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Larry. I know someone you must meet. His Dave Emory. You are not alone. I think it must be difficult to be smarter than the rest of us like the MIT professor. But you explain things so well that I'm beginning to see the light. Thanks.


Larry... have you been talking to EdNut?

And you didn't link to What's up with that?

Go. Educate yourself....


Brilliant Lar. We're throught the looking glass, what is past is prologue, more than one person involved defines conspiracy, and the situation was a riddle wrapped in an enigma. However, I thought Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto's poker addiction and subsequent gambling debts would play into this as well.

spd rdr

This is stunning news, Larry. For so many years I believed that it was Herman Goering who brought the brats. Thanks for clearing up the history for me. I'll attribute you in my forthcoming book "How Bush Stole Hisandherstory."

Masked Menace©

Miyazawa? I thought it was Kurosawa


Straining at gnats while swallowing camels whole.

Fraser Crane, M.D.

[Stunned silence.}

Larry, electroschock only sounds dangerous . . . .
We have new four-color brochures, at the clinic.
They feature . . . Babar!


Since's W's fault on this one goes up the family tree and benefited all future Shrubs, I think Jed should appologize as well. After all, the BushReich conspiaracy has him next in line to assume power.


Bush senior trading shamelessly on his war record? As if Jean Francoise Kerrie didn't do the same!

Oh Janny, I did get away from Bill. I heard him breathing around the corner and I used a mirror to see exactly where he was (I didn't want to get petrified by Hillary, since one never knows where she may be lurking),
and had no problem avoiding him.

Unfortunately Bill wants to play Santa and I think the Church Lady wants to tell him a few things, but DO spread Santa Wrap on the lap if you decide to sit down.
Doc Ock is waiting to autoclave him, since he has the proverbial ten foot arms.

I have a stocking stuffer for him; a DVD with Uma Thurman and some plot about waking up after a coma and going after the guy who did her wrong.


Whew! Cricket, I'm relieved to hear that you got away from, "Uncle," Bill! I was concerned about you, although I think you may have had more to fear from Hillary, than from Bill!

As far as sitting on, "Uncle," Bill's lap, I think I'll take my turn after Buffy, Jodi, and Cissy, thank you. If they come off the lap unscathed, I may consider using that, "Santa Wrap," you spoke of. Can I get that at Wal-Mart, when I do my regualar shopping?

*spit* *gag* Eeeeeeuw! I think it's time to fire up that autoclave again. *passes bong to Cricket for further treatment*

Bill Clinton

Heh. Heh, heh, heh...

You ladies just can't get enough of old Bill, can you?

Play hard to get all you want - we all know you want to sit in old Santa's lap. Just tell him what you want...I'm sure something can be arranged.

Bad Commie

I knew the chinks were a commie fascist plot! I knew it!

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess



Who would have thought that Bill Clinton would come over here and troll. Does Hillary know where you are? Does she care?

Hillary Clinton

As long as he's not making passes at me, I couldn't care less at this point.


Mother, have you seen my blue dress?

Noah Bawdy

Sorry about the wrong TrackBack entry, I'm still learning how to use the damned thing. Laughed my self silly when I read the post. Good werk !


Wow, guy you take satirical thought and make it in to something totally insane, makes one wonder do you take pills? Because it is obvious you need to take your iddiotic emo being self to a doctor, to get your head examined....

fuck liberals

larry u are an ignorant left winger, just like them all. get your facts right before you go accusing others on your rants and tirades that dont even make sense. dont try and include us in your radical communist agenda. oh and spell check is nice as well.


Wow you must be a complete moron.... Are you saying that anyone who was born 5 years after Pearl Harbor is to blame?!? Wow, this country of ours is full of morons with simple minds that cannot comprehend what is going on around us.

Rich Murray

How can any man avoid his military obligation, but send others to their death in a war? Doesn't anyone see the callousness of the Bush family? The self-serve buffet table they've created for themselves by manipulating it all to their favor. Neil, George, Pappy all of them have cost us all in lives and in money. Read the history of GHW Bush. What is a mnan of his age, and physical condition doing being so concerend that John McCain get elected the next president, he must stand next to him at a press conference? Why are these Bushies so concerned about this election, and who gets elected? Referring to the Constitution as a God d--- piece of paper, did it for me with any Bush. Neil with the Savings and Loan bankruptcies, the security for the WTC was a Bush. Wake up America, a most anti constitutional president has said one thing a done another. When are any of us going to learn we got to take the reins out of the hands of the Bushies and get someone in there who recognizes the Constitution, and truly 'preserves, prtects and defends..." it. This is our country no the Bushies, and it is time we all take action, unify and elect someone other than Obama or McCain. When McCain chastised Ms. Alfond, and encouraged the committee to prevent the families of the PPOW's and the MIA's to getting the records, I asked what does McCain have to hide? Why is he doing that? Wise up America, this is our home of the brave, land of the free. If we don't to something to save ouselves, we will know which family sold us out right oin front of our noses. The Bush flim-flam government has been in style for many years. Bush-Clinton-Bush-, and this wa ssupposed to the final cap set by another Clinton--Hillary. Clinton and Bush are one, not foes. They are one. The takeovoer is very near, and we are in our final hours. Wake up, and heed the warning. At least for our children's sake, freedom, and sanity. Thank you!

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