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Thanks for letting us know. I thought she wasn't moaning because I couldn't satisfy the sex-starved, greedy pig.

Not fooled so easily

When is our fascist dictator and suppressor of dissent, Herr Bu$Hitler, going to make some kind of a statement? How long does he think he can stonewall this, and just avoid going on the record (wishy-washy piss-ant nimrod that he is)? His silence is the most damning indictment there could be. What did he know and when did he know it? And why the cover-up, the official silence running to the top of the KKKapitalist/ Reich-publican power heirarchy?


God I was hoping she would pull through.


Q: What are Susan Sontag and Derrida doing right now?

A: Deconstructing.

/academic humor


"As of 11:35 am Pacific Standard Time, Susan Sontag is still dead."

A continuation of which state is devoutly to be wished for.


Derrida, Arafat, Sontag - a trifecta of asshattery.

Red Loser

Pfft! They kept saying that Chimpy won Ohio, too. Just repeating something doesn't make it true...doesn't make it true...please goddess...fetal position...


Are you sure? I could've sworn that was her at that Walmart.


Deconstructing their synthesis.


I thought Derrida was Desiderata.

My bad.

Friend of USA

Dan rather quit his anchor man position at about the same time Suntag " died "...

The exact cause of her death has not been
" disclosed " ?...

Just like Elvis , who is not dead , but had to have a sex change operation because his situation as a secret agent for the CIA was getting too dangerous , Dan Rather had to make his second identity disapear because after the forged documents affair , he was under too much scrutiny ...

Dan rather with a wig IS Susan Suntag .

Friend of USA

sOntag with an " O " I know , I know...

Don't go bongo

It's a typo...

Cheney W. Halliburton

"Susan Sontag is still dead."

Thanks for the update. What's the latest on Generalissimo Francisco Franco?


Generalissimo Franco? Still dead, as of the last episode of the 1975-76 season of Saturday Night Live...about the last season that it was still funny.


Oh, Janny you know it! Then Chevy Chase turned into a creep. However, there were the seasons with Eddie Murphy and Dana Carvey (the Church Lady was my idol. I am sure if Enid knew that she would smack me and we would have to do the dance of self righteousness)

I am making truffles for a party tonight...YUM! No, not the kind torn from the bosom of Gaia via the sniffling and snuffling of a pig, but the chocolate kind,
favored of Gaia.


Mmmmm! Chocolate truffles. I am probably fortunate that I have no idea how to make those. I am now eating, "Nascar Speedway Sundae," from Blue Bunny ice cream. Not bad, little fudge filled race cars in it.

I do remember seeing some of the Church Lady, and she/he was quite funny. Both Dana Carvey and Eddie Murphy were/are incredibly talented, but, unfortunately, they were mostly wasted on that show. (There were some VERY funny skits with them, though) Hope your party was a success!


It was, and the best part about it I was called upon to help her purge her computer of unworthy websites.

I told her in our cyber meditations that she needed to visit here regularly and Villainous Company as well as Jet Noise.

So, I brought her here to the Chapel of the Bong, and by the time she was finished reading, she was wheezing for oxygen, and tears of release were streaming down her cheeks. She was liberated.

Of course, her dh and mine were wondering what all the shrieking and laughing was about, and after they poked their heads in the door, went back to watching 'Men in Black II.'

Pile On®

How about now Larry? Is she still dead now?

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