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Friend of USA

To me , she looks like Dan Rather's twin.

But then again sexiness is in the eye of the bong-holder...

Friend of USA

First I felt bad making fun of someone who died a few hours ago but Susan Sontag disrespected 3000 innocent before their remains had even been found.

So I'm ok now

May she reincarnate as the veiled subservient illiterate wife of one those
" courageous " Muslim terrorists she considered victims of America ...

Friend of USA

Oh yeah...

and I blame Bush !

Bug's Butt

I just have to keep writing it: BRILLIANT satire. I love this blog!


I hope I'm not speaking out of school, but I still remember the time Suze showed up for our May Day celebration in a red bikni with the hammer and sickle stitched onto the 'sweet spot' of the french-cut bottom. Many of my comrades became quite 'forward-thinking' as the night wore on, and the memory still causes me to become strangely aroused by images of Breshnev. I plan to puff my bong to the rhythm of the Internationale in salute to this proud thinker/vixen tonight.


"It was 1922 when a young Boom Boom strutted into the world of letters [...]"

A truly amazing feat.

Especially in light of the fact that she wasn't born until 1933.

Liberal Larry

Or at least that's what Bush wants us to think.


Funny as hell, and I had never heard of the woman. Er, womyn.


I was left breathless by your comments.


Would it be possible for you to "Map It" to Tim Robbins's house? I wanna know where to send flowers.

Also, does can anyone tell me which one she played: "Thelma" or "Louise." (I've seen the movie, like, 20 times, and I'm STILL confused. It's like trying to remember which one was "Kate" and which one was "Allie" or which one was "Cagny" and which one was "Lacey.")

spd rdr

Um...does Boom-Boom get any virgins in paradise?


Very BUSH-y virgins...


Sheesh! I leave you people alone for a few days, and what happens? The bong has gone out, and no one has a lighter! LARRRY!!!!

Stalin Lives In Boston


i think im going to drink myself into the hospital. i bl,ae bush for my inability tyo dronk much more than i neds too.


Personally, I can't think of a single soul more deserving of a protracted illness and death. Congratulations Susan, your best performance yet...


Honest question here... what the hell do ya mean by "Boom Boom"? I don;t get it.

Friend of USA

Just a guess ;

Boum Boum might be the sound two huge silicone breasts make when they come out an armored bra ?

Van Helsing

Don't forget, even though some people referred to her as Suzie Creamcheese, Sontag was taken very seriously on the Left as an intellectual. Vote for her most profound insight at

Steve Lambert

Great satire. Great blog. Keep up the insanity for 2005!


There is the matter of her gray hair, which was ignited by her fiery ideas, or inspired by a skunk she ran over.
In either case, her ideas were like skunk spray: Smelly, prevalent and hard to get rid of.

Mourning Dove

Cricket, thank you, once again, for putting your human thoughts into a context which a simple mourning dove can understand. Ah yes, skunk I can relate to that....

Home Again

Who's Susan Sontag? I blame Bush for not recognizing the name or not even caring that she (he?) is dead.

Are you kidding me?

This is just disgusting and incredibly insipid.

Calling Susan Sontag "BOOM BOOM" is like calling Walter Benjamin "Big Dickie" or Roland Barthes "Sir Cocks A Lot." Anyone who had ever read any of these authors' work would realize that such nicknames are complete nonsequitors. The person who wrote this has clearly never read a single work of hers (or, from the number of biographical factual errors, never even bothered to read a wikipedia version of her biography before writing this).

Why any woman who writes intelligent work has to be satirized as having big tits or assumed to be a "leftist feminist womyn" is beyond me...

C'mom, boys, try opening one of her books! You might realize that women can be intelligent and *gasp* attractive and be successful because of the former and not the latter. "Against Interpretation" would become a seminal work even if its author had been a troll!

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