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If only Dr. King had the time to listen to this-

I think he could finally understand why there are no black people in NASCAR. (For those who can't access it, the reason is that all red states hate black people).


I've been banging my head for a week. I knew that "Man on Fire" did not REALLY star Wesley Snipes. It starred that other guy.

FINALLY, Larry, thank you!

'"Man on Fire," starring Martin Luther King'! Duh!

All my friends were telling me that "Man on Fire" starred Will Smith, but I think they were just confused with the "Blade" Trilogy.

Big Mo

you guys are just flaming flaming that it has clouded you judgement. bear in mind that it was the Northern Republicans (i.e. Abraham Lincoln, in case you forgot) that freed the slaves and it was the Southern Democrats that formed the Klu Klux Klan.

4 more years!

[...] some believe [Dr. King's] spirit lives on inside Jackson, spontaneously springing forth from [Jackson's] annointed cakehole [...]

I misdoubt that any part of Dr. King could be found in what spouts from Jackson's orifices.

And as long as there's still an ounce of blood to be milked from Dr. King's rotting corpse, Rev. Jesse Jackson will not lay his weary head to rest.

As long as there's a corpse, Jackson will find a way to exploit it.


I was so confused. Jesse exploits corporations and Michael exploits children. Jesse hides behind dummy corporations to support several women and children, and Michael hides in his ranch to support several women and children.

Gil Solesdale-Whately

When Halliburton began importing slaves into colonial Amerikkka, the only good thing that came of it was when Jesse Jackson refused to take the slave-name Toby and snatched the whip from Bu$h's hand. "Always bet on Black!" he sneered and threw Bu$h out of the 747, saving the flight-attendants and transgendered orphans.

Bug's Butt

I'm starting to sound like a sycophant, here. I know. But bravisimo. This was the best one yet.

You are the finest satirist known to me.


Bug's Butt: Crawl back up into your namesake! Liberal Larry's work isn't satire to us humble progressives (who by the way are much better than you); this is real life! The kind of real life where we stay in college until we're 35, then go on disability for various chemically-induced mental conditions. (Off topic: I love Bug's Butts latest post on his blog; especially the part about the possible connection between tea-bagging and french kissing.)
Gil: If I were Dave Berry, I'd say that "Transgendered Orphans" would be a great name for a rock band.


This is a disgrace!!! You are overlooking the real hero of the civil rights movement- The Reverand AL SHARPTON!!! Say no to oil and hatred!!!

Had it not been for Al Sharpton's tireless pursuit of the rapists of Tawanananananana white men would be free to rape black women today. Just like the ThomAss Jefferson.

Had it not been for the courage of Sharpton's followers who heroicly overpowered a jewish man who was behaving suspiciosly in Hymie town then the bloodsuckers would still be stealing African American children.



I think Mary forgot to attend her womyn's drumming circle. Have a hit.

Gil Solesdale-Whately

Oft overlooked are the accomplishments of Joycelen Elders, who encouraged us to explore our own bodies. Maybe if WhitedevilBushitler spent more time exploring the crevices of his body, he'd have less time to napalm NativeAfrican voters and keep down the tri-sexual vote.


Wow, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Joycelyn Elders, and Michael Jackson (!) all in the same thread! I need a hit....

Friend of USA

They forgot Sidney Poitier...

" Unforgettable " was his best hit , his moon walk was cool too !

Reichpublican Stormtrooper

Funny you should bring up Elders gil, I just got done spelunking around in my crevices about 15 mins ago.

Cheney W. Halliburton

I can now reveal the truth. James Earl Ray missed. He was aiming for Jesse. Al Sharpton used a time machine he stole from Halliburton World Conquest, Inc., to pay Ray to do this, in hopes Sharpton could be first in no-justice, first in no-peace, and first to shake down corporate America for money to pay off the mothers of his children.

Let the truth be told.

Red Loser

Al Sharpton for president!

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

I for one object to the term "African American," for multiple reasons.

First, I object to being lumped in with all the other ameriKKKans. I am not one o' them NASCAR watching, rebel flag waving, Jack Daniels swilling, wife beating, racist, bigoted, homophobic, Dumbya voting, Jesus freakin', gun toting, ignorant hillbilly redneck red state southerners. Until such time as those pseudopeople succeed in seceding and forming their own Jesusland, don't ever call me an ameriKKKan.

Second, I think it is redundant to call me "African." I mean, we all know that all human life evolved in Africa. All civilization, prior to the fall of humankind from Gaia's grace and the spread of technology and the origins of coroporate greed, came first to Africa. It was only later that people left the cradle and invaded the other lands of GaiaEarthMother, spreading like a disease, a cancer, into the pristine natural environments that were never meant to be touched by man. So in essence, we are all Africans.

Man must learn that when he strikes out at Africans, he strikes out at himself.

Gil Solesdale-Whately

Right on Vishnu!

All hail Gaia, the molten sphere of metal and gas that orbits in the void of space, yet has the spirit of an all-knowing mother that we should fear and never ever exploit or use.

In fact, all hail every spirit diety (except Jesus). Anyone who doesn't worship trees, air, or bald overweight asian philosophers is a redneck homophobe fascist idiot who eats puppies

Cheney W. Halliburton

Mmmm. That reminds me -- I skipped breakfast.


"Anyone who doesn't worship trees, air, or bald overweight asian philosophers is a redneck homophobe fascist idiot who eats puppies"

Leave Glenn Reynolds out of this!


did you say nice things to

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