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Yes, good going there, Larry, telling the fascistoid evildoers how it is. BTW, The reference to the casual sex was quite arousing, thank you for that. I'm still wondering though if those teenagers you mentioned were of legal age to consent.

Red Loser

I admit it, Larry...I was the one who brought in that late rush of Halo 2 fanboys.

On the bright side, you got linked from the front page of a site which receives several hundred thousand visitors a day. If only ten of them followed that link, your audience would double in size!


What am I doing wrong?

Aside from a spate of demented screeds from an outraged! Kerry supporter one weekend right before the election, I'm still not getting any hate mail.

This is getting depressing.

Back to the drawing board....


I personally appreciated your "Happy Kwanzaa" wishes, but keep in mind that a lot of people don't like being commanded by authority figures to be happy. There are many bright-minded intellectual Progressives in the world who can't manage to be happy about the fact that Bu$Hitler is squandering the lives of so many persons (representing a rainbow of sexual orientations and proclivities) in his mad scheme to steal all of Iraq's oil so he and his Oil Buddies can have all that oil, while he's killing the Planet by not signing Kyoto (and belching tons of pollutants into the air and water), and raping the Little People economically by denying them affordable health care, and making the People of the World hate us with his mumbly mouth and cowboy attitude, manufacturing a cynical and overblown "War on Terror" so he can smash our precious right to patriotic dissent. Those are just some of the reasons why people would be justified in *not* being happy.

Perhaps a more thoughtful gesture would be, "Have a Kwanzaa that seems appropriate to your own tastes" or something along those lines.


Heh, way to take down those fascist Reich-puke-lickans, Larry. Have a progressive and orderly Mandatory Staff Meeting, yourself.

Stalin Lives In Boston

a quote came to mind after reading the letters that poor shmuck wrote larry. it comes from a prominent hate mongerer with a deceitfully eloquent speaking style...

"fool me once, shame on you. (long "thoughtful" pause) f-..f-..fool me twice, can't get fooled again."


I can't believe the level of hate festering from Rethug pustules during Mandatory Staff Meeting Season. If I weren't so centered, this'd harsh my buzz.


Hello, Bedford Falls! Merry Mandatory Staff Meeting!

Merry Mandatory Staff Meeting, movie house! Merry Mandatory Staff Meeting, emporium! Merry Mandatory Staff Meeting, you wonderful old Building and Loan! Merry Mandatory Staff Meeting, Mr. Potter!

spd rdr

Never give a sucker an even break.
Happy Winter Solstice, Lar.


"[...] as if we're going to freak out and throw a tantrum because they're so callous as to utter those insensitive words [Merry Christmas]."



Since a "child" has already been "born", the phrase "unborn child" is a contradiction in terms. A fetus is "unborn" and is therefore "unalive."

I just thought I'd address this claim real quick as it's not always true that a fetus is "unalive," or atleast "not a person." There was a recent case in CA where a man shot and killed his ex-girlfriend, after the autopsy it was found that she was pregnant (11-12 weeks along). While nobody knew she was pregnant, and she could have had an abortion at that time the man, Harold Taylor, was tried and convicted on two counts of murder. One for his ex-girlfriend and one for the fetus she carried inside her. It seems rather hypocritical for the law to sometimes consider a fetus "not a person," as in the case of abortion, yet in other instances the fetus is considered a living person, as in this case.

Recently this case was appealed to the CA supreme court and they maintained the initial court's ruling that Harold Taylor could be convicted for murdering the fetus inside his ex-girlfriend. So it would be more proper for you to claim that, "A fetus is sometimes considered 'unalive' or atleast 'not a person' but on some occasions it is considered 'a person' and 'alive."

Here are some relevant links I found about this case:

The .pdf file is the actual court opinion. While the case was not tried on the grounds of violating the 14th Amendment, it seems clear that this standard of allowing a woman to kill fetus but not a man is a case of unequal protection.

Merry Christmas,


Larry, when David Waits referred to you as a "genuine piece of cultural dung", that was a compliment not an insult!
As Chris Ofili taught us in his masterpiece The Holy Virgin Mary, poo is a symbol of fertility in parts of Africa, and has many important uses in African culture that pertain to survival it is used for plastering houses (their walls, roofs, and floors) and used worldwide as a fertilizer.
What Mr. Waits was trying to imply is that you are the fertilizer providing the nutrients to cause us little liberal bean sprouts to grow forth from the ground but you just didn't get it. Jeez, you just don't know good satire when it's presented to you, what a shame, your like one of those lunatics who go from blog to blog responding to posts and not getting the full meaning!!!


Way to go, Larry... you're the best! I hope you survive the ChrismaHannuRamaKwanzaaBushfest thing without suffering too much nerve damage from the insane religious shriekings of the eye-rolling gibbering ReichWing red-state lunatics, with their "Merry this" and "Holy that."

Friend of USA

Joe ,
I agree , and at the risk of my own life
( some women are prone to violence !...)I will dare say that some women are worst than men when it comes to inequality ...

An example from my zany Canada ;
If a man kills his own child it is murder with the corresponding time in jail.
But if a woman kills her own child , in 99.9 % of cases it is called " infanticide " wich means she is not accused of murder , but is rather treated as a victim...
A few months ago, in quebec , after a woman murdered her child , the court said her doctor was to blame, for not prescribing the right anti-depressant ...
She had to go to counseling for six month but got NO jail time...

Some of those women want privileges but don't want to be accountable for anything and , as much as possible , make the man accountable instead...

I said SOME women not ALL women ...

- - -

And Dougster ,

" are the fertilizer providing the nutrients to cause us little liberal bean sprouts to grow forth from the ground..."

What an homage to Larry !

Stalin Lives In Boston

Dung is a good sign of fertility???

Dammit, that means I need to find something new to smear on this picture of the "Virgin" Mary.

BTW: does anal sex still make you a virgin? just curious because my old health teacher said you could get pregnant from anal sex if the semen dripped out and down and was not cleaned promptly and properly...

Red Loser

Stalin: talk about an image I didn't need...

Bad Commie

Happy ABORTED AND CLONED Jesus day everyone! That's right, jesus the communist was aborted and cloned!

Friend of USA

Young girl wants car

Fuel is too expensive

Goes out with boy who has car instead

Boyfriend makes girl smoke pot

Girl so stoned that consents to anal sex

Semen overspills in other body cavity

Girl becomes pregnant

Fights with boyfriend about abortion

Boyfriend hits her and goes to jail

Girl gets abortion and cries her eyes out and eventually becomes a left-wing , tree hugger , america hating extremist...

- - -

Bush and Halliburton and their $$$petrol$$$ are causing ;

female submission to male , drug addiction , deviant sexual behavior , unwanted pregnancy , domestic violence , criminality , abortion and last but not least ; broken hearts ? ...

But what about the "left-wing , tree hugger , america hating extremists" created indirectly by Bush you ask ?

I'd tell you , but then I'd have to kill you...




It's rather amusing that "Liberal Larry" can actually refer to himself as an intellectual. Are you so intellectual that you can't see how the more you liberals abort your fetuses, the less liberals there will be in a few generations? Hmmm, planned obsolescence as a political tool? Yeah, there's some real intellect involved there... Keep it up, you idiots will soon be outbred by those that are more deserving of the life granted them.

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