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Red Loser

Tapeworms: Mother Nature's diet program!

(Unlike fetuses, which make women even fatter.)


Okay, Red Loser, and Vishnu, too, you can either take the credit--or the blame--for the next and newest, "diet craze!" Screw Atkins! Get yourself a tapeworm!!!!

Dave Nalle

IMO life begins at the age where the 'fetus' can pick up a gun or even a rock or a stick and hunt a small animal, kill it, skin it and feed itself. Or if you prefer a more humane approach, at the age it can tell the poisonous berries in the back yard from the tasty safe ones. Anytime before that and they're cute but not yet human.

As for your tapeworm, I'm afraid the people forcing you to keep that in your intestine are likely to be the kind folks at PETA. That's the only abortion they want to stop.



After the link from Best of the Web, I think Liberal Larry's Bag O' Hate Mail is going to be nearly bursting soon...


JannyMae, I believe you are too late with the TapeWorm Diet.

I don't know what all this fuss is about from the obviously anti-choice commenters here. Fetii are just clumps of cells (y'know, like cancer) so that they can be excised with no moral qualms. Are they now suggesting that I should carry a cancerous lump to "term?" After all, it's my body, my parasitic clump of cells, why should I be forced to carry it against my will. Its not like a clump of cells could ever make anything useful out of itself. Some of the most evil people the world has ever known started out as clumps of cells, and fetii even. Those warrior-aborters are doing the world a favor. They could be removing the next Ghengis Khan (y'know, if a clump of cells ever deserved personhood that is...)

Big J

This is so far over the top, it has to be satirical, right? Right?

gawdamman commies are fuckin' nuts!

U R an ASS

Abort yourself you human filth.

spd rdr

Ah! The Opinion Journal crowd checks in with their Red State ravings!



The election's over..MOVE ON.


Yeah, a fetus is just a clump of cels. Proof here:

Daniel Murray

I've read these posts. The world is a poorer place for the likes of this blog.


This is a joke right? If not, you're freakin' nuts! How dare you ignore the suffering that woman went through in order to salvage an untenable political position.

spd rdr

You got here for free, Dan.
Quit cher bitchin' and move along smartly.
Leave the pipe.


"Goddess forbid I should ever have a tapeworm. The fundies would probably insist it had a "right-to-life" and force me to carry it around inside me for the rest of my days."



Oh no. It seems my fellow Best of the Web folks seem to have forgotten to turn on their irony detectors when they clicked your link.

*shakes head*


People (including Best of the Web) don't get the OBVIOUS satire here...

Gross, but funny.


Your article totally blew my mind! It brought to mind an obvious solution to this "moral dilemma". I can't believe nobody's doing this! Hear me out: If you could have an advance treatment that would guarantee that you would never, ever have a tapeworm no matter how much nickel-a-bowl fried noodles you scarf down, you'd probably do it, right? Or if you could undergo a treatment that would guarantee you would never get cancer in any form, you'd do it, right? Me too! So I suggest that all 'womyn' here immediately call their local clinics to schedule hysterectomies. No, I'm serious. Preventive measures... wouldn't want any rogue cell clusters forming inside you.


For crying out loud, you people really make me laugh. Not just any laugh mind you, but the kind of maniacal laugh a homicidal freak of nature lets loose as he's wiping the blood off of his katana amidst the murderous carnage he's just perpetrated. Seldom does one get to witness such a collection of neanderthals undeserving of the life they've been allowed to live all in one place. You subhumans are living proof (assuming your "host" gave vaginal birth that is), that retroactive abortions should begin immediately.

J at TAotB

It's interesting to watch those with a bad case of sarCHASM waste time berating our Liberal and Savior.


To the author: Your ravings display before a holy God a depraved and hardened heart. I will pray for you, that your eyes would be opened to your sin and spiritual state before your life ends. Remember - "it is appointed for a man once to die - and then the judgement." There is still hope for you - if you will repent and believe that a baby, born unnaturally of a virgin, took your hate and degradation upon himself when he died on a cruel cross. This Son of Man and Son of God was perfect- so death, which is our payment for our rebellion against God and transgression of His laws - could not keep Him - He arose from the grave on the 3rd day and now sits at the right hand of the Father. He will come again (I believe very soon) to judge the world. Friend - I grieve for you that there is no fear of God in your life - God will not be mocked - what a man sows - so he shall reap. Do not reap the bitter sorrow of God's wrath due to you from your sin - you can be saved! Look to Him who suffered your curses and hatred (and mine) when He gave up His life for His friends.


As a pro-choice conservative I continue to see the angry left as blinded by fanatical bias no different from the fundamental religious right of pious group. Both are lacking tolerance or discussion of opinion beyond their own demagoguery.


WSJ readers, please look up sarcasm and irony.

Don't make us look bad. This is a parody of the thought processes that allows liberals and pro-abortionists to excuse any injustice on a baby.

It's a joke.


Am I the only one who thinks the person who wrote this blog above is a SICK, TWISTED, ASS-HOLE? We should have been so lucky as to have had his mother put a coat-hanger up her sour puss and jerk this abomination out into the toilet. He is the kind of person that gives the looney left their reputation.


You people are seriously unhinged. The fact that you have so abstracted the humanity of a baby, merely by its proximity to the womb, in service of your selfish desires stuns me.

May God in Christ have mercy on your souls and clear the scales from your eyes.

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