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screwy hoolie:
"You've succeeded in creating one of the most offensive sites I've seen in blogtopia (ysctp). I want to congratulate you for that."

Oh, great! You hadda go and tell him that?

Now he's gonna expect a parade and a brass band.

Leninist Larry is punter and a poseur.

You think he's "progressive"?


Why, I hear he's so Progressive that they're already building him a mausoleum so that future generations of unaborted fetuses can come and gawk at his preserved Progressiveness.



Based on Screwy Hoolie's comments, I'd say this is a very effective blog. Larry, please continue to, "offend," people like him!



Next time he hugs one of allah's guys, may Gaia bless that Progress-sieve Prince Michael Crook w/ one of those fireworks producing kisses from a friend of allah's who's wearing a *strap-on*.


And the word of the day is "small." And we all know what we do when we hear the word of the day, don't you boys and gyrl? We SCREAM!

I feel so inspired. I wonder if I could get a grant from the NEA to write a prison version of the Vagina Monologues. Having them stand and scream slang words for their genitalia will give them so much more control
over themselves when they are caught well as
a real moment.

Stalin Lives In Boston

geez louise, it only took me 8 hours to get banned and censored from ickybusts blog...

i think i broke a personal record.


(frantically cleaning glasses) The picture looks fuzzy.

Do you have a better picture?


I took my boyfriend to the Doctor.

The doctor said: "What's the problem?"

My boyfriend said: "My thang's growin."

The doctor said: "sure it is".

My boyfriend pulled up his pants leg, and there it was tucked into his sock.

The doctor said: "We'll have to operate."

I said: "How long will he be in the wheelchair?"

The doctor said: "What wheelchair?"

I said: "You are going to lengthen his legs, aren't you?"


Chappateddys proctologist says that teddy is actually well hung, but its an inny not an outy, hence the genitalia mockarena. He also has enough cubic feet of belly-button space to grow enough Norland reds to feed a trailer park.

didn't I see that big red noggin of his explode in the movie Scanners?

Stalin Lives In Boston


i just got back from

what a paradigm shifting experience.

i learned that denver international airport is the location of the future New World Order that is going to enslave and murder all of mankind. not only that, it's a secret military base the CIA paid for that is run by nazis and aliens.

i'm serious when i say this, larry, you need to get a little more progessive. your blog doesn't even have a single mention of the 60 year nazi plot to appease their satanic god with sacrifices of humans and aliens.

come on.


Did you notice the reverse backhand grip that akmed has on his one-eyed moisture missile. Maybe your thumb must always point towards Mecca when boxing your clown as is written in the holy Koran

Red Loser

Screwy Hoolie, I agree. We need to keep Abu Ghraib in mind and continue to pretend it's as bad as the Holocaust so the entire world can caricature our troops as oppressive savages and bloodthirsty babykillers.

KKKonspiracy Theorist

How can we be certain that this picture isn't some bong influenced psychological tactic on the part of Larry to get back at Iddybud for spurning his advances at CUNY by putting up a picture of a womyn mocking iddy biddy buds!

Stranger things have happened.


Red Loser,
I too was appalled & extremely heart broken by that when I saw it last week. To think all those once happy, jumping, waving Iraqi children have been so horribly brainwashed (& were lured!!!!) by the Imperialistic west. Despicable.


"palimpsest piece of flatulovaporous effluvium"

To reach the stage of enlightenment needed to comprehend the sage wisdom of the ages represented in this epithet, first you must suffer. And by suffering, I mean dwelling beneath the sink as a veritable Morlock with the caps off the cleaning products strategically left off... for however long it takes, reaching enlightenment is a chancy thing, it's sort of transcendental, ya know? Doesn't happen


... overnight.


Transcendental Prestidigitation

Che Guevarito


Lawrence of Olympia makes every effort to provide a respectful, polite, and always sensitive forum for dignified discussion about how much Bush sucks.

Indeed, there is no room in the progressive movement for childish namecalling, crude potty humor, violence or shameless moonbat demagoguery..

You must have mistaken the professym for someone else.


"... overnight."
Posted by: dooley | May 6, 2005 11:56 AM


Whore College

I heard a rumor that Lynndie England will simultaneously recieve an honorary doctorate from San Francisco's Whore College, and immediately become Dr. England, Dean of the Dominatrix Department. Have you heard anything else on this?


I heard that Lynndie's Master's Degree from Schlutschool qualifies her for that Dean of the Dominatrix Dept. The Doctorate is just the, "icing," on the, "cake." *wink, wink*


Boy, Larry's schmooz fest at CUNY musta been successful. He's apparently been too busy proselytizing for progress-sieves to spend any quality time under the sink---OR-- Otherwise he'd have noticed that that IT'S BEEN PILLAGED!!

At least I'm not the only one here who noticed the cleaning products residue on Screwy Hoolies (Hoowies other brother??) upper lip?!?!?!?!

If Larry's insurance doesn't cover it, we'll have to take up a collection (food stamps accepted) to re-stock the cabinet! Koz & & Krew [& Screwy Hoo] emptied the place OUT!!!!


P.S. I was so upset by the ransacking of the stash, that that I was stuttering. S-S-S-sorry.

Liberal Larry

"You've succeeded in creating one of the most offensive sites I've seen in blogtopia (ysctp)."

One of...? Damn, that Frank J. beat me again!!!!

"I want to congratulate you for that. Your work does more to paint pro-violence republicans as inhumane and callous than a year's worth of red-faced bloggy ranting."

I take offense at your remark, sir! I assure you, we are all peaceloving progressives here and strictly abhor violence. I was just telling CKCat the very same thing the other day, as we were smashing windows at Starbucks and throwing rocks at pigs. Sure, some people had their heads slowly sawn off while they were still alive, but that's no excuse for genital mocking! It's just like the U.S. to always respond with a disproportionate amount of force. The Japanese blew up a few boats, they got nuked twice. Manuel Noriega declared war on the U.S., he woke up with U.S. Marines on his front lawn. Mumia killed a cop, he got thrown into jail. A few CIA agents had their heads sawn off, and Lynndie England goes on a genital mocking rampage!

Gore Vidal is right: America stinks.

spd rdr

Well, there's deodorant.


Liberal Larry said:

To those who think that genital mocking is a victimless crime, think again. Nationwide, over 300,000 white males have their genitals mocked each year.

White men deserve to made fun of because they're WHITE! How dare you feel sympathy for the woman hating, gay oppressing villains?

For shame, Liberal Larry, for shame!

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