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I didn't know there were any second-hand Popes.

My, my - the things we learn on the internet.

BTW, I think the word is 'burgh'.


When will Bush ratify Kyoto to preserve the art treasures in the Vatican? It is such a crime the way AmeriKKKa is behind everyone else. By gad we need to let the Vatican and the Italians know who is boss!


When will the sheeple realize that the quagmire of this so-called papal "selection" is just another example of the hold that extreme "religious believers" hold over the corporate besotted MSM. The failure of two ballots to select the next leading oppressor of womyn's wombs shows what a failure this process is. Meanwhile, the proselytzing inherent in the wall-to-wall media coverage is equivalent to spiritual rape of non-believers. It also keeps the media from covering things that are really important (anything we progressives say it is).


Oh, so the religious believers feel the need to make my previous posting on the quagmire that was the selection process OBE. Well, it only goes to show you that Bush and the rest of the world-dominionists will stop at nothing to hide the truth from the people of the world. So, I bet this "Pope Benedict XVI" took the name because he's going to be a traitor to the people! Plus, he's a German, so he must be a Nazi! He was in the Hitler Youth! Prescott Bush funded the Nazis! Therefore, Bush controls the new "Pope"!


\out of character\

Man, I thought I was even topping DU with my last comment. I guess not. They even worked Arnold in CA into the mix.

\back in character\

With this new neo-con Pope elected, now there's no way the Catholic Church will provide no-cost abortions for teenagers!


The Cardinals have passed the bong for Benedict XVI. (what color smoke does one make? By the time it gets to me I see like totally psychedelic rainbows, whoa!)

KKKarl Rove & Shrubya are gleefully celebrating that they succeeded (and sucked on the bong) in stealing the Vatican votes [aka: blowing smoke up the conclaves collective butt] Since Benedict Arnold the XVI is already 78, he'll be alot easier for Bushitler to off, with an alibi of "natural causes"!

That'll be 2006, when Jeb *conveniently* can't run for Gov. you see where this is all going? Yup.....straight to the Vatican. By then the Republicans will have handily fillibustered the "No wife, no kids" Papal policy & Rome will be Jeb's new home.

You watch, you wait, you'll see! You just can't make this stuff up!

Liberal Larry

berg (bûrg)
n. A mass of floating or stationary ice; an iceberg


bergers: a cool, refreshing cluster of Larry's golden nuggets of wisdom.


There's only one way to defeat the religio-industrial complex: Sit on your ass and eat carrot cake!


Context rules!

Che Guevarito

Man, that pope-smoke is harsh when you don't have any holy water in your bong.


berg (b�rg)
n. A mass of floating or stationary ice; an iceberg
Posted by: Liberal Larry | April 19, 2005 10:22 AM

In German (like the new Pope) berg means mountain...

Che Guevarito

Borg (borg)
A race of assimilationists in the Star Trek universe.



I was perplexed about the smoke as well until I found out they're burning pews and controversial chapters from the Bible...

Settle down folks, It's for the greater good!!


"second-hand Pope Smoke"

How do you smoke a pope? In a pipe? A bong?

Or do you roll a pope into a doobie?


BobTheBuilder asked: "How do you smoke a pope?Or do you roll a pope into a doobie?"

Nope, you dope! Your best hope is hemp based taupe, soap on a rope, rope.


How can I hope to cope?


Hey! I'm no mope! No misanthrope. But I'll leave my pinch of Pope in the envelope.

Sniffing clensers, Smelling scrubbers, drinking cleaners.

Under the sink is where it's at! Me and Larry and CKCat in the Hat!

Friend of USA


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