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Red Loser

Larry, I've found that it helps to open your mouth when you vomit so your teeth don't face the brunt of the regurgitation. Reserve that honor for your nearest Nazi churchgoer.

No doubt this is all a conspiracy. As our teeth are eaten away, the Bushitler will insist that the only solution will be to spike our drinking water with arsenic and refuse to sign the Kyoto Protocol. My dentist keeps insisting that I start brushing, but I'd rather rot in hell like my teeth than use the Halliburton-oil-product plastic toothbrushes found in his capitalist office!

Now, where did that box of Twinkies go?


"Meanwhile, innocent women and children are stripped naked and forced to play leapfrog across Gitmo by leering, chain-smoking midgets with no gaydar [...]"

D---! I miss all the fun.


Nowadays, very few blog entries start out with, "Last night I dreamt that Xena was giving me a colonscopy while my mother watched." Too few, in fact.


I'll bet Larry gets maybe ten more new readers from that sentence alone. Heck, I know AT LEAST ten people who probably Google "Xena colonscopy mother watched" at least once a week.


Crystal Meth, Lar? That'll harsh your mellow worse than the media's silence on voting irregularities in Ohio and Florida. I have 'herbs' and other natural products; throw up a smoke signal, and I'll help you out.

Nurse Ratchid

And here you were telling us you went under the sink and were under the influence of the cleaning supplies. Lar (gently said), there aren't any cleaning supplies, are there? You have admitted to your compulsive hurling and will need help. Your Nazi dentist is calling social services right now to have you taken care of.

Liberal Larry

No meth here. Only white rednecks in Puyallup do that stuff. Then they go out and vote Republican. No, I prefer an all-natural high, one that clears my mind and keeps me in tune with Mother Earth. Herb. Shrooms. Peyote. Hallucinogenic frogs. Liquid Paper.

You haven't lived until you strip yourself of all earthly trappings and sleep out in the rain forest under the stars, then wake up butt-naked in Barstow two weeks with a white-out mustache and a headache that would kill a bull elephant at fifty yards. Ahh, Liquid Paper, the elixir of life!


You can thank a Monkee's mother for that, Lar.

Friend of USA

Larry man ! you're on fire !

My tummy hurts from laughing so much !...

Lonely Man

Is your dentist attractive? I could probably use some dental work.

Hack Ptui

Oh man, Lar, I can always count on you for a rolling-on-the floor belly laugh! Thanks for making my day! What's even funnier is that to some people, this is for real.

Pile On®

Say it ain't so Hack, SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

dental gas--another division of HALLIBURTON


All liberals are worthless blame cowards.Its all Bushes fault Boo hoo.Its all Halliburtans fault Boo hoo.You ignorant losers.I hope they execute every scumbag in Gitmo and abort every liberals child.
Fuck a dem and fuck a loser coward whiney boohoo liberal.Get off your mamas nipple you bunch of tit baby fags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
have a great day and may Bush fuck your pathetic little world up some more HEEHEEHEE!!!

Stephen Godfrey

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Oh man, Lar, I can always count on you for a rolling-on-the floor belly laugh! Thanks for making my day!

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