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Daddy's Roommate

We've got to stop them!

Barney Frank/Rosie O'Donnell in '08!!!


Che Guevarito

excellent story. Hunter S thompson Lives again if only for a fleeting moment in the celestial remains of my bong smoke...Eeck Damnit!!! A seed popped and burned my eye. Ow man that really hurts now I'm crying....Damn that Bush!!


Magnum serpentine update...

New post:

Friday, March 18, 2005

mr. bush looses control of the Senate

Yesterday, the republican controled Senate voted to restore funds that mr. bush took away in his non-budget. Education, Medicare, and aid to disabled people were among many cuts restored to full funding.

The independent Senate Republicans also restored aid to Farmers, Veterans, the elderly and many other groups.

mr. bush steamed and screamed and cried like a little baby when he found out that his wreckless christian reconstructionist policies just lost him control of the senate.


mr. bush... Sore looser baby.

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What's a "Sore looser baby"?

Liberal Larry

If you think the caribou are in trouble, check this out.

African Moonbat

Toby's rescuer is one sick puppy. I bet he is a member of Shrub's cabinet. After reading about the death of Baroness Lips, Rachel Corrie and a whole host of other people I was unaware of, Toby's impending doom simply adds to the grief that I feel. I hope Toby's rescuer uses the Moroccan recipe, I think that will do justice to Toby.

I send the weed withheld from Mugabe to Che Guevarito.

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