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Mourning dove

Hey, we all gotta eat, don't we?


Well, as the Cricket who will chirp silently, I sorta think it qualifies as an Impressionist painting immortalized in verse along the lines of 'Flanders Field.'

Dear Mourning Dove, don't look so gloomy. Hildebeeste
will run in 2008 and we can celebrate the Aquarian Age together by getting along in Biblical proportions.
Besides, don't you bird types gorge on insects until you regurgitate?

You are welcome to join me in my vigil. Mourning Dove calls would be a lovely counterpoint to the chirps.
I will share my lemons.

Mourning Dove

If you have nacho doritos to go with the lemons, you're on!


Yes. Nacho doritos are always good Cricket food, and sometimes they are served along with a fine Dr. Pepper.

Mourning dove


Stan Bussey

Great stuff! Incisive & witty! More subtle than Schulman! See you down at the Legion Hall, dude.

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