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Don't forget the truffles!


Is Bush driving whales to commit suicide?

A recent AP story said that at least 22 pilot whales have beached themselves near Manteo,NC. Is there any doubt that they are Democratic whales reacting to the Bush re-election.


ohohohoh and the Nacho Doritos too, along with a fine Dr. Pepper. We are world class all the way. Now, about the BradandJenPittstop that their marriage was, I for one was up all night, gnawing my knuckles. I worried, thinking about the hairdressers and paparazzi who would be out of a job. Then I realized that the hairdressers would never be out of a job and the parazzi could hound other Hollyweird Royalty to death.


As with most disasters of this magnitude, now more than ever this tragedy begs the question:

What did George W. Bush know and when did he know it?

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