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Friend of USA

Maybe Bush ate too much boneless pizza...

Friend of USA

JannyMae and Che's poetry inspired me a few pages back...

Bacon and mozzarela
is my thing mama
Cheese burger an liberty fried potata
Or cake with chocol'A , mayba'

But lip-sync-ing sista and Jessica
trough our TV I tell ya
are trying to push it to me and ya
A new food that is weirdorama;

Buffalo wing pizza
And that's a disclaimer to me and ya
Boneless pizza ? Only in america !

Menstrual Rainbow

Why aren't the ACLU stopping this shameless attempt to turn the Pope's funeral into some kind of crazy Jesus festival? I was actually in Rome to pay my respects for the stiff by doing a pagan rebirth ritual to honour him, naturally the fascistic 'Swiss Guards' arrested me before I even got to perform the ritual smearing of menstrual blood on to the face of the dead body. So much for ecumenicalism!



Excuse me, Womynstrual Rainbow:
Would that not be "Ecupersonicalism"?

You and *Lib* Larry have been showing remnants of your true fascist colors. Hence, the "Rainbow" eh??

Liberal Larry

That's pretty perceptive, Menstrual. I never really thought of it like that. I mean, why begrudge the Jesus freaks their little clambake? As long as they're standing in line to gawk at a corpse, they aren't out on the streets beating up gays or stealing union jobs. Let them have their fun, right?

But do they show anyone else the same courtesy? When we peacefully gather, who are the first people to call the cops and demand we put our clothes back on and get out of their yard? Who are the first ones to complain because after a good rain, their drinking water tastes like patchouli and glaucoma medicine? The same Jesus freaks standing in line to gawk at that corpse, that's who!



Is it just me or is Clinton lookin' older than Bush Daddy? And is that Monica L trying to hide her mug behind the big Pope hat?
Clintons' checking out the chicks. A bad *habit* of his, while Shrubya is prayerfully and piously pondering who he's gonna knock of NEXT.


correction: Knock OFF next.


CKCat, since you mention it we noticed at the Superbowl that Bill Clinton looked, well, bad. There was a story in The Globe you know....hmmm???


Talk about “Wag the dog” it’s all a fake, just like the lunar landing! This photo is sooo staged That’s not the Pope, it’s Ed Asner.
O.J. is standing right behind Laura Bush. He can’t be there and at Johnnie Cochran’s simultaneously .
Everyone is supposed to be standing in line for 24 hours, EUPHORICALLY STARVING! How come Chris Dodd, the wonderful Senator from Connecticut is standing two rows directly behind Clinton, PICKING HIS TEETH! He just left the buffet.
Jiminey Carter is probably the only one not in on this elaborate hoax. He’s been snubbed twice!
Rove is at it again. Anything to distract the public from Bush’s failure to prolong Terri Shiavo’s agony.


I dunno, sorecarphagus..the person standing behind Laura looks more to me like Mr. Dy-No-Mite himself J J Walker with his sidekick, the mega movie star, Jeff Goldblume. And, sitting directly behind the wanna-be black Monica, we're treated to a sneak preview of what the Olsen twins'll look like in a few years.

Che Guevarito

So if they're all at Da Pope's funeral, why is Santa Claus lying there? And what happened to his beard?

man riding unicycle naked

I think The Pope has too many pillows. His neck is really going to be stiff when he wakes up.

Che Guevarito

And what's with all those bright red beanies? Was Dick Cheney in charge of wardrobe for this shindig?

Friend of USA

Bush is so dumb he has to read instructions from Karl Rove on his cell phone ;

" Look sad now..."

" Swallow your saliva! "

" Look sad and serious now..."

" There will be pretzels after if you are a good boy "

" Breath! Breath ! Shit you forgot again ! "

Che Guevarito

Shrub is saying to himself, "Not again! I always pop wood when I have to sit still like this. I hope they don't make me come to the front and give a speech."

Malcom X Marx the spot

And why exactly are there no brothas or sistahs in the delegation? Even chimpy's house servant Condaskeeza (almost white as) Rice got snubbed by Ku Klux Karl & company.

Friend of USA

It is old wives tales that sleeping at an incline will cure acid reflux .

Unless...Bush wants the pope to slowly acid reflux to death .


Progressive change is coming.It is a matter of inevibility. The demographics pnove it. 1 or 2 more red states need to turn into blue states and its over. Its just too, close for you to last. Some states that usd to be red are now irrevocably bright blue. California, New Jersy, Illonois,Delaware, Vermont,Pennsylvania just to name a few. There is no way you will see those states red again. Ever. Demographics are on our side. Immigrants overwhelmingly support progressive causes. And have a higher b8rth rate. Do you really think youll win Ohio again? Really. So Shrub will be your last right wing fascist president. Then a progressive. Youll be lucky if you keep your stain glass majorities in the house and senate in 2006.2008 we're back. Progresive change is coming.


I shur wisch I wuz as eloqwent as Howie. Dammmit, I'8m juss sew gellous! I nevar kneu my awn homei state wass spellled, "Illonois."

Che Guevarito

You're right, Howie. I see Idaho, Colorado, and Kansas falling next. Kerry carried one county in each of those states, and now progressivism will spread like a chafing rash through the butt-cheeks of Amerikkka: Jesusland.

Che Guevarito

What are you talking about, Malcolm? Bill Clinton is right up front!


Howie, two words: Roe Effect

David Brock's Cabana Boy

Outstanding educational vignette, howie, and the welfare to work typing classes are finally starting to pay off.

Personally, I can't wait for progressive change. Last night I was watching television with David, and we saw Chimpy fall asleep at the Pope's wake. I was so mortified that I spit the ball gag out and turned to David and said, "Honey, there's no way we can ever have another fascist president again." He dropped the paddle and snuggled me for a few, reassuring me that Hillary is on the way. "Just look at Western Europe," he said, "They built a progressive society whose thriving economy will ensure its survival well into the 4th millenium bce." He's very reassuring for an unhairy man.

Friend of USA

If Blame Bush was a village , would Howie be it's idiot ?


Well, of COURSE Bill Clinton doesn't look well. If the Shrubyanistas had ever accomplished ANYTHING during their (stolen) presidencies, they'd be looking worn out, too.

You could combine Pappy and Baby-boy Shrub's *acomplishments* and they would NEVER even come close to the accomplishments of President William Jefferson Clinton!

Howie, you are so HOT!. Such authority. Such wisdom. So well informed. If only you weren't a hetero woman trapped in a mans body & I weren't a gay man trapped in a hetero womans body. What could have been.
You're right, too. [as always]: A stained glass majority is always preceded by a stained dress minority.

Oh, and Geiko™ will save you alot more money than Progressive™, even though we might prefer to support the causes of Progressive insurances Marxist founder & CEO. I want to save my money for the coming tide of progressivism president. Who cares if 75% of our income goes to taxes, at least we'll have a progressive president, and at last Terri Schiavo & the Pope are FINALLY registered democrats. Their vote will now count.

Daggone Bush, screwing with Larry's site again via remote control from the Vatican of course. I've been trying to post for 10 minutes, but it could be all of the throngs worshipping at the feet of HOT HOT HOT Howie.

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