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Charlie on the Pennsylvania Turnpike

==Stop oppressing me with your so-called "logic"! ==

How foolish of me! I wanted to have a discussion on facts and the Constitution. Don't worry; I won't waste my time any further.


I think you're on the right track, but you missed the mark Larry. The Texas oil men knew that Jesse was the real leader of the movement, but a coked-up Shrub shot his bag carrier by mistake(You know how African-Americans all look alike to those racist bastards)

Y Finger

Those racist BASTARDS??? marginalizing prick! My very own reproductive guardian, who no doubt was forced to birth me under government threat, never knew who my male gender provider was. There were a lot of 'those types' at the art-house that night, all of whom surely took advantage of her maryjane-induced coma...anyhoo I digress.

Keep your redstate, bible family terms to yourself! They dont fly around here!


Charlie, anybody can be funny, but people with no sense of humor are hilarious. Hurry back now.


Err...ummm...what McGeheee said!!

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