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Liberal Larry; a guy we love to hate... ☺


"As the Buddhist proverb says, it is the tiniest butterfly fart that causes the mighty tsunami. The rise in butterfly flatulence, however, is a direct result of Bush's refusal to ratify Kyoto."

You have reached enlightenment, like Buddha exploding under the Boojum tree (sorry I just had to borrow your line.)


"Yes, I'm often discouraged, but then I think of that gorilla they were able to teach sign language and it inspires me to go on."



So, when are you going to learn sign language?

Screwy Hoolie


You mentioned over at my blog that when I listed facts I was somehow "reciting dnc talking points". I haven't been to the DNC site to confirm this, but if it's true... then the DNC talking points are facts.

Facts are what the Bush administration doesn't like.



Rather than just saying that you've been listing facts, how about a sample...with incontrovertible evidence supporting it.

Because without documentation, all you have is an opinion.
(I presume you're familiar with what they say about those...)

Friend of USA

"Nothing is better than eternal happiness.

Eating a hamburger is better than nothing.

Therefore, eating a hamburger is better than eternal happiness."


Wikipedia is confusing...

I was sure what they were saying here is that terrorists should eat hamburgers instead of blowing themselves up, wich is not very progressive of Wikipedia,
but then my vegetarian girlfriend tells me I'm wrong and that they are saying vegetarians will never be happy people.

Logic makes me hungry.


Obviously our progressive re-education, institutions of higher learning haven't done a good enough job. There are still budding neo-kkkons and right-wingnut kkkonservative KKKhristians who haven't "gotten it" yet.

I think it time to pull all the stops out and have young children attend progressive educational camps 24/7 nine months out of the year. And if that isn't enough then we'll make it 24/7/12. Intellectual diversity is good, but too much of a good thing can be bad, particularly where these Nazi neo-kkkons are concerned.

All praise to the state (once we take it back)!

spd rdr

Let me get this straight, Screwy.
If the "facts" you list on your blog are DNC talking points, then the DNC talking points are "facts." Put another way, if all A are B, then all B are A.

Yep. Proof positive.


Liberal Larry, since you brought up Kyoto, it's becoming increasingly clear the neo-kkkons have penetrated the EU, China and Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin predicted that the Kyoto pact would fail to reverse climate change "even with 100 percent compliance." His economic adviser, Andrei Illarionov, contended the Kyoto Protocol would "doom Russia to poverty, weakness and backwardness."

Clearly, both Putin and Illarionov are Repug neo-kkkons since they oppose these important protocols. Even the EU is starting to have second thoughts since China, Indonesia and India would be exempt from Kyoto's pollution strictures. Stinking right-wing moles, polluting the world at our expense.

Friend of USA

More logic;

If last year's winner at american idol got more vote than Bush.

and more people voted for Bush than Kerry.

Then the american idol winner would be a better president than Kerry.


You Morons need to leave my constituent Ms. Screwy Hoolie alone. How dare you refute the facts as presented by my fellow enlightened progressive.

Just to let you know the level of integrity this woman has; she has foregone her transgenderamorphiditedostomy surgery so another fellow progressive could receive the adoptive penis made available by my good friend and lover Hillary Rodman Clitton.

Ms. Hoolie has more compassion than all you gender-specific Nazis combined.

Larry sucks as do the rest of you.

Barbara + Hillary = progressive, non-reproductory love.


Don't let the brown shirts intimidate you Larry.

By the way, the US founding fathers were communists:


Screwy Hoolie has little titties

The double o's in Hoolie and the double t's in titties are lower case

Therefore I am having a T-bone steak for supper.

Iron Teakettle

You have to admit that they are a poor comment on the quality of your readership.

Olliver Willis's stomach
I haven't been to the DNC site to confirm this, but if it's true... then the DNC talking points are facts.

They are DNC "speaking truth to power" points. God I'm so hungry.

Pol Pothead

Comrade dudes and dudettes, I am, like, majorly bummed here.

What's with all this talk of 'facts', huh? I thought we were, like, all progressyve and sh*t. 'Facts' and 'logic' and 'rational thought' are just bogus mind-f*cks laid on us by a bunch of dead white squares to keep the masses down! The whole concept of absolutes in this world is just, like, a false dichotomy established to channel the perception of subjective reality into a preconceived social construct acceptable to the powers-that-be and sh*t. Wait a sec...

(two hits off bong)

Anyway, dudes, don't be trapped into accepting the Man's idea of so-called objective, concrete reality. That way lies a world of harsh. Everything is a matter of perception and sh*t. What is 'true' to one may not be 'true' to another, but nothing is actually 'false'... except for, like, bogus KKKristian and KKKonservative KKKrap, and Chimpy's (s)election and sh*t like that. DNC talking points, Noam Chomsky books, Wahhabi clerical fatwas, and the five-assed jaguar demon that chased me out of the Wash-O-Mat when I smoked that bowl of peyote cut with Woolite, all are equally 'true' to those who experienced them. 'Facts' have no place in progressyve discussion. Remember, you can't spell 'Fascism' without F, A, C, and T. Wait... 'Fascist', I mean. You can't spell 'Fascist' without F, A, C, and T.

Al J. Zeera

You r evil rite wing replicans! Yur the onez hoo dont no nuthing about politks, becuz yewr to stoopid to lern anething about that kinds of stuf.

Evrywun nose that Bush stol the lection, and now is kiling people just to pruv wut a man he is. butt he iznt! he is just anuther stoopid replican who hates arabs and luvs the durty jews.

I no this cuz i reed lots of books and they told me it at skool, so it is true.

Librals rool forevuh! Kunservtivs suck.

Stalin Lives In Boston

lol, yay, another freethinker joins the ranks of the vast left wing conspiracy!


"If last year's winner at american idol got more vote than Bush.
and more people voted for Bush than Kerry.
Then the american idol winner would be a better president than Kerry."

Deep, man, very Head packed fulla knowledge fit to bust!

May I buy some marijuana from you?

Gazing at the Lava Lamp;


Liberal Larry;
"Limbaugh. Nonetheless, I did my best to expand the few brain cells Duncan from Houston has left"

For Goddess' sakes man, show some compassion!

Have you no pity?

The guy's from Houston...his name is Duncan...DUNCAN...from Houston.

What could you POSSIBLY say to this lad that would insult and hurt him more than his parents already have?

Can you imagine what high school must be like for a fellow named "Duncan" Houston?

Dear Lord...a stone would weep, a stone sir!



Pol Pothead,

Good points about "facts". They are an illusion to be sure, particularly since they tend to favor kkkonservative arguments. See, it's all a conspiracy. The only "fact" that counts is the fact that we all have feelings. And I feel that the Democratic Party hasn't swung far enough left of someone, say, like Stalin.

In retrospect, Stalin was such a moral and political square. I have it on good information that he was actually a closet KKKhristian who was trying to derail the socialist humanist movement. Good thing he died when he did or the Iron Curtain would have probably fallen much sooner.


A talking point is a fact? Where is the missing link in that logic? Who made THAT quantum leap? I thought *koff hack* a talking point was part of their platform, not a part of the Fantasy Island script.

Friend of USA

Bluestateredneck is having a T-bone steak for supper.

My girlfriend forced me to watch the bachelor with her monday evening.

Therefore, some fish do swim backwards to avoid having water in their eyes.

Friend of USA

Some cats are light grey.

Some cats are dark grey.

Therefore, The process of turning a sickened zeitgeist into a groundswell of anger and hatred involves NOT shaking people up while assuaging any unease that might arise over little changes of policies and officials that ratchet towards the elimination or marginalization of the parties targeted by the escalating drumbeat of hatred.

( Obviously, I'm cheating here, one of the cat was simply wet , thus only appeared darker! and..well..I stole the last part... )

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