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First! And I now award best of the bong to Janny Mae!


The only reason your not winning Larry is because people aren't actually surfing every blog nominated and making an informed decision... much more like our democratic.

spd rdr

I tried to vote for you, Larry, but I was intimidated at the polls by my wife-beating fascist boss. Unbelievable! There is was perusing the many many many many fine blogs listed on the ballot (who knew that there was a catagory for "Best South Bronx Illegal Alien With A Bad Lisp Blog?"), when all of sudden this Nazi child-pimping stormtrooper is at my shoulder, screaming redfaced about "work" I was supposed to be doing. "Work?" I screamed back, "How dare you interupt me about "work" while I am exercising my franchise and saving the blogosphere from rightwing moralistic bible-thumping hedgemony!" Of course, the neanderthal knuckle-dragger could not grasp the selflessness of my actions and promptly had his jackbooted thugs physically eject me from the building. But their brutal attempts to intimidate me will not succeed. No longer held in bondage by those purveyors of consumerism, I am free to wander about the city, voting for "Best Indigestion Blog" at every computer I see. Oops! The Librarian is giving me a hard stare, I guess I'd better move along. Fight the Power!


Stay strong Lar. This entire "best blog" poll plays on the vanities of bloggers and serves no other purpose. I'm sure it's a ploy to make the ugly, balding authors of the poll feel like they have power over kind, gentle souls like you.


I voted for you and am ashamed to see you in the company of right wing goody two shoes like Scott Ott.

I will not rest until you are named as King of the Hill
of left wing blogging males who are in touch with all their sides and who, like hibernating bears, live in their living rooms, drawing unemployment so they can
enable their sociopathological tendencies by being on line. Power to the People!

Scott Ott

I will gladly concede one "Best Humor Blog" vote to you for each of your readers who buys my book, Axis of Weasels, for only $12.95 + S&H (cheaper by the 6-pack) at , and also available at using the following link...

Scott Ott, editor,
Author of "Axis of Weasels"
Also available at


Scott, you're on!

Let me say I have difficulty between the two choices. I read both every day.

Fortunately, a large man with hair coming out the back of his grimy UAW t-shirt grabbed my arm with one hand, and the mouse with another. The vote went to Larry.


Best of the bong award? Wow, man, like, GROOVY! *face red, head down, humbly taking bow* I want to thank everyone here on Larry's blog, especially Cricket, who first passed me the bong. I am like, so honored, man! I also have to thank Google, as I found this site one time by doing a, "serious," Google search. I humbly accept this award, even though I deserve it about as much as Fahrenheit 9/11 deserves the Best Picture Oscar! FAR OUT!

Kool-Aid Drinker's Domestic Partner

You can only vote if you have an IP address? But what about all the disenfranchised out there whose IP's are homeless? Why don't they get to vote? People without Internet access are stakeholders in the Internet just like Scott Ott and that Scrapply person, and I think it's just WRONG to keep them from having a say in this, the most important election ever since the last one.

Kneave Riggall

Lar, you got my vote. Keep up the good work for...
Four more years!


I was gonna vote for you Larry, but in the end my conscience got the better of me and I voted for Nadar. I know you understand.


No doubt you'll win Larry, unless the facists at Instapundit and IMAO go and steal the election!


You got my vote, Larry. You can tell everyone you know that you got 100% of the crocodile vote.


But now you can vote early and often! You can vote for a different blog in the same category if you have conflicting loyalites and taste! We are all winners! How liberal is THAT?

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

The very nature of a "best of" contest is inherently flawed because in life their should be no "winners" because "winners" imply "losers" by association. Shouldn't we all strive to live a world where no one is a loser? And in such a world, by definition, it would be impossible for ignorant hillbilly redneck bigot homophobe repugniKKKans to "win" and intelligent, caring, progressive, responsible, nurturing Democrats to "lose."


"[...] after I accidentally voted for Pat Buchanan 9 or 10 times."

No wonder you people are so enamoured of recounts. It's not the ballot, it's the voter.


Speaking of voting twice, I think I've "accidentally" managed to cast a second vote for your "humor" blog, Larry.

WizBang's security features appear to be NO MATCH for my Trial Version of Window Washer.

This is a small first step. What we need to do now is to try and upload the Trial Version of Window Washer on EVERY SINGLE Diebold Voting Machine in Ohio and Southern Florida BEFORE 2008.

I think this may be our ONLY hope of preventing Bush from a third term.

HILLARY IN '08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh. Whoops.

Turns out that my Trial Version of Window Washer did nothing. WizBang's rules for voting are "one vote per person, PER DAY."

So, All I did was vote one day, then vote some 'nother day.


Instead of uploading the Trial Version of Window Washer on every contested Diebold Voting Machine, what we should REALLY be putting our efforts into is a Constitutional Amendment: One vote, per person, PER DAY.

Okay, this time, for real: HILLARY IN '08!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pol Pothead

I, like, agree and sh*t, dudes. This whole 'Best Blog' election is bogus and sh*t. The amount of disenfranchisement going on is just unreal, man. People without internet access can't vote; people without computers can't vote; people undergoing intensive self-medication for glaucoma who are too self-medicated to leave their beanbag or wipe the drool off their chest can't vote; Iraqi insurgents who've encountered US Marines can't vote (or do much of anything else except biodegrade); most American college students can't vote, since the voting process is heavily skewed toward those with at least basic reading-comprehension skills; and sh*t.

So, with the whole process obviously tilted in favor of rich white Christian Republicannibals, it should be no surprise that someone like Scrapplefascist will win. Not that that will, like, mean anything, 'cause while he may get 30 or 40 percent of the votes among those who voted, he has nearly 0% among the 99.9% of the world who didn't vote, and sh*t. And that's where our Larry's real strength lies -- with the people who don't matter or give a sh*t.


I vote for 'don't matter'.

Frank J.'s hot girlfriend

i was hoping to see your name on the ballot, Liberal Larry. that said, i voted for Frank.

Frank J.

What do I care if I win this? My girlfriend is hot!


Good luck Larry....maybe you'll even get 3% of the vote!

Go Frank!


How the heck did you get 2.5% of the vote? Oh well, suppose that's probably within the margin of error. . . .



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