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Michael Moore

"The world cannot become beautiful and free until Kofi Anan is President of the United States of Amerikkka"

-Mr. Ten Percent

John Thorpe

I forgot to tell you: Fuck you, hippie.


Please read your sentence again:
"confessed to the legitimate accusations raised by the phony documents"
So forgies are OK and the accusation proves the guilt???
Hey Kerry Hero Sign Form 180

Ed R-
Ex Physics Professor


Bush's military records are available for public viewing, Kerry's aren't, and won't ever be.


Lar - Put it on your calendar for a year from today to do a "Where are They Now?" retrospective of the Fake-But-Accurate Four. I'll bet most of them are happily ensconced as Apparatchiki in some part of the Democratic Party somewhere in the country. When people have risen as high in the Party Nomenklatura as these characters, you can be certain that they will land on their feet. Alternatively they could form the inner cadre of the Soros News Service and provide predigested copy for Air America.

Joel Thompson

Umm, legit accusations? I think not. Mary Mapes was told, in the course of her investigation, that Bush actually volunteered to go to Vietnam, but didn't have the flight hours to do so. Furthermore, she was also told that there was no waiting list to be a pilot, and that there was no influence used to get him in there (it's in the final report). Did any of this ever make the 60 minutes story? I think not. Unbiased journalism, especially of such a controversial nature, should definitely mention both sides, give both sides' warrants, credentials, etc., and then let the viewers decide. Yet, this never happened. Now, let's look at the way the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth were treated. Their claims about Kerry's actual service were off-handedly dismissed (I NEVER once saw any solid refutation of the claims. Furthermore, for the damage report of his boat when he pulled Rassmusan out of the water in enemy fire, bullet holes were never included. Interesting) and the complaints about his post-war testimony were ENTIRELY ignored. Where in the world do the accusations warrant the forgery of documents? By the same reasoning, I could say that Kerry should have bowed to the SVT early on and then we could have gotten a better Dem candidate (like Lieberman).


It's deja vue all over again, as Yogi Bera or Mark Twain, or one of those guys used to say.

Does anyony other than me remember a similar incident in '92? Lemme refresh your memory:

Dan Quayle, a BUSH appointee attacked, ANOTHER CBS journalist; Murphy Brown.

Just like today, careers were destroyed: FYI News went off the air shortly thereafter.

Just like today, the whole story turned out to be an overblown account of something that real America cared nothing about. (My memory's kinda shady, but I think the whole Murphy Brown flap was about when Sam and Rebecca decided to have a baby, thereby wrecking the last few seasons of "Cheers.")

Just like today, the same old "fake but accurate" defense was offered: Remember all those people trying to convince America that Murphy Brown was only a "fictional character"?

The "fictional character" ploy didn't work then, and I have serious doubts that it will work THIS time.


For CBS, Denial is still a river in Egypt


At least they'll get a book deal out of it.


(I'll try to get this one back on track...)
Bushitler's continuing outsourcing of jobs is his way of sticking his tongue out at hard-working progressive journalist-heroes, just like his drunken daughter sticks out her tongue. Only when Bill Moyers provides all our news, and the hate radio Rethuglicans are jailed, and those with conservative/racist thoughts are given harsh prison terms, can we truly have free speech!


Bubblehead... Ditto That!


One of the Great American Myths is that we have a free media, but this proves that it's only free if you preach the Reich-puKKKe-lickum party line. Journalists can be jailed and persecuted just for reporting the news, which is that Bush spent his military career coked-up, incapacitated, zipping across the sky in his little jet, while Poppa Bush protected his worthless doped-up little spawn. It doesn't matter if those documents were "true" or "legitimate" or "factual" (and let me remind you, the jury is still out -- they might be legitimate after all), because they were still *accurate*. Life in Nazi Germany was never as cruel as this.

Confederate Yankee

Your "light at the end of the tunnel" link just caused me to soil myself. You owe me a new pair of BVDs.

We probably won't see [Dan Rather] again until some laughing jarheads drag him out of his spiderhole [...]

So soon?

Couldn't they just leave him in the septic tank?

Maybe even use it for its orignal purpose?



I'll bet most of [the Fake-But-Accurate Four] are happily ensconced as Apparatchiki in some part of the Democratic Party [...]

So, what you're saying is that this is just a lateral move?

Red Loser

And notice that three of the four who were fired were womyn! That misogynist chimp probably wanted to exert his alpha male dominance over the daughters of our dear Mother Gaia to undermine their civil rights. But don't worry--we'll get UNICEF on it right away!

Bug's Butt

Great post. I liked the Greasy Pig reference to The Dan.


Uh oh, Larry, it looks like you've attracted some Reich-Thug-Lickans with your most recent treatise. If only they could see your wisdom for what it truly is!

"So forgies are OK and the accusation proves the guilt???"

They are okay as long as they represent some larger truth, numbskull! Why don't you go invade some poor helpless country for its oil!

Liberal Larry

I suspect Doug Bandow's responsible for the tsunami of gibbering Jesuslanders.

He's the "senior fellow" at a "conservative think tank", which is an oxymoron if I've ever heard one.


That "Doug Bandow" person claims this website is satirical?!? He doesn't know, like we enlightened progressives do, that KKKarl Rove caused the California mudslide using the HAARP project in order to distract the Repiglican-controlled MSM from covering the US-India-Israel atomic bombing the caused the tsunami that changed the ocean floor that made our submarine run aground... wait, what was my point?

Liberal Larry

Ha! He changed it! That's exactly what I'm talking about right there! He mentioned nothing about "satire" in his original ATTACK on my blog. Someone in the Bush junta must have got to him. If anyone has a copy of the original article, please email it to me. This sort of Orwellian history revisionism must not stand.


Larry -- Congratulations, you have once again uncovered a Rovian plot to change history, just like in "1984", which the neo-cons use as their blueprint for world domination, and which I read at least monthly. Also, I went back to DU, and remembered my point from my previous post: ...which KKKarl ordered to run aground to make people forget about Senator Boxer's incredible proof of BBV election stealing! Also, pResident Bush sucks. And gnomes stole my underpants.

Stalin Lives In Boston

gosh larry the repiglickens just came scurrying out from under their bibles with a blitzkrieg of nazi-esque attacks on this liberal bastion of true independent free thought. i think you should let us know what we think about this as quick as possible so we can form an opinion and mount a counterattack.

Red Loser

This was indeed a master stroke by the evil genius Bushitler. Now, whenever Larry says something brilliant and prescient (which happens at least four or five times per blog entry), any dimwitted inbred rednecks capable of operating a computer will simply brush it off as "satire" and continue to mindlessly support that that retarded chimp Dumbya.


Bush is a stupid evil genuis.

Just like when Bush caused the Florida hurricanes and Big Dan was too distracted to properly focus on Bush's AWOL story, he's done it again. We're diverted by Bush's takeover of CBS and not paying attention to his distruction of California for not voting for him. Come on Lar, cover your bases! California votes blue and then has the largest rainfall ever?

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