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Another example of the horrible state the world is in because of the Christo-fascist hegemony. I was going to compose my own rant, but instead I'll use this paragraph taken directly from the most recent Mark Morford column at, since it expresses my feelings so exactly:
"Don't ask why God let this happen. Maybe ask, instead, why the vibration of the world and our treatment of the environment is so low and ugly and un-God-like right now that these things seem more inevitable than ever. Maybe there's a hint in there somewhere. Earth as living organism. Earth as dynamic barometer of our progress and awareness. Earth shuddering at our mad lurches toward war and overdevelopment and overpopulation. You think?"



Congratulations, you've found someone with fewer tethers to reality than Larry.

Red Loser

I can't think of a clearer example than this of how these Jesus freaks are full of rage and intolerance. I can't imagine the venomous hatred that must drive them to provide food, clothing, and shelter to orphans and try to save them from hell.

If you are not thoroughly convinced of how vile KKKristian dogma is, compare the number of funerals that take place in American churches each year to the number that take place in American mosques. And they have the nerve to call the Religion of Peace a death cult! KKKristianity has been responsible for the death of hundreds of billions of people since the birth of Christ and shows no signs of letting up in its brutal rampage of hate and low self-esteem.

spd rdr

Pat Robertson.
It's all about Pat Robertson.
Global warming.
The dude is dangerous.

Friend of USA

Gratitude is probably some kind of sin to muslims.

Indonesia just told the US military to park it's ship a little further , leave by the end of March and not a minute later , but to leave the hundreds of millions $$$ on their way out.

Ingratitude to non muslims must get muslims extra virgins or younger ones or free access to kiddie porn sites or something.

The US military should comply with their demands but secretely put pig meat in every piece of food they deliver to indonesia ; To muslim eating pig is worst than decapitating an american.

Why do we even bother helping them ?

They hate us !

Hack Ptui

As further proof of the horrible atrocities committed by the Christian world against the innocent Muslim victims, is the simple fact that the death toll there has nearly doubled since the Imperialist Americans have infested their sacred land. It's not enough that a few beachgoers get wiped out by Gaia in a fit of cleansing, but those evil Christians come in and begin their genocide by feeding the people poisoned food, even wiping out entire villages and blaming it on the flood. Unfortunately, the Muslim leaders there are so polite, they can't just kick them out right away.

This horror is almost too much to bear.


It speaks volumes, that the imperialist US military refuses to leave its guns home, like the Indonesian people have requested. The babykillers could deliver supplies faster if they weren't chucking boxes with one hand, and holding a machine gun with the other. And think of the goodwill that could be fostered, if the jackbooted babykilling nazi imperialist myrmidon (look it up) machine-gun-blazing woman-and-children-slaughtering pissant nimrods would just put down their symbolic phallus' for a d@mn second and do something worthwhile to clean up the mess they have made. The Muslims would respect and appreciate that, but it will never happen under this regime.

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

P rostelytizing
A meriKKan
T yrannical

R ich
O ligarchical
B igoted
E litist
R aygun
T ax-cutting
S on-of-a-Bush
O il
N ationalism

I had been ready to return to ameriKKKa to renew my fight against unbridled hegemony--but I see I am still needed here. Back to the beach!


Mark Morford, who I quoted above, has a new editorial out today that raises some even more salient points:

"It's a large and increasingly important issue, floating over our wildly pet-lovin' culture like a giant question mark: What do our animals deserve? What are their true rights? What constitutes humane or decent treatment in the face of a culture that casually kills millions of unwanted pets every year and openly massacres billions more animals for food and doesn't blink an eye?

And what infinitesimal steps, more broadly speaking, can we as a species take to maybe just slightly lighten the load of massive destruction we heap upon the animal kingdom in general and pets and/or food animals specifically?"

The man is a genius...


Many thanks to Bubblehead for showcasing Mark Morford of the San Francisco Chronicle. Morford, along with Liberal Larry, is a true leading light that will lead the ignorant, brainwashed Repugno-KKKristians to correct enlightenment... and failing that, to the boxcars for the re-education camps. For more correct thinking and enlightenment from the SF Chronicle, see Harley Sorensen and Jon Carroll ( and many others too numerous to list.) The SF Chronicle, in a magnanimous gesture to diversity of thought, prints the ravings of Debra Saunders, a right-wing tool of Rush Limbaugh, obviously a slut and a tragic victim of masculine abuse/domination.

The SF Chroncicle-- a genuine beacon of hope, and not a sell-out like the New York Times.

African Moonbat

"Under Muslim law, the ear of any child that recieves the infidel's poison must be ceremoniously sliced off with the sacred khanjar dagger, afterwards he is given sweets and ice cream". Larry, thats not all they slice off. Like the Zionazi facist opressors in occupied Palestine they slice off other things as well, but Shrub's agents have infiltrated the Council on American Islamic Relations and have persuaded the slicers to go for the wrong head and give them a lobotomy instead.


Brainsample -- Many thanks for your many thanks. I love reading all the progressive journalist/heroes at the Chronicle; that way, I can find out what I think without having to strain my brain too hard. (That's also why I like to read Liberal Larry.) I'm not smart like they are, but that's no reason why the neo-con Zionist Nazis should disenfranchise my vote and send gnomes to steal my underpants.

Gil Solesdale-Whately

Thank Gaia that those peacful children were returned to their rightful husbands and owners, rescued from the very jaws (jaws I say) of the KKKri$shtan right. It's a shame how the Bushit family for thousands of years has used Jezzus to steal oil from the French. Norm Coleman has my back on this one.


L ofty

A ugur

R ighteous

R ambling

Y ogi

L oony

I diotic

B oot-lick

E ructing

R affish


L over

Friend of USA

W hat's

U p

W ith

T hat

N ew

T hing ?

D id

C hina

I nvade

N orth

A merica

A nd

N ow

W e

M ust

W rite

V ertically

L ike

T hem ?

Red Loser

Gil: "Thank Gaia that those peacful children were returned to their rightful husbands and owners."

*Passes the bong to Gil*

Snow Leopard

Once again the Imperialists have violated the Geneva convention in yet ANOTHER assault on the religion of peace by sending John Tesh over with Operation Blessing! (Pat Ayotollah Robertsons mobile torture machine)

If only Michael Moooooooooooore was there with his cameras! DANG! [Dunkin' Donuts, Krispy Kreme, Burger King DO have franchises there, right?]


The worst part of all; these so-called Christians are dedicated to helping people REBUILD their lost homes and institutions.

Hello!! Clearly, Earth (not a planet at all but a living Godlike organism) wants people off her beaches, and off of Sumatra altogether! Does She have to draw you a more graphic picture?!?

Friend of USA

I think planet earth was still angry at Leonardo Di caprio for making a lame movie in that region.



Kool-Aid Drinker's Domestic Partner

<snatches bong from Gil, spraining his hands>

Sorry, newbie. Seniority, yanno.

Korla Pundit

How could Bush be blamed for the tsunami?

Pretty easy to piece together: How Bush Caused It

Friend of USA

Well of course Bush caused the tsunami , but he is so dumb that he missed his target ; He was aiming at the middle east !

Let's call this one a practice shot...


It's similar to how he tried to engineer low gas prices before the election, which were to be followed by a huge spike after the election. Poor dumbass nimrod, he did it wrong and the price spike came *before* the election. Ha! Whatamaroon!

Reds suck my nads

I circumvented the bastige Bu$hitler new age oil baron$ and converted my moped to run on liquified gravel. At first I used no the BAD weeds...but when I heard them scream in the blender I converted to gravel.

Its a long process to make the fuel and I would tell you how to do it but I dont need those NeoConVict© black helicopters on my ass AGAIN! Anal probing is a bitch with those Rethuglican nazis doing it all wrong.

Im digging a hole in my yard, well my parents yard really, to hide the apparatus but now Ive lost the shovel....I have to get off the roof now

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