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Friend of USA

Hey it's 11:38 PM in my cold Canada province...

So it's too late for me to think of a decent comment...

Friend of USA

I could have said " first ! " but now it's too late...

Friend of USA

Bush is bad ...Bush is bad...Bush is... zzzzzzzz....zzzzzzzzz...zzzzzzz


I notice 'mandatory' has now been added to the formula.

I'm surprised it's taken this long.

Stalin Lives In Boston

brilliant. absolutely brilliant larry. keep up the good work.

you've earned every vote of that 3.2%


This is an outrage we've not seen since Amu Mumia Jamal. Jamal tries to save the nation from the Gestapo. Scott Peterson tries to save Laci from the 'goo' with acid for blood that's preparing to burst out of her chest. The result: Bush locks them both up. I'm calling Ron Kuby and Ramsey Clark. I pass the bong.

Friend of USA

" Scott Peterson will spend the rest of his life on Death Row. "

I don't know about the USA but in Canada it costs between $70,000 and $100,000 a year to take care of a prisonner ,
you know to make sure he gets 3 wholesome hot meals -prepared- for him ,
to make sure he is provided with clean sheets
in his free air conditioned / heated room and clean clothes
and free dental work
and free medical care
and free cable TV ,
and free access to pool tables,
sport equipement,
books ,
and much much more.

And that prisoner will never have to work for even one day of his time in jail because that would be "cruel" treatment ( ask the red-cross...)wich means he will not pay any taxes either ... WE will pay for everything.

While the surviving victims and/or their relatives get ZERO...but they still have to pay taxes that those prisoners will benefit from...
Because if they don't pay their taxes , they will go to jail !!!

And we call that justice ?


I say send the prisoners to the fight in Iraq...

Or we should each get six of them , and "harness" them to the front of our cars like horses to save fuel and thus be less dependent on middle east .
We could feed them ,for free, with yesterday's leftovers from
Mc Donald and KFC.
And those tofu things that no one buys.


More abortions would also mean less bums.


Man ! am I serious this morning !

I shouldn't have replaced my morning coffee with that herbal's just not the same...

Now I know why Vishnu and other democrats/left-nuts/hippies are so negative and angry all the time...


Friend of USA...Don't send them to Iraq, don't let the men and women in uniform have to deal with our trash.

Harnessing them to our cars might work.

Masked Menace©

Carolynn, harnessing them the the humvees might help with the armoring shortage. :-)

Red Loser

Everybody blames Scott Henderson for the death, but clearly it was Traci who didn't get an abortion like every freethinking woman would do. Scot should receive a jail term for killing his wife, but he should also get a medal of honor for killing the writhing hamster fetus before it could magically turn into a human being upon bursting out of poor Staci's hijacked womb and then possibly become a fundamentalist Christian capable of voting Rethuglican.

Kool-Aid Drinker's Domestic Partner

"This is an outrage we've not seen since Amu Mumia Jamal."

I really liked him on The Cosby Show. It's a shame what The Man™ is doing to him.


From that "FACT," link, above: "How many deaths will it take in the current blood for oil war for a mass peace movement to one against(sic) guarantee our right to abortion and to abolish the death penalty?" Yes, Virginia, there are actually people who think this way....and, not only that, (according to this piece) they are, "voting their conscience." Kinda eerie! *I pass the bong*


Hey, Friend of USA, I think you'll enjoy this article:

Bug's Butt

Another brilliant post.

"Reproductive rights." I love that term. What's so "reproductive" about an abortion?

Friend of USA

Thanks Janny Mae !


Actually, if abortion were mandatory I don't think Laci would be alive. None of us would be...

On the other hand, sneaky bloody pro-lifers. Cunningly getting Bush to sign a law declaring any termination of a foetus at any stage as "murder". Bastards.

Red Loser

"Actually, if abortion were mandatory I don't think Laci would be alive. None of us would be..."

Jeremy, you have swallowed a right-wing Bible-thumper's argument, hook, line, and sinker. You seem to believe that you were once a fetus. Well, clearly, fetuses are not human beings, or abortion would be wrong (which it isn't!) if right and wrong were really objective truths (which they're not!) if objective truth really existed (which it doesn't!). Since you're a human being, how could you ever have been a fetus, which is not a human being? It makes no sense. Thus, killing fetuses won't affect real people like you and me and everyone else who doesn't vote Rethuglican.

Trust me on this; I took half a semester of introductory philosophy in junior college before I dropped out, so I know what I'm talking about.

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say that, under our oppressed system of injustice propogated by the likes of John AssCross, a death sentence is preferable to a life sentence, or even a long prison term with eventual parole, for an unjustly accused political prisoner like Scott Peterson. Now hear me out: I totally oppose the death penalty when it is actually applied and only barbaric murderous governments (i.e. the regime of Bu$Hitler and his Halliburton cronies making up the military industrial complex) still use it--I mean, we go to war for oil, I mean, against terror, cough cough wink wink, so we can oust Saddam Hussein and when we fail to find the WMDs we went supposedly went there for, all of a sudden we're like, "oh yeah, and he was a bad man because he might have killed some of his own citizens;" well excuse me, but didn't Shrub preside over more executions as Governor of Texas than American casualties from terror attacks?--but given that we are stuck with this heinous system for now, better to exploit it for the better rather than just let it kill us off one by one. My point? Scott Peterson is innocent, of course. After all, doesn't every parent have the right to choose an abortion? If anything, Scott may have been negligent in the performing of the abortion, what with the cutting of his son out of the belly of his wife and all--I guess that would fall under "practicing medicine without a license" but Scott wouldn't have had to do this if it weren't for ogres like Scalia out there making sure no one has a safe abortion provided by trained medical experts--but a murderer he is not. Thankfully, a death sentence means guaranteed review by the California Supreme Court, which has a fair number of progressives, for error--a non-death sentence does not have this extra protection, meaning the falsely accused might have as little as a single appeal to an intermediate court before doing 30 years hard labor. Scott, being innocent, might be able to have already been dismissed by the Supremes while people locked up under three-strikes laws years ago are still fading into our collective forgottenness in their prison cells. Plus, the governor will always review each case before execution, which makes the removal of that thug Governator and his cronies all the more important, but since it will take a few years for Scott to get his case reviewed there is plenty of time for us to get Ahnuld recalled and replaced with someone more capable and credible, like Willie Brown. That's it, my new cause. Save Scott Peterson, elect Willie Brown. Make California a Brown state, to hell with red and blue (although purple is nice, as is green--oooooh, a brown and green map, THAT would totally rock!) but I digress--what we really need to focus on is that Scott Peterson is innocent, his trial needs to be thrown out and revealed as the KKKristjian witch hunt that it is, and the laws that convicted him stricken down by the California Supreme Court as unconstitutional--and barring that, an appeal to the 9th circuit court. Of course, my friend the lawyer tells me that you can't appeal a state conviction to a federal circuit court of appeals, but this is California and the 9th Circuit is very creative, so I am sure they will find a way. I mean, if they can find the right to privacy in the emanations of the penumbras of the First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Ninth Amendments, surely they can find a way to support a pro-choice victim of a religious persecution, right?

Friend of USA

Just got back from the "fact " link...

...They tell us that both wars , Vietnam and Iraq have something to do with abortion rights and the death penalty...


Then the Israel / Palestine conflict must have something to do with animal rights ...

And was it WW-I or WW-II that was about child spanking ? I can't remember...

Friend of USA

Vishnu , no more coffee for you , go back to herbal tea ; your energy is causing a weird - spooky - flickering effect on my screen...

Oh ,and by the way, Vishnu , the difference between Bush's "victims" while he was governor and the terrorist's victims in the twin towers
( as in at least a dozen other attacks ) is that the latter were NOT convincted criminals but innocent people like you and me ...

Unless you believe that working 9 to 5 in an office is a crime that deserves the death penalty ...

Never mind, I think I know your answer...

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

The suits in the towers were every bit as guilty--guilty of crimes against GaiaEarthMother plotting and scheming with their capitalist-industrialist-we-will-take-over-world bow-down-to-the-almighty-dollar facets of the military-industrial-complex. Think of the irrepairable harm done to SpaceshipEarth in the name of corporate greed. Think of the children in Indonesian sweatshops working 19 hours a day for a nickel wage and no health care. Think of puppies. Why puppies? There were no puppies in the towers--why? Because the kinds of people who work in cubicHELL have no hearts or souls and puppies fear them. What were any of them doing to heal the Earth of global warming? Or the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide poisoning? Haven't heard of that one? Of course not. The man doesn't want to spill the beans about corporations get a free reign while Bu$Hitler and his cronies turn a blind eye to the billions of tons of dihydrogen monoxide dumping into our fragile ecosphere. Look it up, there are whole web pages dedicated to exposing the danger, but you never about this on the right-wing controlled mainstream media--so right wing, they had to set up Dan Rather (he was about to retire anyway, so he probably figured he could just retire and walk away, taking one for the team) as a scapegoat just so they could point and say "see! see! liberal bias! liberal bias!" As if any journalist would *really* run with a story using obviously fake documents when there is so much *real* evidence proving that Shrub was an AWOL deserting chimp!!! And you think no crimes were committed by the suits in the towers??? HELLOOOOOOOO??? McFly??? If anything, poor old Osama had no choice but to act in self-defense as his precious homeland was to be invaded by yet another McWhopperKing and yet another StarFiveBucks--five bucks for a coffee just because it comes with some spray whipped cream and a cinnamon sprinkle? Not that I drink coffee anymore anyway--chemicals pollute my vessel, and that is an abomination to GaiaEarthMother plus it makes me gittery and gives me too much energy--not that energy is bad per se but energy comes in a wide range of auras and fields, and a spiritually awakened vessal can by virtue of the increased conduit to the other realms become too much of a funnel for negativity and hate if the energy level is too high, hence the need for meditation. But none of that has anything to do with the actual post, which is that Scott Peterson is innocent, at least he should be, if we could accept the truth of Roe v. Wade.

Friend of USA

Yeah Vishnu , the 18 year old boy that delivered mail in the twin towers was really evil and the root of all our problems, and so were the cafeteria lady and the janitor and that little old lady at office supplies...

We know the White house , the Pentagon and the leaders of Israel did not make a move without their consent.

Their death REALLY saved middle-east and the eco-system at the same time ;

Palestine and Israel are now best friends and we all drive electric cars.

There is now world peace and pollution is a thing of the past.

( ... )


Who knew the solution was right there in our faces ? !


Wow, this stuff is getting a little deep for me. I may require a nuance filter...somebody pass the bong!

State of Jefferson

It should be obvious at this point that the so called "Friend of USA" is really one of those *goos* which Roe v Wade was designed to protect us against. Now if someone had only been as courageous as Scott Peterson when "Friend of AmeriKKKa" was small . . . . . . .

(the bong smoke makes it hard to count the periods in my elipses)

. . . . by the way, Vishnu, given that California is not really part of the united states, but instead, the independent state of Jefferson (so named by our evil RepubliKKKan inhabitants) -- since California is a separate country Peterson's oppression at the hands of Bu$Hitler's laws gets appealed to federal court.

. . Oh, no, I am out, quick, someone re-light my source of inspiration.

Friend of USA

State of Jefferson,

Here's a taste of your own medecine...

I remember your mother , yeah I'm old enough for that ;

Just like Clinton smoked pot but did not inhale ,

your mother sucked but did not swallow...

Fuck you very much

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