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Well, MG said LL wasn't 'that' funny. Which means the Loopy Lefty was caught laughing at the posts in spite of herself, and as penance, came over here to
chastise LL for sending US over there to do HIS dirty work, like a true progressive would. Had we all been brainwashed, we would have done so.

Che, brilliant. I wonder if LL would ever let you guest blog when he has those 'moments' under the sink with the cleaning supplies and burning hemp to clear the air.

Friend of USA

Mox and kid sore ass,

Sodomizing each other to protest the bad treatment of Islamist extremists who EXECUTE men who sodomize each other is not exactly very intelligent.


**Crowd noises, extremely loud cheering and applause, whistles of approval** Standing ovation for Che Guevarito! Take a bow, Che!

Kudos to all here who indeed, "see," the humor in Larry's stuff! A pox on the (envious) liberals who claim not to see it! Let them get their own humor blog, to suit their own, "tastes!"


"humurous" & "liberal" are two words you just never see (or hear) bumped up next to one another.

Janny Mae said: "....A pox on the (envious) liberals who claim not to see it!."

In their *defense*, JM-- would it be fair of you to expect Stevie Wonder to be your chaffeur?

[and I KNOW you're rich enough as a rethugliscammer to have servants, unlike those poor benevolent souls like Michael "mo' tragedies= mo' movies" Mooooore, George "I pay as you vote" Soreass, Jean Fraud "hud homes" Kerry, and Teddy "Olympic Swimmurderer" Chappaquinnedy, who equally distribute their hard earned welfare wealth amongst the masses.

Friend of USA

If any of you ever get tired of visiting Moxie girl , maybe you could visit;

She is an exacerbated feminist or in plain english ; she is an angry men hater( and of course a republican hater )

Be warned ; she is very quick on the delete button, my two comments stayed there for about 2 minutes...

Have fun !

Friend of USA

Here is an example of BitchPhd's " reasoning".
In this case she is worried the cat might kill her young boy's pet mouse and turn the boy into ,well... read it yourself;

"But I can't deal with the cat killing his mice and thereby causing him to grow up into a serial killer who locks women in his basement. "

She really has a high opinion of males in general as you can see...

Friend of USA

I swear I'm not making this up ;
My cat Daisy ( no relation to bitch's cat ) has just brought a poor sparrow she just killed, she is on the balcony, tossing it in the air as I am typing this ( the sparrow is dead ).

And I don't feel the urge to go outside with a black ski mask , kidnap , torure and kill women...

Could BitchPhd be wrong ?...

Could feminists be wrong ???!!!...

I'm gonna check myself in at the local police station just to be sure.


Friend of USA,
Liberal Larry has already worked out your PENince.
Stab yourself in the thigh with a plastic fork or
you can do a self induced Bobbit.

I wouldn't bother going over to some PhD's site. She probably wants to be called "Dr. Bitch" and her alternative logic views WOULD be enough to drive anyone to commit serial murder.

I loathe bitchy feminists. They want to come off as caring and 'sensitive' but adopt these really stoopid
handles to show their grit and determination to not be beaten down.

But let that cottage cheese thighed Ann Coulter of the Lightning Reflexes fire a round or two, they screech that she is a mean spirited poopyhead and start hollering for her blood, as well as what a hard liner she is. Yeah. She has MORALS, people!


Morals? Egad! What will those evil vile (they have the same letters, you know?) Neocons come up with next?

Another question, if the, "like-minded-progressive," message is so, "right," why do they feel compelled to try to shut up Ann Coulter by throwing pies at her and shouting her down? Why don't they just let her, "poopyhead," rhetoric speak for itself, so to speak?

Friend of USA

Ann Coulter is on the cover of time magazine.

Is this the end of the liberal world as we know it ?

Che Guevarito

It's probably an honorary PhD for her years of freelance bitchiness.


Larry you have educated me. Those were outstanding tips. The Bush Hitler mustache did the trick!

But, wait there is more evidence. Did you ever take a close look at those boots Bush was given when became PeeResident? Notice there are no pictures of the heal! I'll bet you find a Swastika on them! We need a close-up Photoshop adjusted picture of those heals to demonstrate the likeness between Bush and Hitler. Just like the old Ronald RayGun, the new Goose-Stepper-GimpHitler is following in his footsteps! When will the NeoCons see the similarities? Wake-up NeoKKKons! It's as plain as Hillary's face on a donkey's derrière.

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