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Now you meanies stop picking on Che! Everybodies computer, "burps," every now and again! Che is a good progressive who is trying to educate the evil vile neocons--oh wait, that's Howie! Sorry, my mistake.


Che G just doesn't want to be out vignetted by howie, so he repeats himself repeats himself.

If you want to be the undoing of your *opponent* howie--just challenge him to a crossword puzzle. heh!

[I'm so confident of the outcome, I advise you to order his lily white jacket with extra long sleeves and back buckle in advance.]

Che Guevarito

Howie/Dean04pres/HotLibChick are not my opponents! We are comrades, spreading progressivism through Amerikkka, like a case of It-Burns-When-I-Pee through Chappaqua.

And do you really think they would have any trouble with a crossword?


"And do you really think they would have any trouble with a crossword?"--Che

Filling it in, or having what they fill in make sense? Boggles the mind, as CKC would say.

I have no problem with Che repeating his vignettes, as long as the olive oil is extra virgin, and in ample supply. Lubes it going down the throat, dontcha know! But hold the haggis, please!


Heh! Janny Mae,
I had, myself, considered an EVOO tie in, but just didn't. Good on ya.

Do you need some Premarin™? Black Cohosh licorice? Evening Primrose Oil? Borage Oil? Estrogen?...Your last vignette was all vinegar, no Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You shoudl listen to Janny Mae. You mihgt laern somtehing!

Yeah, those spelling bee Kings (and Queen) Boggle™ the mind and Scrabble™ the brain. Just no points made or earned.

For about the last 10 years, every January in Manitou Springs (close to me), they have a fruitcake toss. I was just wondering how many Hazmat crews would be required to be on hand at a Haggis Hurl? Aiyeeeeee! Perhaps they could hold it at the Humane Society and let the doggies & kitties "clean up". Eeewww, still.


Oh, I suppose Dierdre Hall doesn't cop one just because she campaigned for Kerry??

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Television is NOT real life. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs.

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