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I feel your pain, Liberal Larry. I got fired from my job today because they wanted to stifle my dissent and free expression -- I guess my fasci-Nazi-Zionist-hegemonist company can get along without my daily educational speeches in the 3rd floor break area. Then, when I got home, I found that Rove-inspired gnomes had once again stolen my underpants.

Menstrual Rainbow

As a member of 'Womyn Against Rape And Marriage' I am against the President and his Phallic crazed religious crusades to impose his patriarchial sexist ideas on the Womyn Identified Womyn of Afghanistan.

We are planning a mass protest by holding a mass termination of our fetus's whilst Bush walks down the mall. Any parisite infested womyn who want to liberate themselves from a phallically imposed burden can join us. When we through our fetuses at the ReThugs we will see whether they consider them to be 'Babies' or whether they consider them to be a clump of cells.

Progressive human rights groups [...]

How quaint.

A moron's oxymoron.

Night Wood

Power to my oppressed brethren! My own group, the Society of Narcoleptic Heathens, was denied access to the parade route simply because we had no clothes on, as if *'s blue-clad stormtroopers would really be affected by our frankness!

Sadly, while arguing our case to the fascist minions of the so called 'law', we were felled by slumber, no doubt induced by the same secret gas the capitalist gorillas employed at the polls last november.

I can tell you now, this outrage will not stand! We will take our case to th

Kool-Aid Drinker's Domestic Partner

I had a pet oxymoron when I was a little child of indeterminate gender identity. I named it Pat.


Hail to the Thief

Thanks for the laugh.



I think you need to invite Menstrual Rainbow as a guest columnist.

Friend of USA

" ...I looked forward to participating in some anti-Bush protests downtown today, but I accidentally showered this morning and blew all my plans. "

That one made me laugh so hard , I scared the cats , Larry , you are f***'n hilarious !

My jaw muscles still hurt , oh man...


As the sole member of my organization 'United Anarchists' I would like to issue a plea to my fellow anarchists across the country. Guys, lets get organized!


I swear that was Karl Rove dressed up as that sour faced Laura Bush!

What other supernatural "power" could make all our protest signs mysteriously go upside down and sideways.

You don't really believe those hand waves from the Shrubs were friendly gestures do you? That's how they messed with our signs!!!

When oh WHEN will the anti-Christ come and save us from the evil Dumbya regime?!?!?!?!


But Shrub IS the Anti-Christ. "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." 666: George has six letters, Walker has six letters, and Hitler has six letters; since we all know bush=hitler. Here's another piece of evidence of the insidious Hitler/BFEE connection: Hitler started WWII, *'s father fought in WWII -- coincidence? I think not...

You were not there

Hail to the Thief we have chos-en for the na - tion,
Hail to the Thief! We sa-lute him, one and all._______
Hail to the Thief, as we pledge co-op - er -a- tion_____
In proud ful-fill-ment of a great, no-ble call.____

Yup, it works so ok I'm in.
I think the only way we can truly clense our souls at this point is to redistribute our wealth to France and Germany and beg for their mercy for our electing this baby murdering theif.

Gil Whately

The mansion is warm, at the top of the hill
Rich are the rooms and the comforts there
Red are the arms of luxuriant chairs
And you won't know a thing till you get inside
Dead president's corpse in the driver's car
The engine runs on glue and tar
Come on along, not goin' very far
To the East to meet the Czar

steve duncan

As a small child I had a cat and it came up missing. I now realize Dubya took it. To think I almost fell for all those slanders about Bill Frist and dissection experiments! Dubya is certainly spreading those lies to cover his tracks!!


I had a long conversation with my cat this morning..*pufff*..and I think I, well he, can help you. Let me talk to him about tracking down your pussy. *fukin cat hoggin all the glory*

The Den Mother

I once had a cat...she drank from a puddle that had anti-freeze leaked into it and died a painful death on the nearby grass...doesn't Halliburton make anti-freeze?!?


No shit they make anti-freeze! Those fascist pigs are also spraying it all over the glaciers to make them melt that Bu$hCo and his oil cronies can put deep-sea oil rigs up there. And guesss what loser country provided the airplanes with sprayers...the Unhinged States of Godmerikkka thats who!

steve duncan

Last I heard Halliburton was specializing in printing money under a licensing agreement with the Carlyle Group.

I will shred your bible

No doubt the money will have the same tracking chip that they installed in our skulls, the better to keep tabs on us! As if they thought we were too stupid to take a Bosch™ cordless drill and dig the frookin thing out.

Take your chip and shove it G-Man, I win *goddam this facial tic*

Korla Pundit

New details have emerged on how Bush has caused:

Is there any end to this evil?


there is no end. Because of Bu$$$hy, I was high on magic marker fumes from my protest banner when I ran over that group of blind kids. Damn that shrub!!


The Menstrual Rainbow Coalition of Oppressed Womyn who bear with Phallic Inesrtions have a poetic spokeswomyn.

Janny, the bong is up here. Sorry about bogarting on the other thread.

Sister Toldjah

Menstual Rainbow, I hate to be a nitpicker, but isn't the "rape-and-marriage" thing like... you know... REDUNDANT?

I mean, isn't marriage all about VAGINAL OPPRESSION anywho? We Womyn all know that. I mean, why even talk about it? The time for talk is past...we need to ACT.

Lorena had the right idea. Fight the Power, sisters.

Sargeant Russ

I represent the Phallic Envoy of Idolatry Slayers, P.E.N.I.S. for (I'm reluctant to say) short.

We have a message for you Liberal Larry, Mister Al Rainbow 6, Bubble Head and all you other Marxist Boot Lickers:

Do you know what a 90gr Hollow Point bullet can do to frail, weak, human flesh? Good, now keep that in mind before you pass the bong, you pencil-necked, panty-waisted, Castro bung-hole-licking pinkos.

Oh, and it may be P.E.N.I.S. for short, but its really wide.

Menstrual Rainbow

Doug- How DARE you speak about me you sexual terrorist. I refuse to be intimidated by you!!!


Sister Toldjah-

"isn't the "rape-and-marriage" thing like... you know... REDUNDANT?"

You are right, but this is because we formed by a merger of my original group "Womyn United Against Rape and Oil" and "Domestic Incarceration Survivors Against Marriage and Cattle Farming". You are truly a She-ro of our times Toldjah.!

Sargent Russ

You are a racist!! Sexist! Violent.... Oh god I'm getting hot... TAKE ME SARGE!! make me your lady! OH! Oh!..

Sorry I don't know what came over me.

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