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Bubblehead, your mother didn't spank you enough.

Naughty naughty! And don't touch me with those hairy palms.


Ummm... Cricket, dear... unless someone read my post in the previous story, your comment won't make sense. (Just to alleviate any concerns one might have... visiting Howie's blog does not cause frequent masturbation; although I suppose that they could be related, in that frequent masturbation may cause one to write Howie's blog...)

Crouton's Christofascist Gay Lover

Howe, your takking this skrapelface ban to hard. Dont take it persnel (gud web sight, BTW).

(I was banned at Portland indymedia for arguing, as an engineer, that it was indeed possible for the WTC towers to collapse without the need for demolition charges. They insisted that GWB used pre-placed explosive charges to cause the actual structural failure of the buildings.)


Bubblehead love, that is why I made the comment here.
Make people work for the stories and the nuance.

So, Janny Mae, is it true? You and Howie have split?
Tough break there, but I am sure that he will understand.

Camojack, belated hubbas on your motorcycle pic. YEAH!
Were I in my fighting trim...heh. I am too old and cranky now.

*sliding over to barcalounger, getting in, stretching and settling down for a nap...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*


No, it's not true, Cricket! Wait, is this one of those, "have you finally stopped beating your wife," questions? No, in order for me and Howie to have split, we would have had to have been together. *shuddering*

By the way, it's not true about the hair on your hands, Cricket--you go blind! But Bubblehead stopped when he had to get glasses for the first time. At least that's the rumor I heard....


Oh Janny, I am so sorry to have implied that you were ever *together.* What a ghastly oogie thought.

*twitch twitch*

There, I'm better *twitch* now.

Bubblehead had to get glasses, eh? He can't drive a sub blind, you know.
*running away*


This is so evil! We at PETA have always seen eye to eye with Larry before, but this is horrible. How anyone can engage in the WHOLESALE SLAUGHTER of such fuzzy, cute, animals is beyond us. I mean, starving humans on life support to death is one thing... but to barbaricly shoot a defensless pussy cat! I'm so supprised and dissipointed in you Larry.

Jamie Sheedlo

I am pissed as hell at this stupid state and all those stupid people who have nothing better to do but to shoot a cat. News Flash YOUR NOT REAL MEN IF YOUR OUT THERE HUNTING CATS! Find a differnet hobbie to occupy your time. And another thing, would you like to be the one at the end of that gun? Your making the rest of us in Wisconsin look like stupid hicks Knock this shit off you ingernate assholes. My cat disappeared around the time all this talk started and if I ever found out someone hurt him I'd talk my own revenge with a gun to there head! To ALL you wannabe HUNTERS GROW UP


Seriously, the way I see this issue is they have dropped the ball on controlling these cats up until now, so let's just kill them? I'm in favor of Cricket's suggestion, tag them and spay and neuter as many as they can. Unfortunately, that is what they should have done in the first place, and it may be too late now!


For you non-humans it was people who caused this feral problem anyway, humans brought them to this country, and humans fault for not fixing them, for you who wish for demise of these animals, I wish a life of living hell for you, you should never speak about your feeling towards this, unless you got off your ass to try to help with somthing positive in this world, your comments are worthless just as much as you are to the human race.


how many monkeys did you hire to type your prose and passionate paean that shows the glaring holes in your public school education? You should never speak about YOUR feelings for this unless you want to be put away for a long long time.

On second thought, that might not be a bad thing.


I know its May now and cat season is over. But for next season, may I suggest that you use an M-16 or an AK47 and gun down the entire herd all at once. That way, the rest of us won't have to worry about them multiplying by the hundreds, spreading disease and getting stuck in our engine only to be chopped into little pieces and making a mess on our driveway.


Jamie isn't so far off. Poor hunters can always hang around the edge of town, call "kitty-kitty", and come up with something. They are an embarrassment.

The entire issue was fabricated. Adding bullshit to idiocy, the 'Scientific' community says that feral cats kill between 8 millon and 240 million birds a year in Wisconsin. Which is another way of saying that they don't have a frigging clue as to how many birds are killed.

How many bird's eggs do opossums eat? Nobody knows, but one thing is for sure, opossum hunting takes work.


I think that this is sick and the person who did this or just wrote it up for fun

needs his ass kicked, ANIMALS HAVE FEELINGS


You might have had the cat vaccumned up - saves time reloading. By the way: is it true that the NRA acronym means never reload agitated?

JJ Couterbilder

Damn, and I thought I was the spearhead of the cat hunting underground, now i find that I got it wrong, when I'm hunting the humans behind the cat smuggling i'm just confusing everyone. Hey Teacher Leave those cats alone...

gotta tell dr roger hallaway and those damn shubumi breeders he's hanging with. ain't NO SUCH thing as a true shubumi this side of the Japan Sea my brother!


Ferral cats shood be shoot when seen.I hate cats. Cats kill rabbits and songbirds. ferral cats should be shoot with rifles right in the A$$e$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD DAM IT!!!!!!!!!!!


It has already happened.... is actually selling a video of them hunting cats
I am soo upset with those freaks.


he say tsuuu from the cat,hahaha great

Marcus Aurelius

Cat hunting & shooting is a hoot!

My grandma in T'Rivers had a old farm full of 'em. She could no longer feed 'em all & the humane society would euthanize any we brought in, so we busted out our shotguns and started blasting away.

Gave names to all sorts of topographical features up north. Dead Cat Flats, Dead Cat Gulch etc.

Marcus Aurelius

I suggest a bowl of milk and a 12 gauge with 4 shot.


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