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I can assure Abu, my shoes are NOT on my feet!

I tell ya what! Send ME the money you'd normally pay your shrink (slang for psychiatrist/psychotherapist type) and send it to me. I can answer that question without a degree or license! It's simple, really. We disagree on desserts because I'm more cultured than you and have!..impeccable taste in comparison to you.

You're welcome, that'll be $75.

BTW..would you happen to be serving asparagus at your restaurant anytime soon. I'm really, REALLY craving it. Perhaps I need to "detox", or I'm a little low on iron. I know I'm getting plenty of A, B & C vitamins, folic acid---which asparagus has ALL of them and then some. It's LOADED w/nutrients.]

I wonder if the POTUS eats asparagus.(~;) I know his daddy HATES broccoli. He probably had it overcooked...BLEECCGGGHH! No wonder.

Che Guevarito

Well, he is the Pee-resident. Asparagus just makes the "pee" part that much more obvious.

Friend of USA

Culture ; cultivation of microorganisms.

Yeah I suppose you ARE more "cultured" than I am !

You know there are over the counter creams for that now...


har har har, abu FOUSA! I knew someone would jump on that "culture" comment. You didn't disappoint, and of course neither did Che bringing up the Pee of AsPEEaragus----which I "knew" would be mentioned too. Ya corndogs!

Do you eat yogurt? No?
Then I"m even yet more actively "cultured" than you. You could use some friendly bacteria, dude. You'll need it if you expect to succeed w/ your restaurant.

Now get your ACidopholous in gear and get yourself some culture! Just picture millions of smiley faces in your belly. heh! [but spare me the details of the digestive processes, OK?(~;) I KNOW how you, *pointing to Larry's mindless minions* ...and you..and you over there and you...and that guy there.....and you....are.]

Friend of USA

When I eat asparagus - wich, by the way I love to eat with thin sliced smoked black forest ham and a cheese sauce - my pee smells like ammonia.


Funny that this thread has morphed into a discussion about vegetables! Mr. Progressistud doesn't like to eat asparagus. Not because he doesn't like it, but because of the smell a few hours later. Silly boy. I love it grilled after marinating in olive oil *always extra virgin* and vinegar, or balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Very difficult to grill it to JUST the right degree of doneness, though...Nope, not done yet...oops, too done!


Thanks for sharing, Abu!! Sheesh~! We call that T.M.I. (too much information). (~;)

Perhaps if I go watch a Veggie Tales vid, it'll satisfy my asparagus craving. (~;)

Your preferred prep of the veg sounds YUM, Janny Mae.
As for the pee P.U.! Asparagus has about 6 sulphur compounds (sulphur puts the stink in eggs, garlic, skunk smell etc--proving God does indeed have a sense of humor.hehehe). Evidently the stink factor..culprit is " a metabolite called methanethiol"

Of course, why let that deter you from eating such a yum AND healthy veggie? It's not like someone locks ya in the loo, forcing you to stay in the eau de 'sparagus air!

DOH! I just realized that I have a jar of pickled asparagus that I bought when a regular grocery store was closing out a bunch of health food store type of items. I saved me a couple hundred bucks on that little special I happened to walk in on! (~;). I suppose it wouldn't hurt to open it even with my going outta town for a few days. Heck, it's pickled ...aka: forever preserved---but still not as well as a Twinkie. The Twinkies you consume today were baked in 1769. muhahahahaha! (I didn't use caps cuz I myself know it wasn't that funny!)

Gotta go get my car outta the shop!...and work and work and work some mo...inbetween procrastinating..........


Just picture millions of smiley faces in your belly.

A new slogan for anti-choice proponents everywhere! Bravo!

Friend of USA

I clicked on CKCat's name and the first thing I see is this headline at relevant magazine ;

"FDA to ban gay sperm donors"

If they can't reproduce, will we have to put them on the endangered species list?...

On the bright side ( for the gays ) , there will be more to felch ! More happy faces in the belly...


"A new slogan for anti-choice proponents everywhere! Bravo!"

Are you intimating that I was implying imminent implementation of new terminology that would essentially threaten reproducive rights by subtley giving a fetus (offspring) an increased worth, in the imaginings of womyn or myn, by identifying such tissue mass as having the immense worth of friendly BACTERIA???? How DARE you!

We have no right interfering with the growth and flourishing of our health enhancing, life sustaining friendly bacteria by invasive, biotic destroying anti biotics.

Where as the use of scissors and a vacuum, along with other procedures, should not be interfered with, as they prevent dangerous tissue from growing in a womyns body. After all, Gaia bless their poor misunderstood hearts, Scott Peterson, Saddam Hussein, Uday & Qusay, al ZarQawi, Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson--- were all, at one time or another, someones fetus!


Slippery slope, my dear, slippery slope. First we fight for the rights of bacteria, next thing you know the repugs will be using that precedent to slip in some anti-choice legislation.

No, the only safe position to take is that of total eradication of all foreign lifeforms within the body, preferably through the application of massive amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol, either inhaled or ingested. We could line everyone up and force them to enter large, hermetically sealed rooms (we'll call them gas chambers--that would certainly make the Hitleresque rethugs fight for a place in line) with an attached carb and ventilation system, and pump the thing full of ganga smoke.


No more memes? Well, after you churlishly neglected observing the Blogmothers Day™ meme by sending a Blogmothers Day™ eCard to your Blogmother, I guess now you'll assiduously avoid observing (and promoting) the Blogfathers Day™ meme, as well?




Sexism is, is not a problem in society

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