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That's've convinced me. ☺

Jeremy aka the Smartest Liberal


Maybe on your next enlightening column you can right about the little Eichmans of this BusHitler, such as Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, John Ashcroft, Donald Rumsfeld, and TOM DELAY!


Also, don't forget to inform your opponent at the start of the discussion that you listen to classical music and don't even own a television.

It's vitally important that you establish your superior intellectual credentials from the get-go.


There shall be showers of boogers:
This is the promise of Lar;
There shall be nuggets progressive,
Sent from Lar's E-tron Village.

Showers of boogers,
Showers of golden boogers:
Sporadic boogers of wisdom,
For golden nuggets we plead.

If you sang that hymn to your Religous Rightie RepuGranny, I bet she'd write you back into her will.

Wouldn't the progressive cause progress further if we shared your enlightening golden boogers with the unwashed rethugwikkkans rather than throwing them the bones. I'm afraid I'll confuse the *blogger* boogers with the bones & throw them to the wrong people.


Bolton is obviously another Hitler. Letting his mustache "bush" out and soaking it in a vat of bleach every night, fools nobody! It's just another Delay tactic.


kajun: like my line about "DeLay tactics", huh? ☺


Nixon played banjo, too. Remember when he tried to distract us from Watergate with 'Foggy Mountain Breakdown'?


Is George Gobel the brewer of that fine French lager Goebel's? How does that square with his German ancestry?
I like the Charlie Chaplin mustache much better than Bolton's.

spd rdr

Oh my Gaia! THEY GOT TO HIM!


Sheeple? I prefer the term "cattle" myself when talking about our new global village. Have I told you guys well my tin-foil franchise is doing? All my liberal friends and neighbors are just enamored with the stuff! It really does work, there is now so much peace and tranquility in my life, particularly with the great harmonic convergence coming up.


Oh, BTW. After reading previous comment threads, I'm convinced now, more than ever, that howie is really a Republican mole! A hex on him for deceiving us in this fashion. I'm not going to sell any more tin-foil to him. No true liberal spells that bad.


Maybe hooey is just being liberal with his spelling?
(As in taking liberties...or is libations?!)

I'm still not convinced he isn't a parody...

Friend of USA

From the " indisputable similarities " link , this jumped at me ;


According to this logic , having a reason to go to war is pure evil.


So...Had Bush started a war for NO reason at all,
then all those moonbats would be praising and celebrating similarities between Bush and mother Theresa ?...

If my cat and one of them moonbats were both drowning , I would save my cat first , dry her off , feed her , spend a few minutes at Blame Bush , and then I would try to save the moonbat.

Because my cat's contribution to society dwarfs any moonbat's - easely - and she smells better too.


Well, I read this new thread last night, when I was WAY too tired to generate anything in reply. This morning, after having read the comments, I'm again too tired to generate a reply! Then I checked the, "Dean04prez," blog and saw that pic he posted of, "himself," and my coffee almost came back up. I hope this day gets better!

Amen on the cat, Friend of USA!

CKC, you keyed on what struck me in the above thread. The,"golden boogers of wisdom!" Now, that's funny!

Che Guevarito

I also find it helps to make up Shakespearian monologues to draw a parallel between Hitler and Bushitler.

To set a gloss on dimwit deeds, hollow neocons,
Recanting goodness, Stealing Ohio, Lo! 'tis known;
But where there be French friendship, there needs none.
Marching his Legions toward oil and infamy,
To perish in thee, nucyular sorrow!

Che Guevarito

P.S. I'm not sure what the above quote means, but I sound really smart when I recite it.

Sometimes, when searching for golden boogers of wisdom, you have to go in up to the third knuckle.


Good Gaia, doesn't anyone realize that George Goebel was in the 3rd Reich? After all, he escaped from his family of Goebbels, broadcasters of propaganda and makers of innocent childish figurines that
were designed by a nun. And now the new pope is from
Germanland. I see a Bushitler conspiracy here.

Liberal Larry

Here's a good one on Fraulein Coulter.


Has BUllSHitler ever been a tossed around the blogo-village? He's such a Nazi jew Queer.


LL, Could you please tell your Busheep to quit flaming my site. I don't send people over to BlameBush to antagonize you so quit doing it to me. My site is intelligent debate about what is wrong with this country and your little smart ass neo-cons find it humorous to make fun of me.
When Hillary wins in a landslide in 2008 then who will be laughing?

PS: You're not that funny.


Moxie one,
LL doesn't send people over to your site. I have only been there a couple of times myself. We prefer flaming you HERE. More fun. And you call your site 'intelligent debate?' Hm.

At least here we can put the pieces together for you.

Che Guevarito

Actually, Larry sent me over there. I know the official position is that BB was never in Moxiegrrrllland, but I was there.

It was Christmas Day, 1999, Nixon was President, and the memories are seared, SEARED into my mind forever. We received reports of a non-incoporated company of moonbats on patrol outside the perimeter of the D.U. I kissed my arsenal of machine guns good-bye, smacked my wife in a time-honored ritual of conservative misogyny, loaded up my extra bibles, and went off to meet the enemy.

"Rush is right!" I shreiked as I broke through her firewall, catching the whiney sinners off guard. "I condemn thee to hell,you feminist, man-hating wench!" I called, casting Kid Bastard into the abyss with the rest of the flaming bastards. He was easy, as I had suspected. Too easy...

I searched through rooms littered with drug addicts reading ACLU propaganda. Blocking a hallway was a gay marriage ceremony. Acting purely on instinct, I tipped ofer a box of shaved gerbils to create a distraction. It worked. "The honeymoon is ruined!" screamed one of the brides. Smirking, I continued on. Sodom and Gommorah, indeed!

The 'Grrrl was about to harvest an unborn fetus for her evil stem-cell research, in a diabolical scheme to raise Christopher Reeve from the dead. I gave my battle cry, "John Birch for President!", as I let loose a flurry of nucyular-tipped ninjamatic crucifixes, all homing in on 'Grrl's heart. They struck true, turning her cardiovascular system into a perforated pile of hamburger. But it was to no effect.

"My heart is already bleeding so much, your puny weapons are ineffective against me! Buwuhuhuhahaha!", the wench laughed.

Time for the nucyular option. I pulled out the envelope and slowly tore it open. Her eyes, usually full of condescending contempt for the unenlightened, registered fear and loathing as my evil new weapon was revealed.

"No! she shreiked, falling into a bewildered trance, "Not a Florida ballot!"

My work here was done. Now demonstrating outward symptoms of being clinically braindead, I knew it was a matter of minutes before her associates pulled out her feeding tube.


I only posted on Moxiegrrrl's site a couple of times. I haven't been there recently. I know Larry has made no attempt to, "send me there." Her site is recycled DUh talking points, and NO debate, as she, "reserves the right to delete," anything she doesn't like. There's not much fun there! I couldn't be less interested in posting there. Besides, Liberal Larry is intentionally funny, whereas Moxiegrrrl....

Additionally, I don't believe that Larry has the freedom to tell his readers where they can post...or not. That reeks of that, "fascism," and, "censorship," which the left is constantly accusing the right of engaging in. Just a thought.

African moonbat

Moxie Grill,
Liberal Larry IS Funny. He provides us with splendid vignettes which help us in the struggle to ban McDonalds from openening a franchise in Harare (oops too late, still the people over there have to eat)and better than any one else shows us the true evil of the neo con regime in DC. I only went over to your site because of Larry's reccomendation. Its boring, boring I tell yah. I wonder if you, like Howie are a neocon stooge. I still have homoerotic thoughts about Kid Bastard though.


Tis true, just look at Michael Mooooooo, the whack jobs from Hollywooooooo, DU, and Moxie Grrrrl, too-----Paranoia will destroy ya.

Have the votes from Ohio come in yet? I just saw Dan Rather on TV, still waiting word and holding out hope against hope for his man, DYKWIA ["do you know who I am"]

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