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Leninist Larry:
"you’ll want to try one of our hour-long sessions, with our professionally trained practitioners.

Members: $55/hr, nonmembers $65/hr; $50/hr in 6-session wellness packages."

65 clams an hour for a "chakras balancing"?

That sounds about for the Lower East Side.

Now, if you're on a budget, take the #4 train to Brooklyn where you can REALLY get your "chakras balanced".

and at 50 bucks fer a "twofer"...fuggedaboutit!

(Chiropractice fees not included).

Have fun, Larry.

And don't try naked dancing in Central Park, they'll steal your clothes!



Now Larry,

As a former Jesuit Priest, I resent the implications that all Christian Religions are right-wing fundamentalists. As a missionary to such KKKonservative countries as Canada, I fought the evil KKKonservatives who claimed that a baby was "alive" and that it was morally wrong to "abort" 3 month old babies.

Furthermore, we in the Jesuits have Pioneered the concept of Liberation theology -- that if it rains, and I am wet, and I have more water than you, then I am "actively oppressing" you; unless, of course, I happen to be named Fidel Castro, or Mugabe, in which case, everyting is skittles and beer (Molson, naturally).

Unfortunatly, after the evil pope JP II defrocked me for marrying a transvestite priest, I had to leave Berkley and move to the state of Jefferson, but at any rate, don't judge us all by the evil right wing KKKonservatives, and remember, when I say mass, the DEA frequently investigates the "incense" (Although I don't know why, a bong is a perfectly resonable thing to use for incense).


We'll be praying for you, Larry. Gaia bless you. the (antiquated, outdated) Good Book, it says: "The righteous are as bold as a lion. The wicked flee when no one is pursuing them.", Does this mean you'll be chasing your own tail?

Ask your bible thumpin' Grandma.


"See you Tuesday. The typos should keep you busy until I get back."

OK, I'll get right on it... ☺

Partisan Pundit

It seems strange to me that the greatest "authorities" on Christianity are those who give it the least credibility.

Do a couple of web searches on the "speakers" at this conference.

Holy Moses. What a shrill, angry bunch.

camojack, sir, are a tease.

I found no typos to call to your attention, nay, not one.

I recommend you visit howie's blog for inspiration...

Che Guevarito

I found no typos to call to your attention, nay, not one.

Old-fashioned. (Hyphenated)
(Pause for laughter.) (The first character inside parentheses should be capitalized.)

holier-than-thoustench ???

(strike pensive Spock pose. Slowly pace back and forth) Again with the capitalization. There are clearly two sentences inside the parentheses. We use periods, not commas, to separate sentences.


English is doomed as a language.


Well, there is the problem of the closing quotation marks without opening marks:

Only then can gay transgendered abortionists walk the streets at night without being assaulted by radical Christian hate groups like the Cub Scouts."

If only they had given out letters for superb spelling, I would have had enough for ten Letterman's jackets.

Oh really?



Che Guevarito:
I was coming back to make amends for my erroneous post about typos, specifically the word "atheist", but you beat me to it.

But I still think people should visit howie's blog:

Yuo mihgt laern soemthign!!!
(About typos; or maybe not)


Where do the neo-cons and Zionist Joooooooosss fit in this? Liberal Larry, are you sure you're engaging in deep enough research into this problem? And I bet you'll find the top 1% are more religious than the poor!

AlGore stepped up to the plate yesterday and railed against KKKonservative KKKristians. He really is becoming quite a hero to the progressive movement. Howie should be bustin' his buttons over that latest development!

And in the spirit of THX-1138 - "All Praise To The State!"

Lonely Man

Hmmm ... Christian hating people gathered together. Might be women there. Easy women. See ya there Lar.

Che Guevarito

Forget it, HomelyMan. The women there don't like men, and they all look like Rosie or Andrea Dworkin (RIP).


"Christian Homeless Shelters, The Secret Right-Wing Agenda to Lure the Mentally-Ill Away from the Democrat Party."

Larry, no worries on this score. Just spent the last two months in one of those hell-holes and am proud to report I am firmly entrenched in the party of Barbara Boxeater.

I mean, give me a break!

Just because I'm 40 years old and am ambulatory, does that mean they had to keep handing me the help-wanted section of the local reich-wing paper?

Just because I broke a ketchup bottle over the head of a female social worker for asking me to wear my pants in the common room, they had to ram their repressive moral code down my throat?

They can kiss my ass!

HILLARY IN 2008, baby!


In fairness to the [to be pitied] Rethugs (it pains me, really!)...Your disingenous slip is showing just a wee bit: It sounds to me more like you've got a grudge against them for not kissing your already exposed bum in the commons room. And WHAT were you thinking breaking that friggin' Heinz™ Kethcup bottle anyway!!?!?!? Do You Know Who *He* Is????

I feel your pain, though. If we could just get our mits on those [Rethug blocked] cheap Canadian drugs, you'd not have to have lived through that torment. At least that gestapo didn't confiscate your lap top. But they could have at least offered you a lap dance! Moralistic Mussolinis!


I was a "host" at a men's winter emergency shelter for three years about seven years ago. It was really neat rubbing shoulders with the salt of the earth. These people have been left behind and there aren't enough libeals in out town of 100,000 to house the 100 homeless people we have here. Shows you how much we need big government to help out.

One poor homosexual "guest" at the shelter had been kicked out of his apartment by his lover! But nobody there wanted anything to do with him so he slept alone in a corner, shows you how much the Repug hate attitude has infected even homeless people.

But many of the homeless were really happy that the ACLU got most of them released from the mental wards and were no longer being forced to take their meds. There were a few Vietnam veterans who burned out on drugs - I wonder if any of them were with John Kerry in Cambodia? But they seem happy enough getting free handouts. One homeless guy could tell me of no less than twenty places to get free food, cast off clothes at the Salvation Army, etc. He said he would never go back to paying on a mortgage and being responsible to a wife and children...I kid you not. At least the "ownership society" lie of the Republiscams haven't poisoned this fine fellow!

Also, I'm really proud of those progressive college students who wanted to live out with the homeless on the street for a week. Too bad the forecast had rain in it thus forcing them to cancel until better weather. God must be a Republican to have allowed that to happen! I mean, is there no justice?!


actually, my lap top was borrowed by a fellow warrior during our protests at the Chimpy vonHitler convention in New York last summer.

I'm sure he'll return it anytime now. He is one of us.


Many conservatives have offered their opinionthat I am a «poseur», «satire», a «faux lib», or a «Liberal Larry spinoff». Nohing could be further from the truth. I am a true progressive thinking individual, or a «liberal» if you will. I began posting on Scrapple Face lasy September to try and pursuade the conservatives there to change their vote and support Sen. Kerry. I continued posting after the theft of the 2004 election to educate the stain glass right wingers about the pogressive movement. This year I found the «Blame Bush» site, and at first thought it was a progressive site. I sooon found that it was satire; I then began posting ther for the same reason that I was posting @ Scrapple Fave - to educate. IN the mean time I was banned from Scrapple Face. While reading Blame Bush one day, I found that someone had posted «is this our Howie?», with a link to Dean04prez's site. I found that too was satire.I am not Deen. However, Dean recommended I start my own blog, which I did, for the purpose of education.


Howie pollutes the board with his eloquence. How dare you accuse Liberal Larry of satire! And Dean, too!? What nerve!


Hoowie said:
" I am a true progressive thinking individual,

Did anyone else find the type-o in that (partial) sentence? [As if you need a ]Hint: it's an extra word; 8 letters.

Not only is it laughably arrogant of you to think you could actually persaude the factually informed to cast a vote for Jean FRAUD, it's also rude of you to stink up the place and never say "excuse me"...or at least spray some Lysol™ afterward.

Seriously though, Hoowie. I do believe you.....and that the moon is made of green cheese....and that the earth is square.....and that the *moon landing* took place in a CA desert....and that Michael Moore is the SEXIEST man alive.....and that storks bring babies they find in cabbage patches....and....oh.....Howie, I just can't hep' myself....I_WANT_YOU!!!!


"Mrsevilneocon" pointed it out on Howie's blog, CKC: The typo in that sentence is clearly the word, "thinking," which Howie has never shown any signs of having done.

She is waiting patiently, also, for Howie to provide proof of his assertion about the, "stolen 2004 election." I am amazed at the way some liberals constantly make outrageous statements, such as these, as if they are established fact. Evidence, they don't need no stinking evidence! They just, "Know."



Would that the party (oxymoron) of the "feeling" would FEEL a strong need to relocate to Phrance...or perhaps Iran?.... They're already fully furnished to their liking.

I have coined a new term for hoowies [alleged] ilk...based on these definitions:

Progress---To advance toward a higher or better stage; improve steadily

Sieve---cull, eliminate, examine, extract, filter, grade, pick out, riddle, separate, sift, winnow

"Progress-sieves" take any advancements; improvements for the good and basically pick it apart (like a vulture), and/or riddle it full of holes so the bottom drops out and it suits ONLY their [destined for doom and failure] socialistic, communistic, Godless agenda.
The more FACTS you present them, the more their *allergies* flare up!


I like it! Howie posted the very same "educational vignette" seen above on numerous blogs, mine included. My response is as follows:

howie said...
Many conservatives have offered their opinionthat I am a «poseur», «satire», a «faux lib», or a «Liberal Larry spinoff». Nohing could be further from the truth.

Well, kiddo, if you're not...then you ought to be.


Gee [LIBERAL]howie:
you [a liberal] should pay attention to camojack, you [a liberal] mihgt laern soemthnig!

[LIBERAL]Dude, you should know better than to be running around all over cyber space nailing your [LIBERAL]manifesto to everyones blog doors when you [a liberal] have a bad case of the green apple squirts. Sheesh. Get your[liberal]self some Imodium™ for [liberal]internet motor mouths, and clean up after your [liberal] self, too, would ya [ya liberal]!


Besides, I'm kind of looking forward to getting my chakras balanced with a good, old fashioned shiatsu enema.

Larry, I'm no fan of that particular breed of dog, but if you start using them as enemas I'm going to report you.

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