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Red Loser

Boy oh boy, she sure nailed Shrubya on that whole moral issues thingy. How dare he force his morals on AIDS groups by demanding that they condemn prostitution in order to receive government funding? If prostitution were really wrong, like Chimpy and the Bible-Thumpers believe, then UN peacekeepers wouldn't be participating in it.


Moxiegrrrl wrote in her own blog's comments

"Hehe, Larry - I said I was a progressive? I didn't know progressives believe in utter anarchy. Anarchy, to me at least, comes right before death whichs brings rebirth. I'd really not enjoy being in the anarchy stage. :)"

Oh my god, people like this really exist. Arrgh.

[...] and the beloved Helen Thomas, a grrrl in her own right, would be banished back to the sewers from whence she came.

But does Jabba want her back?


Ya know, the Helen Thomas link, which I clicked on above, didn't work. Rethinking it, I'm kind of grateful! Thanks be to Gaia, a "grrrrl" in her own right!

Bush Ate My Soul...

Good nightshirt. Where do you find these people?

Steel Turman

I am afraid to go there. I won't go there. I might go there if I get a personal email saying it is SAFE to go there, maybe. Until then, cringing under my laptop ...

Cheney W. Halliburton

She's a feminist? That is SO CUTE!

Liberal Larry

jannyMae, she's only a "grrrl" with three r's. A "grrrrl" would radiate such intense moxie that mere human beings would be unable to gaze upon her many piercings, lest their heads explode.


Well, thanks for clarifying that Larry! Grrrrr!


Oh the love just FLOWS around here ;) First I'm a progressive, then I'm a feminist. However, I must shamefully admit that all my piercings are in my earlobes. Bad Moxie, no freak flag to fly :(

But thanks Larry!


Thank you for the link Professym, I can always count on Professym Larry to locate progressive minded bloggers selflessly laboring to point out stuff like the “Jedi mind tricks” of the BushChimpHitler administration (Damn you Carl RovePuppetMaster).

There you can find out about the lack of proper government control of Fifty caliber Guns that are constantly shooting passenger jets out of the sky, (so what that the CNN reporter committed like five felonies to bring the report to the public, we have a right to KNOW!)

MoxieGrrrl also properly describes the plight of the poor innocent so called "terrorists" that are jailed for years at a time without DUE PROCESS simply because they are irregular combatants who may wish to commit a little jihad action on the side when no one is looking. Geneva convention my A$$! They have a RIGHT to their belief system!.

We can all help keep this freedom fighting grrrl’s site on the web (thanks to AlGore for inventing the Internet!) by visiting the site so often that this grrrls ISP will be FORCED to donate more bandwidth to her cause!.

I was thrilled to see that some one out there is keeping a death count of the poor uneducated misled duped soldiers in Iraq. Lets bring the baby killers and womyn rapists HOME! Our babies and womyn are missing out!

You know while I was browsing through the wisdom there I could almost picture MoxieGrrrl’s “long, furry breasts swinging like two cats on a clothesline”. I wonder if she would invite some of us inside her metallic chamber? That could be fun.

Bush Ate My Soul...

Bob, Bob, Bob... don't be a such a P.E.N.I.S....

Your whole angry-white-male, oppressor-overlord shtick is kicking in again dude... after all, we Progressive Womyn must stick together, ovulating sychronistically together in the moonlight as the Goddess surely intended for us.

Where the helk is Menstrual Rainbow?


My dear "Bush Ate My Soul", I only wanted to meditate and try to achieve oneness with the universe, (in a metallic chamber no less) with a wise and dedicated progressive blogospherite. What did you think I meant? Are having a hetero flashback or something? Please forgive me for your misunderstanding. As I have a mothyr of my own that makes me half Womyn myself you know, (just ask Ward Churchill how it works) so I can completly identify with your sensitivity.


Hey, Moxiegrrrl totally rocks! She just put up this great post about earning the "Blog of the Week" honor. I vote we all go over and congratulate her -- but then Bu-shaitan will probably just hack the tabulators...

Gay Osama

Confound you BobTheBuilder! I thought my adorable Dubya was the delectable and much-to-be-desired BuSheep? May his Stomach roast in Hell for all Eternity but that youngster is one tricky devil!

BuShaitan over here... over at the DU he morphs into Bu$Hitler. I am a patient man - Allah knows I do not ask much, but this is intolerable!

Where are my counselors? Where is that stupid white man who is always dissing his own people? Ward? Ward, where are you?

That man is never around when you need him...

edog von winter

Why am I wasting my time with Blogger? Moxxiegrrl's innovations in overpass blogging will render the Internet obsolete before I finish the sheet of Window Pane I got in the Haight. Think about it. How many times have you been driving down the Turnpike in your Prius wishing you could access to read the latest masterpiece from Molly Ivins? Thanks to pioneers like MOxie girls, all you have to do is pull off at Exit 6.

By the way, while many of you have marched hand in hand with the Black Bloq at peace rallies, you might not understand the difference between progressivism and anarchism. Both recognize the evils of religion and capitalism, but Anarchists choose to engage in the ultimate act of defiance by doing nothing about it. We progressives could learn alot from our masked brothers and systers.

Friend of USA

At Moxiegrrrl , I clicked on the "Pourquoi pas" link and discovered a 42 year old bi-sexual woman on extasy that is into sado maso with ropes and who's best friend is a dominatrix.
She even tells us that she showed pictures of that kind of "tied up sex" to her own - almost 18 years old - son.

My comment ?...

What could I possibly say to that ?

Here in Canada , we learn about that stuff in first grade.

( The "Let's hate america" class only starts in second grade.)

Lunacy is universal.

Liberal Larry

Who are we to judge a 42 year old bi-sexual woman into SM? As long as she doesn't smoke or drive an SUV, her lifestryle choice is nobody's business but her own.

Bush Ate My Soul...

Speak for yourself Larry.

A 42 year old woman is *way* too young to be into S&M - and if she is still bi-sexual she is obviously being mind-f**ked by the penicular hegemony.

She should wait until she's at least... I dunno... 45 or something. But you're right - I'm certainly glad she's not into tobacco.

That's just disgusting.


Professym Larry, Please be more specific... As long as she doesn't smoke TOBACCO or drive an SUV!

Pass the bong there, will ya?

Ahhhhh that's better.


Over at the Onion last week they listed the top female euphemisms for urination.

Number one was "bailing out the canoe".

I'm not sure how this is relevant to the current thread, but it just seemed important.


I went to the Moxie grrrrl's site. I just know that freeway blogging is the wave of the future. Like a Mitsubishi commercial, people will be posed, ready to offer whatever snippet of information that they think will change the world or pi** people off or cause an accident. And if someone is killed reading a stupefying thought on a fence fifty feet above their heads, well, then it will have been worth it. Chimpy McHitler can't even begin to understand the power and terror of the freeway blogger.

And if there is a safety regulation against it as a result, well, then that means the Cheney W. Halliburton people are suppressing free speech again.


Friend of USA

Hey that's a good idea ; replace internet porn with highway porn !

Liberal Larry

Good idea, indeed! If it's patriotic to exercise your freedom of speech rights, and porn is protected under "freedom of speech", then it must be patriotic to hang porn on freeway overpasses!

However, it'll have to be gay porn. Strait porn exploits women, after all. But as Robert Mapplethorpe taught us, gay porn is "art".

Gay Osama

Especially when there are bodily fluids or small children involved.

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