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Red Loser

"Limbaugh is a big, fat, pillpopping loser. And not the good kind."

Whew! For a moment there, I thought I was being intolerantly criticized!


It finally happened to me. I read a posting excerpt and didn't immediately realize it was a parody. You have a frightening talent, my friend. Use it wisely. And often...


Terri Schindler (Schiavo) has been without food or water for seven days and still she torments her husband by continuing to live on. A lesser man wouold have crumbled by now.

Friend of USA

Terri Schiavo before her unfortunate accident was a top CIA agent.

Even in her vegetative state, critical information is still imprinted in her memory, information that she never got a chance to transmit to her superiors.

Scientists working in a secret lab for Bush are about to put the final touch on a memory reading machine.

That is why they need to keep her alive.

And democrats want her dead to keep Bush from getting this super sensitive information.

Daddy's Roommate

Scientists working in a secret lab for Bush are about to put the final touch on a memory reading machine.--

I knew Adolph Cimpler was behing this with some nefarious, Rovian plot!

Daddy's Roommate

Whoops-- that should be Adolph Chimpler™

Cheney W. Halliburton

My daughter's been looking at me funny the last few days...


Are we to understand, then, that you wish to do a retro thread abortion on demand?

To expel this child of his oh so fertile mind?

The barbarism of this has sent me reeling.


I need some help from my fellow progressives. I, as are all good liberals, am eagerly awaiting Schiavo's imminent death, and relishing the hypocrisy being shown by the Rethuglicans, who now want their own "activist judges" who will rule in their favor, and not strike down or ignore bills passed by state and federal legislatures. (That doesn't read right, but I'm sure they're hypocrites anyway.) Here's my concern: what will I do the next time some misunderstood death row inmate waives his appeals and asks to be put to death? I know I should still protest it, but will my Mom be right to keep telling me what an idiot I am when she's yelling at me to wake up and get a job? Or, should I just assume that Bu-shaitan is corrupting the political prisoners thoughts with the patented Halliburton/MLB mind-control devices?


someone give Bubblehead the bong. you let that festering zit on the backside of humanity DIE with dignity. No last meal and no alcohol wipe before the lethal injection. That will be a real deterrent to that whole capital punishment thing.


Friend of USA -- this is very interesting information (I have no reason to doubt its accuracy, since I have gone through life being fooled by one conspiracy or another, now I just come to expect it).

Since these progressive courts have thwarted the evil intentions of Chimpler, and time is running out, what are the chances he could declare martial law? It would have to be within days, because the b!tch's death is imminent. He may use Schiavo as a pretext to set up a fascist dictatorship (I mean, worse than the present one), kind of like Hitler did when the German White House was bombed in 1920.

Harry Cox

I am all for putting tubes in wymyn, especially when they're incapacitated.

the real tragedy here is not her life being lost

the real tragedy is that she used to be hot, but now she's a tad plump.
Michael is right to withold food.




Welcome to the Monkey House


If these conservative christianazi's were smart they would send in a minor to shoot the hospice up and re-insert the tube. He wouldn't be executed.

Why don't these stupid rethuglikklans realize that the Supreme Court doesn't get involved in 'states right's' issues like this?
I mean, time and time again they have chosen to avoid cases like
Roe v. wade, juvenile death sentencing and the Texas butt humping case of privacy.


Nerdwallet! Commendable job of illustrating absurdity by being absurd. Liberal hypocrisy? What liberal hypocrisy????

Liberal Larry

Do not speak her name! To name something is to humanize it. Henceforth, she shall be known only as Brain Damaged Florida Woman.

Adam & Steve

I wouldn't want to live with a speech impediment like Barney Frank's.


I heard that Michael has been gettin busy on his conjugal visits and got Teri knocked up. Now he has to do her in to keep from ticking off his ambulatory chick.
Eat your heart out Scott.


Sorry sorecarphagus,
I'm afraid you're misinformed about the Edict from Judge Greer.

"...and no fluids shall be administered to Mrs. Schiavo under any circumstances.."


Blix says inspectors still need more time
From Roland Watson in Washington

HANS BLIX has asked for more time to pursue weapons inspections in Iraq, saying that he has not given up hope of improved Iraqi co-operation.

It made sense to pursue inspections for as long as possible, measured against the huge financial and human costs of war, he said. His comments will alarm London and Washington, where officials are counting on his report next week to provide the clear-cut authority for war.

Oops...sorry, wrong thread. I thought this was about giving the weapons inspectors more time but it looks like this is a Terri Schiavo thread.


Friend of USA

Prolonging the "life" of Saddam`s reign of terror and oil for palaces scheme for 12 years ;

Yes say liberals

Prolonging the "life" of the inneficient and corrupt United Nations ;

Yes say liberals

Prolonging the life of a woman in florida;

What ? are you F***`n crazy ?

Red Loser

Wait, if food and water are considered life support, then shouldn't oxygen be considered life support, too? Why isn't somebody smothering Terri with a pillow?


Wait, that would kill her quickly and we know that even though liberals DON%T approve torture of muslim murderers they do approve torture of americans , so she must die
s l o w l y
that is unless she converts to islam or becomes a terrorist , then we must stop at nothing to help her.


I just "recovered" the memory of an old marching song we'd sing in the Marines:

"My Girl's a vegetable"


"My Girl's a vegetable"

"She lives in a hos-pit-al".

"She lives in a hos-pit-al"

"I'll buy her an-y-thing"

"I'll buy her an-y-thing"

"To keep her ali-i-ive"

"To keep her ali-i-ive"

(By now even the rythmically-challenged should be in the swing of march cadence, so feel free to call and response along at home while at your computer, and if your family or neighbors look at you funny, tell 'em to go piss up the're "in training"):

"She's got her own TeeVee"

"They call it an Eee-Kay-Gee"

"And I'll buy her any-thing"

"To keep her ali-i-ive"

"She's got no arms or legs"

"But I love her any-ways"

"And I'll buy her any-thing"

"To keep her ali-i-ive"

(At this point, you can repeat the stanzas, or add your own creative contributions).

M'Lawd, how the miles used to just roll along with our happy little platoon of ambulatory sandbags!


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