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Ron, sometimes you should face the facts.
The US govn't + BUsh are greedy money-starved bastards who manipulate population for money.
The Twin Towers was planned.
They knew about the attack of Pearl Harbour before it actually happened. Yet they did nothing.
Watch the twin towers explosions. The twin towers could not have fallen with 1 plane in each of them. THe twin towers was made to withstand 8 planes. Each story was seen with an explosion. Bombs? WHo knows.
THe tsunami. It is a fact that a machine, in fact used for war, was created to "make waves" in World War II.
Who knows what technology can do? Is it all just coincidence the everything terrible that has happened suddenly seemed sort of .. good - for Bush?
Everyone watches Farenheit 9/11 and goes .. What the HELL .. BUSH SUCKS. Another belief.. conspiracy..
Michael Moore may actually be working for Bush.
Take all this as bullshit..
But you never know...
You wouldn't believe how fucking corrupt our world is. It's disgusting. ANd people don't recognize or see it. It's absolutely disgusting. Get your head into the world, fucktard.

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i am so glad that bush is out of office.

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K. Stanley

"peaceloving Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam"

Are you on crack dude??? Please DO NOT EVER put peace-loving and the LTTE in the same sentence. To say that the group responsible for the invention of 'suicide bombers' are peaceful is an abhorrent abomination.

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