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/spits soda out of nose all over keyboard

Thanks, Menstrual Rainbow, now I gotta get a new keyboard; I'm off to the Community bartering center...

Scott Free

No dolls for oil!


Yeah, thanks a lot, M.R.

Professor of Alternative Logic? Who are you filling in for? The Susan Sontag adjunct chair?

Heh. Good one.

Bush Ate My Soul....

I'm beginning to suspect MR has been moonlighting on my blog...


"Speaking of disenfranchisement, all of these nazis who are crowing about the stupid "election"" Crouton

I've been reading Liberal Larry for a while, but I felt like I should respond to this. We shouldn't be calling the rethuglicans nazis. Nazis were obviously better. All Germany wanted to do was unite, and maybe destroy all of Europe. But these evil SOB's want oil! Not only that, they're forcing people to decide who to elect and if they even want to vote. Hitler never forced democracy on Europe. He was a real leader. Unlike President Chicken Hawk Sissypants.

Hillary Eats Bush

I had to vote in a filthy town hall, when it was about forty degrees Fahrenheit outside. I had to walk, like, thirty feet from my car to the door. There was a FUCKING AMERICAN FLAG outside, and also inside, the building.

You'd think in this day and age they'd have drive-through service.


HEB, you need to file a complaint with the US Civil Rights Commission. You been disenfranchised. At the least, they need to take that swastiKKKa or flag or whatever off the building, because they are creating a hostile, non-inclusive voting environment.

Randi Rhodes (whom I LOVE!) told about some people whose car was towed when they were voting, because the fuzz wanted to disenfranchise those poor muf^ckas. If that isn't disenfranchisement, I don't know what is. I can't express in words how much we suck.

Bush Ate My Soul....

The AmeriKKKan flag is just another symbol of the Reichspublican, male-dominated new world order being thrust upon us by the Bu$H adMENistration.

AS IF we needed any proof, what is the FLAG always hoisted upon?



Frank Rich was right. The adMENistration are just trying to turn heroes like John Kerry into Girly-men.

Red Loser

"HEB, you need to file a complaint with the US Civil Rights Commission."

And, for good measure, with Jesse Jackson.

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

Some so-called "free" election. Where was Saddam Hussein's name on the ballot? It wasn't there! Of course not! Shrubya and the HALLIBURTONS wouldn't want to let the "free" people of Iraq have a chance to prove Bu$Hitler wrong about Saddam by voting him in, even though in the last free election in Iraq, held just before the illegal war, Saddam was re-elected by an overwhelming majority of Iraqi voters. It's obvious that the whole election is just a sham fraud for the purpose of pushing the anti-Saddam agenda of ameriKKKa the hegemon. What was the point of even having the election? When the most popular elected official in the history of the nation isn't even allowed on the ballot, it makes that whole Gore/Buchanan/Florida debacle seem pretty lame. Without Saddam's name there, every box on the ballot may as well have read "give our oil to ameriKKKa."


It looks like this thread may have run out of steam, so I'm going to break out of character here and get something off my chest. We all have a lot of fun mocking and belittling the loonie left here, but sometimes we forget just how truly hate-filled they are. Today it was revealed that Sergeant 1st Class Paul Smith with be posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for actions outside of Baghdad on April 4, 2003. If you click on my name below and follow the link in my blog, or go to:, you'll see those jerks attacking and slandering the family of the dead hero. Asshats!
OK -- that's done -- I'll be back in character for the next thread...


The San Francisco Chronicle, in its magnanimous attempt to tollerate the intollerable, has allowed Debra Saunders to continue spewing her kkkristian reactionary vomit accross its enlightened pages.

We should pity this womyn. It is obvious she suffers from incessant abuse at the hands of phallic-oriented oppressors.

We should pity her... after she's been re-educated.


Why do you think normal people call it the San Francisco Comical?

Sergeant Russ

Alright you sick little panty-waisted Marxist bootlicks. Listen up.

I don't have much time since HQ has handed down orders to RTB for TDY on the Bird Farm. But to straigthen out your screwed-up, freaked-out, pot-smokin' peacenik heads, I want to share some pearls of wisdom handed down to me from my former CO during ADT in the BT:

You will never know what is going on unless you can hear the whistle of the bullets.

Remember wars are won by killing people. The more we kill, the quicker we'll get out of this war.

We'll not need food when we are winning. We will eat the enemy.

I will shoot any one of you who ever had his picture taken with a smile on his face.

If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you are reading it in English, thank a soldier.


Bush Ate My Soul....

Psssst.... gather 'round my Progressive Sistahs...

I think ole' Russ-a-Roony's been meeting with those P.E.N.I.S. folks again. Those military types are ALL ALIKE. That's why they wear unitards.

Pass the Boone's Farm. [hic!]


Hey, BAMS, I'm retired military, and I'm not the same as the testosterone-filled idgets like Sgt. Russ. As a submariner, my unitard was called a "poopy suit". I've always been sensitive to the plight of persons of gender, even fighting to save them from having to experience the desperate warmongeringness of submarine life. Also, that wasn't my post earlier this afternoon... Bush posted in my name! The bastard!


Help!!!! Help!!!! Help!!!!!

-John Adam- U.S. hostage

P.S. do you know anyone whose LAST name is "Adam"!!


Rove is Behind this...I can just feel it!!!

Menstrual Rainbow

I used to think Democratic Underground was a parody. But after seeing them stick it to the family of the baby killer in the thread Bubblehead links to I have revised my opinion and joined Democratic Underground.

I have posted my first comment on the subject of Iran's nuclear program, under the name Mnstrl Rnbw

Justy in case a mishap occurs I will save my comment for posterity here-

"I can't understand why the 'president' is surprised that North Korea and Iran are making nuclear weapons. Maybe they want to PROTECT their citizens from being bombed, tortured and have their oil stolen by Bush's cronies!"


Went to the DU. I will have to flush my hard drive. I've been slimed! Okay, now that I got that off my chestal area, the sad part is that the moderator closed the thread after people started hitting back, saying the content wasn't 'productive.'

Suppression of free speech. No wonder it is called 'DU'. It is missing the 'H' to be truly stupid.

What a bunch of sphincter muscles.


MR, did you change your DU screen name to benburch? I found this over there this morning, and I thought it might look like the work of a true Liberal Larry follower:

"This plan to divert inner-city youth into the military reeks to me of a White plan to kill as many breeding-age minority children as possible.

We already know that the Iraqi/Syrian/ Irani/Afghani war is going to become a meat grinder that will make Vietnam look like scout camp. I see this as a naked attempt to use that fact to rid White "Christian" America of troublesome "Dark people."

I see nothing but an evil White Power agenda here."

Or, is it possible that DUers could be even more over the top than we BlameBushers. We must re-double our efforts to show that we are the true progressives!

Menstrual Rainbow

I only wish I had written it.


I agree, that DU poster(benburch) is a piker at best, and a Reichwing Fascizionazi at worst. Notice how he capitalizes "Christian" and spells out the entire word. Hellooo, Mr. Nazi! We have freedom from religion in this country. Please kindly refrain from KKKramming your KKKrischin fascism down our throats!

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