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[...] a human life is worth less than a gallon of gasoline.

Speak for yourself.

Oops. Sorry.

You did.

[...] at the expense of federally funded gender reassignment surgery for Starbuck's baristas.


Every cloud has a silver lining.


"Now here's where it gets weird." Understatement. Not wired, but weird. That's deep man.

spd rdr

"...who convinced Ray to plead guilty and avoid a trail"
They just didn't plan on you, Lar. Bloodhound of the Liberal Left, you smoked 'em out. Dude.


I was so shocked by what I uncovered that I couldn't push a greased BB through my sphincter, even after several tries.

This quote is so Shakespearian in its insanity that I'm going to quote it twice:

I was so shocked by what I uncovered that I couldn't push a greased BB through my sphincter, even after several tries.


What the hell. One more time:

I was so shocked by what I uncovered that I couldn't push a greased BB through my sphincter, even after several tries.


Wow. Double Wow, man. LibLarry, You Are De King!

Who would have thunk that the ChimpHitler would go into the TANG in order to evade justice? What an incredibly well-articulated slant on history, eh?

It WAS all about the oooooooiiiiiiiillllllll!!!!!

Bush Sr and Bush Jr will one day have their day of reckoning.

I pass the bong.

Cheney W. Halliburton

<takes bong, adds special secret ingredient provided by Karl Rove, passes it on down>

Gil Solesdale-Whately

Gil Solesdale-Whately

Bu$h stole my post.....afraid of the truth


Woah. It all is so clear now. So clear.

Confederate Yankee

I usually lurk without posting, but the greased BB comment has got to go down in literary history as one of the Best. Lines. Ever.

Awesome, Larry.


Chimpy McHalliburton keeps making references to his god -- he even closed out his oath by sneering "so help me god". Hasn't he heard of something called the Separation of Church and State? It's written into the Constitution. He needs to show the Constitution some respect and shut his fat smirking trap! This in-UGGG-uration speech is making me sick. If they had counted the exit polls, he wouldn't even be standing there.

Charlie on the Pennsylvania Turnpike

==Hasn't he heard of something called the Separation of Church and State? It's written into the Constitution. ==

OK, I'll bite. Please demonstrate where the 'Separation of Church and State' (your title) exists in the Constitution.


Charlie -- you've clearly been playing on the Turnpike for too long. The Constitution clearly says that anyone with any traditional imperialistic Western religious beliefs can not hold public office or participate in political dialogue. Just because you want to see the actual "words" that say that, this only proves that you don't recognize the superior wisdom of the progressive judges on the 9th Circuit Court, and other humble progressives like those of us who inhabit Liberal Larry's comments section. We need to have the Constitution interpreted for us by someone who progressively understands the intent of our Founding Patriarchal Dominators, preferably by channeling through a 35,000 year old warrior-healer named "Deepak". Stop oppressing me with your so-called "logic"!

Friend of USA

"Will and Grace" was about gay friendship...

"Hope and Faith" is about sister friendship...

I wonder what "Church and State" will be about ?


I think it's somewhere towards the back, but it's one of the most crucial freedoms granted to us in the Constitution, right up there with unrestricted abortion and freedom from religion.

Red Loser

The Constitution is a living document. What this means is that we don't really need to amend it to say whatever we want it to say. That may sound shady, but look at it from another perspective. All those fundamentalist Jesuslanders out there believe in the literal, unchanging "truth" of a book just because it's bound in the skin of murdered cows. That's why we sneer at them and call them "fundamentalists"--they believe that the Bible is literally true and doesn't just mean whatever we tell them it means. Of course, we all know that these people are also intolerant jingoist Zionazi homophobic hatemongers. Would we want to apply their interpretive "principles" to the Constitution?

I think not!

Gil Solesburg-Whately

The KKKonstituion is a living document, stained with the blood of the millions who have died because of it, the Native Americans, the Swedes, and the Cylons.
Until we draft a truly progressive document that allows interspecies sodomy and bans republicans, I will never be free.

Minnie the moocher

I don't know Larry. It seems a bit far-fetched to me - unless you can prove that Elvis was driving the get-away car.

But the part about you sitting around trying to push greased BBs through you anal sphincter--well I think that gives me a clear picture of who you are and the kind of life you lead. Good luck with that.



OK 'Liberal' Larry, you are just a shill for the Republican party. Sure you pretend to be moderate by acknowledging that the Chimp shot MLK, and caused the Asian Tsunami BUT you also say-

"A small-time thug named James Earl Ray"

RACIST!!!! James Earl Ray is African American how can he be a thug?!? African-Americans are victims of evil whites who invented Aids to kill them!! Obviously there are a few Uncle Tom's like Colin "Nouse Nigga" Powell, but resistance fighters like James Earl Ray are innocent. Why not just set up BusHitlers gas chambers now!!!!


I also note that you don't mention Bush's murder of John F Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy and Teddy Kennedy*. Despite the fact that the President SELECT whas NEVER DENIED his part in these murders!!!!!

* I know some of you fascists will say "Heh Teddy Kennedy isn't dead". However when Dumbya ran his car off the road it was an attempt to kill him, Teddy survived but despite his courageous rescue attempts his companion, whose name isn't important, sadly died.

Chimp Hunter

Notice how * didnt even get out of his frackin (nods to the Battlestar Galactica fans) chariot until the end of the convenient! Guess they needed to threaten the broadcasters (read white house patsys) to hide the marionette strings!

I was there, and if werent for my vision being distorted from the cloud of b.o. wafting from my fellow oppressed freedom fighters, I would have climbed the fence and spit on that fascist and his fascist-whore of a wife! Though in hindsight, my toque might have been stained, so perhaps its better I didnt vent my wrathful rage.

Kool-Aid Drinker's Domestic Partner

The Constitution is a fuzzy pink bunny with satellite-dish ears who sends vibrations of love to the intimate parts of good people everywhere. But he also has big, sharp teeth for biting off the heads of evil Republicans who don't give me more of that secret ingredient provided by Karl Rove because it is quite undeniably THE BEST @#$! I HAVE EVER SMOKED!!!


'Alas, I was stumped.'

Who's 'Alas' ?

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