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Should we, like, make it a holiday and sh*t?

Fascist NeoCon Translator

"I watched Senator Kennedy's historic speech on C-SPAN....."

Type-o's again?

Did you not watch Senator Jabba Kennedy's hysteric screech on C-SPANdex?


Here's a good article on the subject of Abu Ghraib.

Mumblix Grumph

Wow, that Kennedy dude is like totaly hardcore!

I think doing the speech in a "Mayor Quimby" accent was a really cool way to connect with kids.

Has anyone else in his family ever been involved in politics?



You forgot to add "how many more limbs does Max Cleland have to lose before you realize you have chosen to the path in life." Here is a re-mastered letter:

[fist few paragraphs OK. Change the following]

A transcript of John Kerry's heroic Winter Soldier Testimony. A picture of Max Cleland with the notation: How many more limbs does Max Cleland have to lose before you realize you have chosen to the path in life. You are no John Kerry! Run for you lives and abandon ship before it's too late. If John "Courageous" Kerry can't win a war because of fragment wounds to his ass and five purple hearts - how can you even think of beating his heroic combat record. Give up now and bring your war toys home.

[rest of text OK, rewrite and mail with bong and reefer pills]


The post office sux. Next time just e-mail the package.
This is in no way to be construed as support for anything that makes sense.

bridge to tomorrow

I was ROFLMAO when I saw this:

A photo of Ted Kennedy with his shirt off, in a fashion reminscent of Jabba the Hutt.

Until I clicked the link, whereupon I was rolling into the bathroom to vomit.

Friend of USA

About Jane Fonda , I saw her on Letterman a few days ago and she was apologetic about what she did in vietnam, but then a few days later I saw her on Canadian TV and she was the exact opposite, she was saying pretty much the same stuff she said during the vietnam war...

Stincky lying bitch!


Well, FOUSA, she has learned the Kerry Manuever. Flip flop, as there is no defense against it. Now, the Kennedy Manuever is a tad different, as it involves physical action in getting out of Ted Kennedy's car,
house or bed. Not only that, but Jedi mind tricks don't work with him either.

Larry, I laughed so hard I nearly coughed up a lung.
Thanks very much.


Who the Hell is Derek, and why should oil him, let alone take a picture?


Teddy "Jabba" Kennady?

I thought he was Shamoo Kennady, after all, people in the first three rows are warned that they are "in the splash zone," and advised to bring rain coats and vomit bags.

Friend of USA

Cricket ,I find it amusing when some of you call me FOUSA ( as I believe Che was the first to do it )
it makes me sound , I don't know , egyptian maybe ?...

If I weren't a blond hair ( although darker every year, could be because of the chemical residue in the water from Halliburton but more probably because my girlfriend doesn't give enough sex, hey I heard it on Oprah! Me a liar ? that is exactly what my girlfriend said...I'm so misunderstood... ),
blue eyed infidel with skin as white as a blank page ( you would think that 20 hours a day of computer screen radiation would give me a tan...),
and if I hadn't mentioned 374 times I was Canadian,
well OK now, 375 times,
maybe it would not be so funny , well to me anyway.

- - -

Educational vignette;

In french the word crazy is FOU for a male
( FOLLE for a female, just ask Dominique Devillepain... ) so calling me FOUSA makes me sound a bit like I am a crazy man , wich I am a little anyway, at least if I believe what my cat has to say about it...

Fousa... Fousa from Canadakistan, yeah maybe I'll use that,


Leninist Larry:

"A photo of Ted Kennedy with his shirt off, in a fashion reminscent of Jabba the Hutt."

I heard over the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy talk radio network that the last time Teddy went to the beach, a Greenpeace team was scarmbled to try and push him back into the water.

Damn those submarines and their active sonar, not to mention their non-swimming nubile campaign workers. Completely throws marine mammals off course!

Teddy seems to get no end of trouble from man-made underwater objects, huh?



You are a blonde too? I have reddish blonde hair streaked with gray...must be that Scots/Scandinavian
combination...the abbreviation is what I went for.

Don't know what to tell you about the sex thing.

More oysters?


"Everyone's invited out to Martha's Vineyard this Saturday for a traditional Kennedy Family weekend."

I understand the Kopechnes will be the guests of honor.

Gaiya, the blessed Kennedys are such noble people.

Friend of USA

Celebrate Abu Ghraib's first anniversary in style !

Get your own mini Abu Ghraib home kit !

Easy assembly !

Will fit in most basements !

Includes two sets of stainless steel - urine resistant - "sure grip" gonad clips, with 20 foot cord !

High power AC/DC adaptor included !

Machine washable hoods and capes included !

All you need for hours of good clean fun*** !

Only four easy payments of $19.99 !

Instruction video included !

*** Terrorists not included


"Free balloons for the kids!" Wow, makes me want to rush right off to the airport!

Looking at that topless photo, which, I just managed to avoid gagging on, I can't help but think of how appropriate the Jabba the Hutt reference is.

The resemblence is uncanny


PPSSSTTT!! eaM ynnaJ,
Did ya ever get an e from me? The last one I tried w/out an underscore inbetween was never returned to me. I think I figured out the "trap sdrawkcab". I think Teddy K's been trying hard to fix it for me, since Bush's KKKarl rove messed it up to begin with.

I'm totally shocked Teddy didn't make People magazine's 50 sexiest people. The rag must be run by neocondanista republiKKKan hacks!! Not even Helen Thomas was in there!!! No James Carville. No michael Moore. Any more evidence needed about who runs that rag?!?!?!

Barbara BoxEater

Dear Losers, Senator Kennedy is the most respected member in congress. You scum bags wouldn't know quality man-meat if it dribbled down your leg.

If I wasn't a full on Dyke I would be showing old Teddy how to play hide the cigar.

Hillary in 2008. Get used to it.

adam & steve

tsk... tsk... tsk...

I see even Larry has fallen for the Madison Avenue commercialization of Abu Ghraib day.


Support Your Troops!

There's no better way to support someone you care about than to send them to have their head or testicles blown off for a stable fuel supply for your SUV.

oh, and for democracy too. or a reasonable facsimile.

Keep blogging! Your comfort and leisure time is being defended to the utmost in a desert country without roads!

God Bless Hallimerica!


Abu Ghraib Day:

What's wrong with commercializing it?

I see THIS photo:

...and I think "Mattress Sale!".

I also have to applaud the Pentagon's change of stance against homosexual activities.

As this photo seems to indicate, these activities are being actively encouraged now.

Thumbs Up, you boys!



I freaking love you man. That is all.


Nope, taCKC, never got the email. Mine should be WITH the underscore. I wonder who belongs to the one without the underscore?? You can try me again.

I don't know about your case against People Magazine. Oprah Winfrey is on that list!

Dominique de Villepain


Je suis d'accord, mais je prefere le mot dingue. Comme, "Dingue, you sure lookin' fine tonite, Sunsara!"

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