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Let me get this straight.

You intend to send the curdled cream of the entertainment wing of the Progressive movement to stand in front of a large contingent of young men with short tempers and long rifles?

Could you please arrange to have it shown on CNN? Or the Hunting Channel? I don't think I want to miss the fireworks.

Liberal Larry

You're wrong. Al Franken has been to Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia on several USO tours, and he never gets beaten up. Of course, he never says the things there that he says here, but that's exactly why we need to send George Carlin. Unlike Franken, he won't be afraid to get on a stepladder, look a grunt in the eye and say, "You're dick-waving moron who kills brown people for fun."


Susan Sontag???

NO! Can't be!!

I loved her in "Bull Durham."


Could you also send Barbra Streisand and Alan Alda? If anyone knows about war, he does. He refought the Korean War for ten long years with the social dilemma of the week, proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that if the right people are in charge, you can write your way out of anything and that the truth doesn't matter.

Liberal Larry

And he can take Mike Farrell with him. They both starred in a TV series taped in part of Southern California that resembles Korea. If anyone knows about the horrors of war, it's the cast of MASH. Except for Father Mulcahy, who was only there to convert the brown-skinned people.

Friend of USA

I click on the susan boum boum sontag link and then on the back button...
I click on the susan boum boum sontag link and then on the back button...
I click on the susan boum boum sontag link and then on the back button...
I click on the susan boum boum sontag link and then on the back button...

Groovy !

Friend of USA

If nobody knows when or where mother earth might strike next time , Why would I feel guilty living it up using precious resources ?

I think I'll go buy a big gas guzzling SUV because who knows , maybe next week Canada will vanish under sea or something...

Smoke'em if you got'em...

Liberal Larry

Sontag's influence on modern culture is unquestionable. When she wrote that "What is the most beautiful in virile men is something feminine; what is most beautiful in feminine women is something masculine," thousands of lonely women stopped shaving their armpits and took to belching loudly at singles bars.

Bug's Butt

Simply love your idea.

Reichpublican Stormtrooper

But Larry, Carlin has hours of material bashing feminists and environmentalists! How can you possibly invite him?


Because Carlin will deliver Sontag's eulogy.

Stalin Lives In Boston

i'm really drunk and i plan on continuing dr9nking until there is no more drining left todo. here's to two pitchers down asnd many more to go til the nmwew year.

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People are less moral than 30 years ago

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Sex offenders should be, should not be castrated

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I've just been staying at home doing nothing, but pfft. Today was a total loss, but oh well. I've pretty much been doing nothing worth mentioning.


It is never okay to lie, sometimes okay to lie


Women are not, are fairly portrayed in the media

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