally, I think he just plagarized those words from the inaugural mass of Nazi Pope Benny-D.

Screwy Hoolie

First time reader, first time commenter.

You've succeeded in creating one of the most offensive sites I've seen in blogtopia (ysctp). I want to congratulate you for that. Your work does more to paint pro-violence republicans as inhumane and callous than a year's worth of red-faced bloggy ranting.


spd rdr

Is that a hairball coming up?

adam & stever

The reason why the great Senator Edward kennedy has taken on Abu Ghraib as his personal mission in life is because he can truly feel empathy for a victim genital mockery.

Che Guevarito

(Yes, Skippy Coined The Phrase)

Screwmy Holie, That is why Algore invented the internet, isn't it? To make neocons look bad? We're just doing His work for Him.

[...] when young men could walk the streets at night with their flies open and their tackle out.

But enough about you.

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