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Democrats - Making the case for outsourcing, each and every day.
Bug's Butt

Where has this blog been all my life. You really should be nationally syndicated.

Menstrual Rainbow

This whole 'work' thing is SLAVERY!!! I was so distressed at being told to come into work by my boss that I have had to stay at home for the last two years from my job at UC Berkely. Naturally I have had no choice but to sue them, yet my lawyer won't hurry the case up because the lazy fascist is "terminally ill", honestly some people have no understanding of how the world works!


Bleed me dry and leave nothing but a husk. My ass bleeds just thinking about having to work tomorrow when I could be sitting home knee deep in pull-tabs and cigarette butts with the rest of the productive members of society. People are much more free in Bangladesh where work is not required and there is universal health care. In a just society midgets could play in the NBA with the basket height-normed and drooling idiots could sit on the Academy of Science.


I know I can't stand the office brutality anymore. My boss is so mean he requires me to be on time! What the helk is that all about? Then there is the company oppression in the form of 'policies.'

Not to mention the cube dwellers, or office prairie dogs. I really hate it when someone makes a noise just to see us all pop our heads up and then laughs like a
maniac when we do...but we are so dang curious...and when the boss comes, well, we sort of dive down our holes again...

I really hate it. Lar has it nailed.

Bush Ate My Soul....

I don't know about you, but I blame Bush for this.

I was watching this video on, and, like... apparently none of us even had to work and shit until the Shrub was S-elected.

Now there are factories everywhere, belching filthy smoke into Gaia's pristine blue skies and innocent little children are chained to conveyor belts in sweatshops..., like, slaving away for 29 cents an hour, to pay off the massive deficits old Chimpy has run up to finance this freaking horror show in the MiddleEast.

It's a travesty.


and you know what? the lefties in moonbat limbo would agree with you, as well as the conspiracy folks.

Let's be careful out there.

Lonely Man

I hope too many people don't take advantage of this. Work is about the only place I get to have any companionship.


Companionship is an unholy construct of the neo-con overlords. By cruelly manipulating the IPod-addicted sheeple through the corporate-owned media, PNACers try to make us think that having "friends" is more important than communing with nature before the inevitable extinction of the human stain from the planet. Join the real world: attractive, plump actress Sara Rue is not going to flirt with you in a clean, humorous office environment like she does in "Less Than Perfect", and then in your dreams afterwards. Get over it!

Red Loser

I totally understand, and I applaud Washington state Democrats for their support of this legislation. My first job was at a Burger King within biking distance of my house. The first day I showed up, I was confronted by the manager:

"Where were you yesterday?"
"In my mom's basement, playing Super Nintendo. DUH!"
"You were supposed to come in to work yesterday, not today."
"I didn't FEEL like coming in yesterday!"
"Listen, if you're not going to work when we schedule you, I'm going to have to let you go."
"WHAT! This is discrimination! Just because I'm an unmotivated and weight-challenged individual doesn't mean you can force your right-wing fascist Bible-thumper work ethic on me!"

My manager didn't respond well to my well-reasoned explanation, and I lost the job before I even worked a single hour. He was probably a member of the Klan. This incident has scarred me for life, costing my mother thousands in emotional counseling and legal fees, so now I throw unconditional support behind any legislation which allows employees to skip work and still get paid for it.

Liberal Larry

When a loved one dies, countless work hours are lost visiting the hospital, attending funerals, etc. My paternal grandfather passed away in 1977, out of no fault of his own, and hasn't been paid since. You want to talk about hardship? Try being dead and out of work for 28 years. The poor guy can barely make the payments on his cemetary plot, and now Bush wants to take away his Social Security, too? No wonder gramps keeps voting Democrat.

Next they'll be demanding his name be removed from the voter rolls as well.

Cheney W. Halliburton

Hey, if I don't show up for work, I don't get to take home any office supplies.

Everybody has problems.


Problems? You want to talk about problems? I wanted to send my son's Action Man figure over to wrest those Barbie hostages free from the terrorists, and guess what? He's missing his hat, and only has one boot! I was forced, instead, to send my talking Ann Coulter doll! I'm not sure how she'll handle the desert sand with those high heels, but I'm confindent that she will either manage to negotiate, or kick some serious ASS!
Work? You don't know what, "work," is!

Bush Ate My Soul....

Larry, I apologize for being serious, but that is quite likely the single funniest comment I've read in my entire life.

/shameless sucking up

Sergeant Russ

Hey, girlie man "Larry," your father wouldn't be registered to vote in King County Washington now, would he?

Tell you what, let me be your DI on a hump at O-dark-thirty and I gurantee you'll be all gungy over our Commander in Chief.

I'll have you squared away into Lawrence "Liberator of Arabia" instead of that pencil-necked pussy "Liberal Larry"

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

I think I am in Fiji right now. But I'm not sure. You can get great shots wherever I am, though. I just had one, and things are all becoming much more clear, like the butterfly landing on my arm, with its three heads and the face of Paul McCartney singing silly love songs for the SuperBowl while Janet Jackson strips beside him and the armadillos armadillos armadillos arma hey am I thinking this or typing this whoa what I am thinking is appearing on the screen but my hands have turned into daffodils and there is a squid where the keyboard should be and everything is coming up roses because I am here and Bush is not but it wont last forever because of his damn illegal wars and sooner or later he'll figure out there's oil here and there'll be the bombing the bombing the bombing the horror the horror oh man spiders the spiders the spiders are on me GET THE SPIDERS OFF OF ME GET THEM OFF GET THEM OFF GET THEM OFF GET TH...


Looks like Vishnu bonged Jimson weed.

Larry, too funny....


Hmm. Looks like somebody ought to check on Vishnu! If we only knew where he actually is!!

Oh, and Larry, I hear there was an empty vial of FLU vaccine found underneath your sink. Is there something you're not being honest with us about??? Perhaps Cheney knows something about this?

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