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"The last I heard, Stephen Hawking was not in a persistent vegetative state."
...And the last I heard, we were only going to allow abortions in the first trimester, when there was no real baby, but only a, "clump of cells." And the last I heard, Holland was only going to euthanize people who specifically requested it....


Well Janny we now allow partial birth and post partum abortions, especially in cases like the former, where the baby is in a persistent vegetative state until the age of reason, whenever that is, and in the latter, Terri Schindler, where she is in a persistent vegetative state because of her husband, and Holland is so behind the times. Specifically requested now means that you
can channel your loved one.


"The last I heard, Stephen Hawking was not in a persistent vegetative state."

He's not?

I don't know about anyone else, but I don't see his lips moving. I can almost see RoveGhoebbels hand under his shirt when we hear his computer speak. Anyone else notice his computer speaks with an American accent?

Clearly his mind has been destroyed by the Bush/Elvis/Cheney/Jew/Halliburton/SpaceAlien/Nazi/NeoCon cabal. The "Big Bang"? Gimme a break. Why not just say it right out; "God made us!". If that's not more of Chimpy McHitler's Christo-Facist crap I'm a monkey.

In any case, Max Cleland is clearly in a persistent vegetative state. He hasn't shown any brain activity for at least a few years now.

I don't even know why we starve them. Shoot them I say. Why waste time waiting for them to starve and allowing them to pollute our precious Gaia with their foul carbon dioxide emissions for an extra 2 weeks?

B.C., Imperial Torturer™

Larry, you owe me a new screen. Asshole. :-)


You really are a fucking moron, aren't you? About the only issue normal people might actually agree with you redneck assholes on, and you have to ensure that the right to life is fucked forever by being so god-damn nasty and partisan.

If anyone is proof of the need for post-birth abortion, it's you.

Fuck you, fuck George Bush, and fuck the U.S.A.


leave the USA now before your tin hat electrocutes your brain. Oops, it already did, leaving you in a persisent vegetative state.

This is a SATIRE SITE.


Psst! Cheney'sDaughter. I'd prefer not to remind these idjits that it's satire. It's too much fun to watch them make fools of themselves! Another oh-so-tolerant-one makes his mark on the BlameBush site! Oh happy day!


Oh poot. I love to watch their little head implode when they realize they are twits.


That's part of the problem, Cricket, they don't usually realize it! But you're right, it's also part of the fun when their little heads implode!


Satire or not, you people should get your facts straight. The media did not make the decision she was brain dead, uh, that would be the doctors. But then if you all weren't so brain dead yourselves you would know that already. Furthermore, if you think it's appropriate to be making fun of the Schiavo situation, then you are all way sicker than any of us thought. If you are all such great christians, then why wouldn't you want her to be with christ. Duh, never thought of that one, eh. You are all traitors, leave this country, go try and find a place that will take you. Good Luck, since the rest of the world hates your type too. And last but not least, we are the scientists,professors,philosophers, doctors,lawyers,musicians,judges,authors,producersetc. That makes us elite,intelligent,better than you. You are the hicks, with iq's of 80 or less. It is not our heads imploding, (i'd be surprised if you knew what it meant) it will be yours when you realize how ignorant you all are. AAhh I feel better now.

Che Guevarito

You tell them Autumn! I've dedicated my life to telling people who piss me off with me that I'm better than them. It's worked really well for me so far, if you ignore all the election results since 1994.

The audacity of these people who find fault in the peaceful and unbarbaric act of killing the most vulnerable people in society through neglect is appalling! Even those right-wing cloggies in the Netherlands have criticized the U.S., just because the Schiavo case wouldn't meet the criteria for their uber-conservative euthanasia laws. How dare they consider international law in this country!

Keep fighting the good fight, Autumn. We are better than them. As you said, we are the elite. And if we say it enough, it will become the truth!

Che Guevarito

P.S. If I may offer some constructive criticism without negatively impacting your self-esteem:

I usually find it works well to not only insult my opponents, but really, really insult them.

For example, "Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat, stupid pill-popping stupidface."

"Ann Coulter is a big, fat, stupid, Nazi whore with stupid cottage cheese thighs."

"George Bush is a big, fat, stupid, drugged-out facist with a stupid dog."

As an effect-multiplier, you can then say something really nice about progressives. If the facts don't support your argument, feel free to manufacture and embellish where necessary. Our attitude is, "If it's good enough for CBS News..."

"Michael Moore is a svelt genius who is too busy exposing the truth to be bothered with personal hygeine."

"The war in Iraq is about stealing Iraq's oil and converting them to biblethumping evangelicals."

"(W)e are the scientists,professors,philosophers, doctors,lawyers,musicians,judges,authors,producersetc (sic)"

You are well on your way to progressive stardom.

Red Loser

"If you are all such great christians, then why wouldn't you want her to be with christ. Duh, never thought of that one, eh."

Autumn, that is a brilliant line of reasoning. Why, when the Columbine shootings took place, those two brave freedom fighters Kliebold and Harris could have used that same argument to justify their killing of Rachel Scott and some other fundamentalist students in their quest to escape religious oppression. But I guess they weren't as elite as we are, probably because they were surrounded by retarded biblethumpers in the red state of Colorado.

I think it was also good of you to call those yokels "traitors." It's important to remember that true patriotism lies not in trying to protect the lives of the weak and helpless but rather in euthanizing and/or aborting individuals once we elites have determined that they do not have a chance to live a productive and worthwhile life.


Autumn, I believe it is you who should get the facts striaght.
Just thank God that your married name is not Autumn Svhiavo, you may well be on your death bed right if it were.

Red Loser

Keith, you brain-dead ignorant Christian hick with an IQ less than 80! How dare you insult Autumn! Don't you understand that, like all Democrats, she is either a scientist, a professor, a philosopher, a doctor, a lawyer, a musician, a judge, an author, or a producer? Don't you understand that this makes her elite? Don't you understand that this makes her better and more intelligent than you?

In the Land of Elites (Canada), laws have been passed to prevent people from trying to argue that homosexuality is wrong! We need some of those here to shut up people like you who aren't smart enough to debate with elites like Autumn.


Autumn is a season, not a person. Elite and superior? Then why does she display such ignorance about the case? Terri has never been declared, "brain dead."

Cricket, you're right, it's really fun to watch these ignorant people make fools of themselves, even when they KNOW this is satire. Keep it up, oh, "intelligent," ones!!!


And last but not least, we are the
scientists, professors,philosophers,
lawyers, musicians, judges, authors, and producers...


While I wish that only us true progressives made up the ranks of scientists, professors, and judges, we know that all computer programmers who hack the tabulators are Rethuglicans. Also, my next door neighbor Bushitler-lover, who complains when I redistribute his Sunday newspaper to my family, is a producersetc, so unfortunately Autumn's brilliant generalization isn't quite true...


Wow, thanks nerdwallet, for all those links to all those brilliant, "intellectuals," who are so much better than me. My I.Q. is between 135 and 140, so what does that make theirs? 200? 250? I'd like to see Amber's test doesn't take much of an I.Q. to spout DemocraticUnderground stereotypes. By the way, I have no problem with the idea of Terri being with Christ, the problems I have is her going there prematurely, because she was MURDERED, and in a painful manner, the likes of which we would not inflict on a dog. I wonder if Amber's tiny little brain has been taxed to the point of implosion, yet?...and yes, I'm sure we all know what that means! Of course, it won't matter, as Amber IS brain dead anyway, SHE won't feel a thing!

Friend of USA

JannyMAe I was going to pay you a compliment but then I thought ;

"What if I ever was to learn that behind this
female username of JannyMae there is in reality a toothless - unshaven - body folds smelly - cross dresser - 71 years old male - that eats his own booger?...
That would be bad, but I would survive, I mean those people need love too"

So here I go;

JannyMae, I find high IQ women sexy!

Friend of USA

( a minute later..)

But what if she is in reality a liberal...

oh my God what have I done ?



Friend, rest assured I am a peri-menopausal female (yes, just got it confirmed via a bloodtest, though the hot flashes have been coming for some time). My hubby still finds me very sexy, thankfully!
My experience has been that a large majority of high I.Q. and/or highly educated people have a tendency NOT to have much, "common sense." They are so, "intellectual," that they are above what it takes to get through, "every day life." We are all familiar with these types, whom I call, "educated boobs." People who can make the calculations to determine the trajectory of the space shuttle, yet can't balance their checkbook!

Red Loser

Or people who can't find their Atkins dieting guide beneath the mountains of Twinkie boxes.

Dangit! Where IS that book?

Uninterested Participant

Mr. Hawking better hope Football Fans for Truth doesn't write up a "Hawking for the Uninitiated" post or all four of FFT's readers will hunt him down like a dog.


You used 'educated' and 'boobs' in the same sentence.
Now I KNOW you are ready for membership in Mensa.

Amber, as a Christian, I would rejoice with her in being with Our Lord. As a Christian, I have also been taught
that how we treat one another is how we treat Christ.

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