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"Jesus freak'? please define

You know, I'll try to keep this short and simple. What completely amazes me is the river of hypocrasy that flows from the ones who would label Christians hyprocrites. I am sure the posters here spat it out quite fervantly on a regular basis. Here I see people droning on and on about Christian hate, intolerance, and even more laughable proposed "cruelty". Look at the hate, intolerance, and desire for cruelty toward the Christians written here. If that isn't hypocrasy I don't know what is. Its even more sad to see it coming from Americans, the very country founded and built by Christians into the great place it is. The problem is you people have it too good you don't appreicate anything. You talk, talk, talk about the worlds problems seldom lifting a helping hand (and often getting in the way of progress when you do) but complain endlessly about those who do. The problems don't stem from the Christians, they are a direct result of those who think they should be free to run amok and do whatever they want at any time without thought of the damage it will do to them and (more importantly) to those around them. Where has lust, envy, pride, covetousness, idolatry, and selfishness taken us? Well, certainly not to enlightenment or freedom without cost as the secularists/humanists have promised. Take a look around; a look back in our history. America has been on a downhill slide since Christians, have allowed themselves to slowly be silenced and removed from the public square by the non-believers. And to make it even worse we are the ones who take the blame for the ailing condition of our great nation. Well, perhaps we are but rest assured not for what you think. Our increased silence is what has been leading this country slowly into damnation. Islamic nations are prime examples of what derilection of God's will causes...human suffering. Deny as you may but that's the down and dirty. Before you continue to preach your hate and intolerance, take a look in the mirror. Even more importantly take a real look as to what Jesus Christ has in store for you. True freedom and happiness, no matter your station in life or grievance with the world. Until we return to Him we will continue to slide further into the darkness.

Michael Jackson

I have to say that I thought I had read it all, but this website and the readers of this website, for the most part, are some of the dumbest mf's the world has ever seen. Instead of blaming the dumbass Islamofascists the readers and the owner of this website blames Christians for the most vile of actions of the followers of the Religion of Peace, the stupid mf's.

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