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What a slacker. And here I sit, every day, doing something constructive like reading your blog and letting it influence my life and he just sleeps and doesn't read newspapers, and gets his information
from that turncoat Dr. Rice and other people.

I mean, really. Is this the example we want our president to set? No Policy Left Behind?

I demand a recount.


That damn SOB! How DARE he think that he should be able to sleep while he's President. Do you think Clinton ever slept? It's just like when he pretends to have actual human emotions, or displays some sort of "affection" for his family. He can't fool us that he has actual human needs and desires! He's a Halliburton/MLB constructed robot, and a dumb one at that! I've watched Star Trek: TNG, and I know for a FACT that androids don't need sleep! If John Kerry were President (which he actually was before Barry Bonds hacked the tabulators) I bet he wouldn't be "sleeping" or "vacationing in Sun Valley" or any of that claptrap. GRRRrrrrrRRRRr!


Liberal Larry:

"I guess he has to sleep the booze off some time"

Shows what YOU know, Liberal Larry you Commie pimp.

Two words:

"Faith Healing".

It works wonders for hangovers.


Bush Ate My Soul...

Not only is the Shrub snoozing on our dime, but he's doing the fricking BACKSTROKE on the taxpayer's nickel. Did you get a load of this little bit of revealing dialogue?

Q Scott, when you say he's going to TALK TO THE POOL at the first event, is he going to limit his comments to Social Security, or are we going to be able to ask --

MR. McCLELLAN: There, he'll probably talk about Social Security. If he has any more to say -- if you're asking me about the Terri Schiavo case, I expect if he did it would be at the first conversation event.

Q Not at the POOL event?

MR. McCLELLAN: No, I wouldn't expect at the POOL event.



THE BREASTSTROKE? Who does the man think he is -- JFK?

It's time to end the torture - how long has poor Michael been in limbo now? The man's a robot - an automaton.

He has no feelings.


Didn't Michael Jackson recently get thrown into jail for showing up in court wearing his jammers? We seem to have a double-standard here (racism, anybody?).

(Personally, I picture Shrub sleeping in week-old underwear and a filty wife-beater shirt.)

Bush Ate My Soul...

In a just universe, the Shrub would choke to death on a Giant Sourdough Pretzel while watching SpongeBob SquarePants.

But instead Michael Schiavo is wasting the best years of his life without full access to Terry's insurance money and I'm missing the sales at Nordstrom Rack.

Isn't it ironic?

Bush Ate My Soul...

It's like RAAAYYYYY-AAYY-AAIN on yer weddin' day...

Steel Turman

I suggest mandatory treatment for his somnia ...
along with his ADHD ... ritalin/amphetamines daily.

It's what is best for the country. Dope the dope!!!


I have an idea, lets all swallow a bottle of aspirin and listen to Alantis Morresete in protest against that lazy Terri Shiavo! I don't know what it'll prove, but if it means listening to horrible music then I'm all for it. We'd better trow in a few bongs as well. You know, to protest Micheal Shiavo's suffering or something like that.

Che Guevarito

Even post-coital, Bill Clinton stays up until the gentlemen's clubs close. But to be fair, Hillary is usually asleep by 9PM.

Dick Cheney comes out of his coffin at sundown.


It was time for his siesta. He does that while Vicente Fox works out our immigration policy for him.
After lengthy negotiations Bush reached a compromise with Fox.
Bush will allow Fox to create a new immigration and welfare policy for the U.S. if Fox will do all the paperwork.
Another World Leader is snookered by Bush. (misunderestimated again). The paper work alone will take days to fill out and cost hundreds of dollars. All Bush has to do is sign it with a 50-cent pin. Sweeeet!


You know what's ironic? That Bush bases his understanding of the concept of irony from a song by a Canadian-Amerinazi songstress that claims to be about irony, but in actuality contains no examples of irony, only tragedy.

Random Prose

If Chimpy sleeps so much that we ought to euthanize him like Terri.

Ditzy Chick

Since when did Vivica A Fox have a say in immigration? Stick to Hollywood chick! And what does she care about Mexico? What is she..... some kind of Uncle Tomatilla?

I think Bush just wants to keep Terri alive because she knows where all that Iraqi oil disappeared to. Plus he's just posturing himself politically for another run since he's also going to abolish term limits while he's distracting everyone with invasions of N. Korea, Iran, Greenland and Russell Kansas.

He wants all the N. Korean Kim Chee, the Iranian towels, and the oil from the Boothill Cafe (in Russell). He also has plans to harvest Bob Doles Viagra mines there.

I know all this because Che Gueverito told me about it in a dream and then it was spelled out again in my Alphabet Cereal the next morning.

Oh, and if you want to know why Shrubya sleeps on the job. He's got narcolepsy. That's a condition that all drug traffickers suffer from since they do most of their work at night.

Trust me on this. You just can't make this stuff up!

Bush Ate My Soul...


You clearly lack empathy for our fine brown-skinned Azatlan Brothers. How dare you applaud the Chimperor for exploiting cheap South-of-the-Border labor while he lounges around poolside, you cheap cholo? Where are your progressyve ideals? You've sold out for a handful of promises and a bottle of Thunderbird.

Be assured that La Raza will not forget you, pendejo... When MeCHa takes back the Homeland it will be LA RAZA that is lounging around the pool with Laura Bush, who by the way is MAS FIRMOTA.

Che Guevarito


It wasn't a dream. I told you those things after I put GHB in your Zima.

Ditzy Chick

Duuuhh, Che Guevarito!

Why would you put Great Harvest Bread in my drink? You put BEER BREAD in beer! Rookie.

Does LINO Larry visit you in jail? [via apparition, or otherwise]

Shrub-a-dub-Dubya obviously runs his opium business through the Whitehouse *Rose Garden*. I know this because Poppies make you sleeeeepy.

[Character mode: OFF-- Like Cricket has said, I too hope Lib Larry calls on Che G, to do some guest blogging. Their mutual drain bamage is equally as severe. heh]


I've psychically heard your retorts:

"Bilge, you're so full of shit! I call out to God from my knees when I have a hangover, and he has never 'healed' ME!"

Ahh, but grasshopper, when our "Caesar in Shitkickers" calls out to God...he MEANS it!

Hallelujah, and pass the rotgut!


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