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"Sen. John Kerry knows exactly where Osama is [...]"

I always wondered about Teresa.

Pile On®

Mother Earth, Gaia, all inclusive higher power diety thingy help us, Lar has discovered the Information Clearinghouse. There will be no stopping him now that he has the real information at his fingertips.


Hey idiot, bUsh is GOD. I hope somebody pours acid in your eye sockets after urinating on your mother. Without BushGod saving us, you stupid cheese-logs would have us accepting the towel heads and letting them raise funds right here in the JEW-nited states. If is weren't for Bush, there would be mosks in every city, and muslins would be allowed to even have a website!!!



I want Rummy gone. I want Rummy gone! Gone! Gone!! Gone!!! If he leaves, I promise I'll never criticize any of the other genocidal fascists in the Shrub's cabinet. I'll never ask for any more resignations or look for any scandals. It's just this one thing that needs to change, and we can in a spirit of bipartisanship. Why don't the Reichpugs understand this one little thing and let me have it?! I need the bong.

Union of Gaia Mother Earth Creatures

I dislike non union scabs raping me. Where is Vishnu on that issue?

Where is MY representation?

Thank you.

spd rdr


Bad Commie

I think we need to let Osama brutally murder Ginfeld and his whole rethuglican gang to show that we love the troops. Also we can off the baby killers as well while we are at it. Wait, no not the doctors, the other baby killers.


"Goddess knows we've tried, but four years of ear-piercing feminine hysterics hasn't been enough to drive Donald Rumsfeld out of office."

My God Larry, it's sentences like that which keep me coming back here every morning

No wonder Dana wants to bear your love-child... reading that masterful line, surely all of Womynkynd just achieved the ultimate, soul-searing Moment Of Truth in ecstatic unison.

We thank you.

Friend of USA

Well people , come on , we all know that american food is high in hydrogenated oils wich cause clogged arteries and increase risk of cancer.

Don't you see that , that poor so called "suicide bomber" was merely acting in self defense against lethal food ,
unlike that marine who shot a supposedely faking - wounded - totally harmless - innocent insurgent ?

Stalin Lives In Boston

heh heh...

i believe strangelove might very well be the smartest person i've ever seen post here. i tried to break the message down point-by-point but really, i think he's right on every issue.

we ARE all cheese-logs, bush HAS prevented all "muslins" the world over from getting websites to broadcast their propaganda and decapitation videos through, and bush HAS prevented "mosks" from being built anywhere near "jewmerica".

truly beautiful.


All I can say is it's great to be an AMerican where you can post any opinion you want. Even if I don't agree....glad you can make your feelings known.

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