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I'm glad to see that Senator Byrd's views are accorded such respect in the Democratic Party.


The "shiny new pumps" were a homecoming gift from his mother. Can't a guy just love his mother without being disparaged?

Steel Turman

...NyQuil in my bongwater talking...

That is sick. Try Pear Brandy instead.

With a pinch of patchouli of course.

Liberal Larry

Out of NyQuil. Switched to Vicks VapoRub.


Glad to see that you're exposing all those nasty republican gays .... er, Democrat voters.

Never mind..


Larry, you've got Vicks VapoRub? What else you got under that sink?


I use mothballs in my bongwater. It keeps the fruit flies from drinking it all.

Gay Osama

I've said it before and I'll say it again: how much tragedy would have been averted if the ReichPubes would just come to terms with the beautiful and natural homoerotic urges that lie within all of us?

I never wanted to tear down the Twin Towers... sob! If Dubya had just returned my love notes!

Allah knows, in our inmost heart of hearts we are all gay.

Red Loser

I'm all in favor of homosexuality and forcing sexual tolerance down others' throats, but something has been bothering me lately, and it's not that ugly rash in my buttcrack. What I've been thinking about is that Rethuglicans tend to marry their sisters and have ten or twenty kids per couple, whereas enlightened liberals like myself tend to either be gay or live, unmarried, in their parents' basement. At this rate, in twenty years, this country will be 80% redneck. Disaster insurance will skyrocket due to massive earthquakes caused by excessive synchronous Bible thumping. Worldwide temperatures will rise by ten degrees in a single day due to all the carbon dioxide produced by Rethuglicans burning unsold copies of Bill Clinton's memoirs. Billions will starve due to famine instead of being aborted as is proper.

Now, some more excitable progressives might look at these prospects for the world and claim that we also need to start squirting out children. These misguided individuals need to be reminded that having kids forces one to make unnecessary sacrifices, such as giving up weed, finding a job, skipping anti-war rallies, shopping at Wal-Mart instead of Abercrombie & Fitch, etc. Wouldn't it be much better to simply demand mandatory abortions for all womyn? Thus, everyone would at last be made equal. Wars would end, and we would all hold hands with Saddam and Kim Jong Il and dance in a happy flowery circle underneath a sparkling rainbow.

Friend of USA

"...and forcing sexual tolerance down others' throats."

That one made laugh so hard, I scared the cat!


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Hey somebody in the Bush White House is a little bit "Fabulous" or else why would they have invited gay prostitute/Republican activist Jeff Gannon over for so many nights? I'm sure everybody at this site has gotten as excited as Carl Rove over this pic

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