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Ron Finklebutt

have you gone completely mad? why dont you go shove your liberal bull shit up someone else's ass and not in america because it is pricks like you that fuck this country up. thanks for being uselsss


Ron Finklebut put your finger in your butt. You are a stupid neocon dumass who is rich and wite. You do nor be lieve in progressive change or passive survival.You thint you are so smart but reallly your not. Progressive change is coming and their is'nt a damn thing you can do abot it.

Red Loser

Larry, that was the most wonderful tribute ever. May Gaia Earth Mother rest the soul of our beloved castrator.

Ron, you should take a hint from Howie and emasculate yourself in true progressive fashion as he has done. Only then will you ever know the joy of being phallus-free.


I do believe you've outdone yourself, Larry-san...kudos. ☺


I did not emascuklate myself and I am not phallus-free. My phallus was for the hot lib girl but now I ♥ JannyMae. But ron should be phalus free.

Eclectic Alien

I betcha Mr. Andrea isn't a proctologist nor an ob-gyn. Probably a eunuch..I mean..unique individual nonetheless.

Does Lorena Bobbitt have a pen name, per chance?

Oh and poor Janny Mae. Howie is it that she's being so...ahem... *progressively violated*?


Larry, you have, like, you know, totally outdone yourself. Great eulogy!

Well Howie, I don't have any interest in you, but even if I did, I strongly suspect that you wouldn't be able to get past my 6'5" 230 pound husband. Although you probably couldn't get past my 4'5" 75 pound son, either!

This happens to me all the time, these guys(?!) falling in love with me. I just can't stop exuding all my charms through my typing, I guess. Why they are always, "progressives," I can't understand! I'm sure though, that Howie is only trying to make hotlibgirl jealous, since she wants Dean (not his really name) and thinks he is hot!

Eclectic Alien: "progressively violated" Very subtle, and therefore outstanding pun! I'm impressed.

African Moonbat

I'm still weeping from your eulogy. I'd never heard of the woman before but the knowlege (am I spelling like Howie?), that I at some point raped her fills me with utter grief. I'd never heard of Baroness Lips before either but the memory of your lament still occasionally causes the eyes to water.

While we're on the subject of such things I'd like to address the carnal frission that is developing between hotlibgirl, Dean04prez, Howie and JannyMae. Janny Mae has just put herself out of the picture but hotlibgirl, can't you and Dean arrange to meet somewhere between Florida and Philly so you can get it into your system? I'm sure people visiting this site can suggest a suitable spot. Not to be nasty to Howie who has probably never done it, you can invite him along so he can observe the proceedings and report back in a vignette written in his own inimitable style.

Thurgood Marshall

Our poor sweet dead Andrea D. I'll miss her and your elegy to our Diana-like Dworkin will inspire others to fight for the cause of womyn. Together we can abolish the logocentricism that afflicts even such a demotic system as the interweb. So affected by Andrea's death am I that I nearly wet myself in solidarity and revulsion when I was told by a chauvanist tool of the patriarch the following "joke":

How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?

It doesn't matter, feminists can't change anything.

Well, with articles like yours, Gaia willing, we can change this heartless, penile world.


Poetry...pure poetry. Now I realize my only penance can be to slam a desk drawer shut on my junk until womyn the world over can walk topless into biker bars without being ogled.


Trojan Horse

Brilliant! Simply brilliant! Larry, you have truly outdone yourself this time.

The vivid portrait you've painted of a day in the life of Andrea Dworkin strikes me as particularly poignant given that I so often had to read her demented ravings, er, I mean, wondrous insights while a film student at Southern Cal.

Supernatural Rabbit Scribe

Hey Justice Marshall, which fills you with a deeper sense of self-loathing: yours or

How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?

That's NOT funny!


For too long have Womyn been oppressed by that secret combination of the Male Bonding Group, the Penile Code.

Then she'd stop, light up a cigarette, [...]

I would have thought a cigarette a tad too phallic for the androphobic Dworkin.

mean spirited woman

But Andrea chose to blow cigarettes.


Andrea's obit says 'her husband.' Now, considering her hatred of anything phallic bearing, why have a man unless she could tie him up and...


Liberal Larry:
"Despite their inappropriate names, the mailboxes were actually vaginas, so she had no qualms with them until some MAN came along and thrust a letter inside one. Occasionally, she'd watch as a line of men formed to take turns gleefully violating the mailvagina, until a pimp in a mailMAN outfit would came along and start scooping offspring out its brutalized womb"

My God, man, this is inspired!

"A Feminist View of the United States Postal Service".

I can see some womyn developing this theme into a Mistress' Thesis.


Menstrual Rainbow

I hope they don't turn her corpse into a phallus that penetrates the earth in a *wood* coffin. I am naturally distraught at Andrea's passing as I was one of her 'militant lesbian ducklings'. If Bush had any decency he would turn Barbara and Jenna into militant dykes as a mark of respect.

Pluto's Dad

I heard a womyn's retelling of that joke, it goes like this:

How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?

None! Because the womyn are not staying home working around the house anymore. We go to work, you stay home and change the bulb, and why don't you castrate yourself while you're at it!?

I like that version much better, it is not as offensive as the first, and gives us men good advice on what we should be doing for a better world.

Che Guevarito

I'm sure "husband" was meant in the most gender-neutral, calico tom, Jamie Lee Curtis-type way possible. Her "husbynd" was her beard.

(Oh, I stand corrected. She actually had a beard.)

That was a beautiful eulogy to a beautiful womyn. Not the kind of beauty that you'd want your friends to catch you on a date with, but the kind that allows you to sneer condescendingly at her detractors for being shallow and unenlightened.

Andrea's impact on feminist philosophy will linger for years to come, like B.O on an expensive sofa. I pour searing hot coffee in my lap in tribute to you, sweet Andrea.


You have been absolutely en fuego lately.
Keep up the good work.
I recently found a hoorific example of the patricentric society's brutal disrespect for womyn AND cryptozoological specimens:
Q: What's the difference between a radical feminist and Bigfoot?
A: One's big, ugly, hairy, and smelly, and the other has big feet.

Che Guevarito

I found this quote in one of Andrea's earlier essays:

What do 10,000 battered womyn have in common?

They all didn't know when to shut the %*&@ up.


Bravo, comrade! You brought a tear to my eye. Ms. Dworkin would be very pleased to see you're continuing the good news!

adam & steve

Isn't it Ironic that Ms. Dworkins surname (or should I say miss-name) sounds so much like dorkin', which is something she would have despised.


That is kinde of sad. But I shaev and take baths evreyday and im still a like minded porgresive like Dean (not his real name). Does that mene Im not a rele liberal. Im so conufsed. Im learning allot from yur site.

And NO, Howie teh poop head cantt watch!!!1!! Duh!!!1!!

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