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Unknown Reader

I'd have to rate this post as one of the best, Larry.

Menstrual Rainbow

I think Jacques Chirac, Vladimir Putin, Gerhard Schroder and Jean Chretian tried something similar to that before the war started. Chimpy not only pressed ahead with his plan to pillage Mesopotamia, but he also threatened not to attend G8 meetings again if they kept doing it.


Secret orders from the White House to immediately take away all fluffy kittens from the peasants. It makes the abused children look too sad.

Maria in Iowa

Ummm... bluuuhhhh... ugggg... (I'm speechless!)


Hey, didn’t Kofi just cut off all the kiddy sex from the courageous U.N. commandos? They are probably in need of some relief. Why not send them to the Whitehouse Easter egg hunt? Blue helmets on the front lawn; let him see what a few good men can do!


Two long years have passed since the beginning of Bush's illegal, immoral, and unsanctioned-by-France invasion of Iraq.

Elsewhere, President Bush's radio address this Saturday morning stated that:
" After Judge Greer's, as well as his advocates in the media's decision, I have made the tough decision to "err on the side of death" for the remainder of my term. So I will err on the side of death if Syria doesn't move out of Lebanon by May. I will also err on the side of death If Iran wants to pursue nookaleer weapons, so thanks again mainstream media.

as a side note:
As a progressive, I think DNC chair Howard Dean is making a good strategic decision to side with the 'pull-the-tube' crowd. This will 'reach out' to Red-staters like never before. Damn, he's smart. Smarter than the Chimp, but so is Terri for that matter....


That UN front lawn orgy sounded like a great idea until I found this article:

Children were not the only victims - in early 2001, two Jordanians were evacuated home with injured penises after attempting sexual intercourse with goats. It caused outrage among East Timorese and Australian troops sent to protect them, raised tensions among UN peacekeepers to a deadly new level and caused senior UN staff to resign in disgust.

I know these UN soldiers are top notch, but they are no match for Bush's goons...

Che Guevarito

Why does Kid Bastard feel the name to do this in the name of social activism? Barney Frank did exactly the same thing last month just for fun.

I'm pissed that I didn't make Larry's final three.

spd rdr

I was doing okay until the goat.


The goat thing might have been an honest mistake. They all look the same underneath those Burkas. Kofi will get to the bottom of it.

Red Loser

"Hairy back. Five o'clock shadow. Toothless grin. Rheumy, bloodshot, eyes. But enough about Moxiegrill."

"Kid Bastard is fully prepared to have even more man sex until all U.S. forces are withdrawn from the Middle East. Don't think he won't, Shrub! It's not like he wasn't already having man sex anyway."

Holy crap, Larry. You really don't pull your punches, do you?

Che Guevarito

"Two Jordanians were evacuated home with injured penises after attempting sexual intercourse with goats."

Again, Barney Frank did that last week for fun. Not all of life is political.


As was discussed in an earlier thread, the whole Iraq embarrasment could have been avoided if Bush had been allowed to continue his love affair with Osama bin Laden.

While we salute Kid Bastard's selfless devotion to a higher cause, I'm afraid it will only cause Shrub to withdraw further into denial of his true sexuality and will probably compel him to invade Belgium or the Netherlands, next.

Che, great effort. There's always next year.


Umm. What Maria in Iowa said!!


I think you guys making fun of KidBstards plan is sick. I mean forget about the war for a minute and remember your country's needs. Kid Bastard could perform the stunt, tape it, make the DVD, sell billions to France and the Middle East. ( I mean face it this would still be better than the sex they normally get.) And donate the proceeds to help reduce the US deficits. I for one look forward to driving a new Surburban burning huge mounts of gas all paid for by Kid Bastard taking one up the poop chute for his country.

Daddy's Roommate

Now you're talikin'!

Nothing like some sweaty butt-sex to get Adolph Chimpler™'s attention!

Friend of USA

According to the Q`ran the man sodomizing AND the man being sodomized should BOTH be punished by death.( No kidding )

I`ll repeat it ; punished by DEATH ,

D-E-A-T-H ! ! !

And Kidbastard thinks the bad guys are americans who don`t want to recognise same sex marriage but will let any consenting adults do wathever they want in the privacy of their own home.

If you go read Kidbastard whole post , you also learn that Kidbastard believes it is immoral to torture suspected terrorists.

Kidbastard hates tolerant americans but LOVES - LOVES - LOVES Islamist suspected terrorists who would kill him for trying to help them with gay sex.

Could Kidbastard be more CLUELESS than that?

And he calls us stupid...

Liberal Larry

"According to the Q`ran the man sodomizing AND the man being sodomized should BOTH be punished by death."

It all depends on what your definition of a "man" is.

Friend of USA

I know I know I`m beating a dead horse...

American men should sodomize each other until america stops hurting Islamists who want to kill american men for sodomizing each other?

Kidbastard on a good day has half the IQ of my cat while he is asleep.

Che Guevarito

Thanks, Brainsample. Just being nominated is an honor. I have to say that I'm taking my rejection a lot better than some of the contestants. Poor Olliver Willis has been training for this his whole life.




What about Jeff Gannon?


I'd like to purpose an Idea to get us out of Bush's staggering economy.
Think of the hundreds of thousands of emergency care hours we could save if we simply let people who attempted suicide actually follow through!!!!!!!!

We've seen it all before; "please sir, don't jump, there's plenty to live for"...
What a crock!! It's obvious that this guy wants to die. Why the hell aren't we respecting his wishes?????

So, therefore, I purpose that the next time some jackass is atop of the local bridge we send a crew up to push him off.
The next time we find some half-witted teenage prima-donna with her wrists slit in the wrong direction we slice them up good.
The next time that love-sick pill popper takes a few too many but is still hanging on we simply up the dose.

It’s time we start respecting peoples wishes!!!!!

Friend of USA

You know if they want to keep making those men in black movies , I can see the importance of a living will.

Friend of USA

Moonbat alert on the " Michael schiavo can be bought " page.

As a good tolerant liberal , Paula wants to throw us to the lions and she loves Muslims because they don`t impose anything on anyone...


I join in with the all my other bo-peeps in crying out: "WHERE IS THE JUSTICE!?!?!?!?!?!"

Why are all the gorgeous studly guys ALWAYS mister-sisters????? I hate it when that happens!!

This is nothing but a blatant acting out of mental misogny on the part of Lib Larry. He undoubtedly spent countless hours pouring over multiplied hundreds of pictures of MUD DUCKS like this guy who are obviously of ZERO interest to sisters-sisters, just to find the "nayh, nayh, nayh,nayh, nayh, naayyyhhh, chicks!!" hottest of the [gay] hotties to post here.

But then we of the ya ya hetero sister-sisterhood are equally as disappointed that kidbastard is hetero---well, the half that claims to be so.

You're a real punk, Larry! [you're not incarcerated, right? I can call you that w/out ramification.] But thanks for the 3 bachelor pics anyway... which I promptly saved as wallpaper. A girl can dream, can't she?

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