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Right again as usual, Larry. Condo-LIE-za proves once again the Bushitler will only appoint minorities who agree with his policies to important cabinet posts; we progressives will have to wait until Shrub is impeached, and then Cheney is impeached, and then Has-turd is impeached, and then whoever the President Pro Tempore is gets impeached, and then we'll be able to impeach Condi-sleeze-a! Actually, I guess we'll have to wait until after the 2006 elections to get more progressive Senators -- but Rethuglicans will steal those elections too by hacking the tabulators! Oh, woe is me!

[Democrats] doing their Constitutional duty to bloviate loudly and shower [Condoleezza Rice] with soundbite-sized insults.

You must be looking at one of those 'living' Constitutions. The one that's actually in effect doesn't mention Democrats - though I'm sure if the Founding Fathers had thought about it they would have specifically exempted them from Constitutional protections.

Bug's Butt

Encore! Bravisimo!


Well well...more proof of the dropped veil

Leftists are racists. Lock, stock and totalitarian hoods. Kleagle Byrd is SO proud of you.

thank you!


this woman is just another N*GGER! She is a sell out to the "cause"!
We need "social justice" and welfare for our people!
Here is a link to a really good website that should not be spammed by comments under any circumstances! EVER!...

now this gentleman has closed his comments to allow for free thought but i urge you to go to his main site and tell him what you think on his regular blog...


Hey! Congrats on getting published on RWN! I knew you'd be big way back when. You lovable liberal loony you!


Condoskeeza is a blubbery-lipped glassy-eyed clueless numbskull who owes her good fortune to the graces of her progressive benefactors, as well as the self-interest of Hitl, I mean, der Schrub (he has helped her career, only because her race provides a convenient fig leaf for his brand of condescending racism).

I was listening to Randi Rhodes (I LOVE HER!!) and she made a good point about Skeeza's confirmation, which is that not one single Rethuglican senator had the courage to vote his conscience. They know she sucks (who doesn't?), but they couldn't bring themselves to do the right thing and vote NO!


Idiots, every one of you. Had scary Kerry won the election, you'd be lauding the praises of a democrat appointing a minority to such an esteemed position in our government. But because Bush did you can't stand her? I'm sure you all enjoyed Senator Turd the KKK man telling Condoleezza that she is not fit for the job as well. Maybe all you racists should just come right out and say you hate all minorities. After all, look where your politics have gotten blacks and Hispanics in the last 60 years.


Ah yes, Randi Rhodes, a red headed Rush Limbaugh hater.
Well, between you and me, she dyes her hair and brings no sanity to the left, only more ammunition for the right to fire at the left.

back up so I can run my SUV over you

And Condoleeza Rice has heard worse from her detractors than Crouton's pathetic attempts at her looks and intelligence, which, juding by his comments, shows at least his lack of the latter.

If you MUST deride the woman, do so in her capacity as the head of the State Department, not because some radio talking head said so.


I'm glad that Darleen, John, and busicrmsoy didn't buy into the Reich Wing News misinformation that your site is "satire", Liberal Larry. They realize that the devoted posters on this site are all true progressives, and that only we can determine the ethnic purity of the down-trodden minorities, who we protect from the follies of the oppressors' plans and their own mistakes. That is why they attack us; they're jealous of us! They know that we're smarter than they are, and more humble to boot. They don't realize, or are complicit, in the stealing of elections that has gone on every year that Democrats don't win. After all, it's only logical that the vast majority of all Americans share my views, since all of the 2 or 3 friends I have also share my views.

Dean Howard

There's only one word to describe Condoleeza Rice's attitude toward Barbara Boxer: uppity.

The Kleagle has taken note...

Red Loser

Bubblehead, I agree that most Americans are really democrats because all my friends also share my political views. I once had a "friend" who didn't, but when he revealed this by saying that he thought Bush wasn't necessarily the source of all the world's evils, I drove him out of my room in my mother's basement. Like I'm gonna share the bong with a Zionazi Chimp-lover!


That means she can think outside the Boxer Shorted One.

Fevered Brow

We got a sneak preview of what Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop's style will be like, when she lashed out at Sen. Boxer during the confirmation hearings. If she can bite the hand that feeds her, think of how she'll treat those danged furrinners.

For his token black appointment, Boosh should have selected someone like Rep. Maxine Waters. She would have done a great job of restoring our precious alliances. That's the #1 reason why we have a Secretary of State.

Menstrual Rainbow

I shall not be fooled by Bush's attempt to deflect our uncovering of Repug misogeny by putting his whore in a token position of Secretary Of State.

That's right under Bush the most senior "woman" is a SECRETARY!!!!

If that sell out bitch Condaleeza wants to earn the respect of womyn kind then I demand that she submit herself for a public gynacological examination by Senator Byrd to prove that she has has terminated her fetuses, and isn't merely childless by accident.

Admiral Rusty Shackelford

I, uh, think, uh, you, uh, meant, uh, Randi, uh, Rhodes, uh.

uh. <-The mark of a truly sharp witted linguist. (Larry, uh, Elders, uh, too, uh.)


Red Loser -- That was a wise choice. Re-tard-lick-uns who don't admit that the Bushitler die-nasty has caused every single fatal plane crash since 1921 are the type of people who would snarf (exhale forcefully from coughing while their mouth is on the bong), blowing the chronic all over your Mom's laundry room and getting everything all wet from the bong water... then they'd try to drink it! What losers! You should have wedgied him as he left.


Menstrual Rainbow I am appalled. What if she ABSTAINED from having sex? I mean, you harp on vaginal oppression, well, maybe she didn't go for that! There fore she would not have had fetal matter to expel.

On the other hand, YOU seem to need to expel regularly.
Are you sure you aren't enjoying YOUR opression?

*snickering loudly*

Yankee Diver

You should have named this site.

De Dump!
A place for drug ravaged minds to dump their mental garbage.

Menstrual Rainbow

"On the other hand, YOU seem to need to expel regularly."

Cricket- I have myself artificially inseminated, with sperm from good ideologically sound persons albeit males, every year so that I can experience the perfect moment of termination anew. There is no excuse for Condaleeza Rice not to do likewise.


Hey Shackleford,

It's Elder, not Elders.

I'm keeping records on you.



Well, maybe she thinks fake sex is oogie.


Her failure to wear a five-inch-diameter gaudy four-pound broach underscores her lack of qualifications.


Or a condom on her head.

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