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Maria in Iowa

Sounds fun.

Oh wait... Does that offend anyone, the idea of having fun? It's not in the Bible or anything, is it?


Between the stable rock of atheistic, scientific socialist utopia and the swirling, chaotic vortex of Christian fascism stands Liberal Larry. You are an inspiration to us all.

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

I assume you mean only the white male KKKristjian employees will be doing the fork jabbing? That would make sense, and would only require the one fork, your office being so diverse and all.

Liberal Larry

Like I said, you have to keep an eye on these Christians. It's a razor thin line between handing out Christmas cookies and burning heretics at the stake.


You are my hero.

This, and everything else you post, is pure genious. I love you.


On your Scrooge Comment,

I am surprised that you speak of scrooge in so derogatory a light. I think that scrooge is an interesting character because of the two edged nature of his *christmas* transformation. On the one hand, scrooge got over the fact that he was an evil white male who should suffer forever from the light of the earth goddess (What some KKKristians would call "hell"), and realized that the only path in life was to give away all the money which he had obviously stolen from the poor.

. . . Huge hit on the bong, and a little sacramental wine . . .

But wait, I see it now . . .

Scrooge was corrupted by the KKKristian holiday of KKKristmas. At the beginning of the story he was a good leader who fearlessly taught people the truth about christmas. He also made the christian Bob Crotchet with his intolerant monogomous marriage and bible thumping beliefs understand the meaning of work which all of us must go through, and scrooge naturally threw out the KKKristian charity which was trying to steal the enlightened money for their own evil ends.

And what did the KKKristians do? They sent some "ghosts" and suppressed scrooge's free belief and turned him into a mindless drone just like Bu$Hitler and Haliburton are trying to do.


In memory of Ebeneezer Scrooge . . . A great man suppressed by the right wing, KKKristian, Reichpublican, bible thumping conspiracy.

(whew . . . what was in that bong, man?)

Red Loser

"the meaning of work which all of us must go through"

I couldn't disagree more, Vishnu. This concept of "work" clearly comes from the Jesuslanders and their Holey B*ble. It says somewhere in there that anyone who does not work should not eat and that idle people should be punished. (A friend told me this--I would never read that bookful of lies myself!!) Thus, I have given up all forms of capitalist "work" and instead thrive on Twinkies and Ho-hos in my parents' basement.

Red Loser

And by Vishnu I of course meant StateOfJefferson. Your otherwise-well-thought-out ramblings reminded me of Vishnu.

State of Jefferson

Herr Loser,

Naturally what I was implying was that the enlightened scrooge was making the KKKristians serve those who they oppressed with their hegemonic ideas, not that tru believers in the EarthGoddess should do work; instead, the KKKristians should slave to make up for their so called "sin."

. . . big hit . . .

spd rdr

We had out annual Mandatory Staff Meeting last evening. In order to be sure that no overbearing X-tians would sneak in and try to proslet...prostlit..prothlat.. oh, you know, try to convert us, the theme of the Meeting was" Las Vegas! Yep, we drank and gambled and danced on the tables. And after Ms. S. got into the punch things really got secular between she and Mr. P...right there on the craps table! I got pictures! Oh a jolly good time was had by all now that religion is out of the season.


Wow! State of Jefferson sure was on a roll! (Kaiser?) I think I'll pass up a few hits of the bong....

bush supporter

I am methodist and I believe what I want to believe. Do you really fold under peer pressure?


"If there were no God, there would be no Atheists." -- G. K. Chesterton

Liberal Larry

You guys thought I was kidding about the Christmas Tree, didn't you?

Red Loser

Say, Larry, you described the forks as "complimentary." Did you mean "complEmentary"? I've found that silverware (or in this case, hempware) does not usually express admiration of my chiseled, handsome appearance unless I have spent a lot of time around the bong.


So, a couple of atheists, "resent," the Christmas tree. I'd like to tell them where they can SHOVE their, "resentment," but I'm trying to be polite...don't want to offend anyone!


You DO have a job! So that takes up a few minutes of your time here and there looking busy when the boss walks by your cubicle. But how much of the rest of your time do you spend just slacking off on the Internet?


Love Mr. Stock's quote..
"I try and be aware of injustice and inequality when it effects anybody or everybody," he says. "Certainly this is something that has been a problem for as long as I can remember."

If he considers the erection (and I did say erection...) of a "giving tree" ~injustice and inequality~ he needs to reassess the meanings of those words. Maybe the city should put up another giving tree in, oh let's say...June. Just to "stir the pot".

Red Loser

Sweet Gaia! I just realized that by eating "Ho-Hos," I have inadvertantly been supporting the fascist rallying cry of that fat, red geezer, Satan Claws! No wonder I have lately been feeling the evil capitalistic urge to go out and buy presents for my friends (by that I mean you people--everyone around here is a Zionazi). I will dispense with Hitler's Ho-hos immediately and instead begin scarfing down eclaires (they are French!).

This is truly a blight on my fabled conscience, and I beg for forgiveness. Thank you, Larry, for revealing the horrible dangers of Chr*stMESS!

State of Jefferson

Quick, intervention, it looks like JannyMae's bong has gone out,

. . . Passes lighter made from the skulls of "choice" abortions . . .

"I'd like to tell them where they can shove their resentment"


Isn't it obvious that these so called "atheists" are really a name which the right wing, ReichpubliKKKan, hegemonic, Zionazi, KKKristian conspiracy has labeled to the true believers of the GaiaEarthMotherGoddess* who are, in fact, only trying to stop the rapine of denuding of forests for some white, KKKristian, Zionazi ceremony?!?

Cheney W. Halliburton

Any and all celebratory concepts for December and the first week of January are covered by a copyright held by my company, Halliburton World Conquest, Inc.

It's not Christians ruining Christmas, Larry, it's people who use other people's intellectual property without paying.

State of Jefferson

* Note, I use Goddess obviously not in the zionist, hegemonic sense, but in the sense of the loving mother who will make us all suffer unless we spread the message of Her love.

State of Jefferson

Dear KKKommandant Haliburton,

I find myself reluctantly argeeing with you. What really ruined the celebration of the winter solstice where true believers would have a drunken orgy in selebration of the sun was when the (then) neo-zionazis stole the GaiaEarthMother's holiday, and made their KKKristmas with their Satan Claws.

Supernatural Rabbit Scribe

I find the capitalization of "Christmas" (sic) offensive.


Today, the cashier at the grocery store tried to push her religious beliefs on me by wishing me a happy holidays.

Instead of getting mad, I just smiled and said, "You have a merry Mandatory Staff Meeting too."

Try it! It works!

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