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Cheney W. Halliburton

All right, who forgot to shove the TV into Larry's tub when he wasn't looking?

C'mon somebody, fess up. It wasn't my job -- I was on my private SR-71 coming back from a secret meeting with bin Laden to pay him off for his perfectly timed video.

Jiminy Christmas, people! We can steal an election by individually brainwashing nearly 60 million voters, but we can't pull off a measly little deliberate accident?

You just can't get good help these days.


Funny stuff, Larry. The really scary thing is, I read Eric Alterman's column today, and it was very similar, and almost as funny!


Wow! I guess I ought to be grateful that Cheney only conked ME on the head. Watch your back, Larry, and your front, and...oh, never mind, you get my drift!


So kind of you to think of me in your hour of despair. ;)


Well, of course, the Republicans should cower and submit in the spirit of conciliation. It was only another election that was stolen. Not the lessons from the 2000 election.

Eric Alteredstate

Screw your self-pity, all of you! Today on the Neocon-Hebe-Zio-facist Michael Medved show I called in and gave him The Detailed Truth about how BusHitler has intentionally sabotaged the world economy & environment, poisoned world water supplies, committed genocide in Afghanistan and Iraq, and explained how Rove rigged the -04 elections. So then he says "So do you think Bush caused the eruption of Mt. Saint Helens and the Florida hurricanes?" and just as I was beginning to enlighten this palestinian-murdering, gay-baiting jew Zionist on the scientific proof of the connection between our Mother Earth and the evil crimes the Imperialist Bush perpetrates against humanity, he starts laughing nervously and hangs up on me. The conspiracy is even wider than we thought!!! Did any of you overhear my phone call?


I love few things in life: Gaia, Bikenstocks, my bootleg copy of the Dead at Montross, and that moment just before the munchies blow my high. I also love your daily wisdom Lar, and since I know you're not a homophobic, pus-filled Reichpug who needs to be gang-raped in a prison shower, I know that you're comfortable knowing that. I want you to put down the TV, my friend. We need you on this side of the cosmic divide.
Besides, I saw this movie once where this really angry chick crawls out of a TV, and she's looked as haggard and angry as my girlfriend after an Est meeting. So, eloctrocution aside, you need to look out for that too.

Bad Commie

I say chimp-hitler stole the election! I don't know how, but he did it anyway! Him got bannanas and shit eating grin. I smell halliburton.


Check out my website for a map that will solve the problem.
Welcome to Canada, Kerry!


We all need something to love.

Right now I'm loving the fact that Lurch and the Breck Girl lost. Big time.


The chimp pissed us off so much that we came out in swarms this summer to inform the fascists how angry the animal kingdom was about knuckle-walker. Crap, we'll just lay down for another 17 years - in bitterness.


As a distance cousin of mine, I will chirp over you while you hibernate. It is the least I can do for family.


A constant vigil of protest Cricket? Thank you but bring the lemons. Your voice is going to go raw trying to preach truth to American Repugs for the next 17 years while the shrubs impose their caliphate over this once great country.

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

Well Shrub may have technically won the election, but he has no mandate. He barely won a majority and we are still a highly divided nation thanks the repugniKKKan fearmongering and dirty rhetoric. We must heal this nation by welcoming repugs who reach across the aisle to us, welcome them into the progressive fold. Half the nation can't run this country without the other half, so that means they have to come to us.


Larry, don't forget the all-important fact that, although the Shrub may have won a larger percentage of the popular vote than any other president in modern history, there is a far more important statistic.

Our intrepid media, led by The BarbEhrian, have been constantly reminding us that due to the unprecedented voter turnout, we now have evidence that there are also a larger number of people who voted AGAINST the Shrub. (of course this is not to be outweighed by the also unprecedented number of people who voted for the nasty little bugger... err..nevermind...)



Lar- what a touching tail about you and the tv and the dirty water wallowing. I'm so glad you're still here and can string your sentences togather so as to give us the truth and... do you think, by the way, that if we piss on the shrub enough we can wither him away over the next four years?

Here's hoping, your (fairly) loyal reader, Ed

Liberal Larry

"Larry, don't forget the all-important fact that, although the Shrub may have won a larger percentage of the popular vote than any other president in modern history, there is a far more important statistic."

Indeed. The exit polls. The exit polls clearly showed that Kerry won, which means that Bush has no mandate after all. The American people have spoken, and they've chosen John Kerry as their leader.


Larry, Better end it quick because I just received papers authorizing your 'liquidation' from Karl Rove. Sorry. Really.

Kneave Riggall

"Nancing"? "Quadraplegic gay lover"? Larry, you have outdone yourself!

Keep up the good work for . . .

Four more years!


"What better way to celebrate Kerry's glorious accension to the White House than to soak in my own filth for a couple of hours?"

This one had me laughing out loud for several minutes Larry. Seriously, I needed it too. Thanks.


Calliope! Good to "see" you. Still praying....


My conservative Birkenstocks can crush your liberal Birkenstocks any day!

Get over your pitiful self! If Monsieur Kerry had won this race, we'd all get along. Goodness, a life filled with disappointment and hate is not a life.

Mourning dove

Hey, you cicadas and crickets better watch out! I'm on to you!


Just stumbled upon this BEAUTIFUL site! Absolutely fantastic stuff Larry! OH...excuse anxiety closet calls...

The Babe

A Mourning Dove who threatens the peace of the insect's hibernation in Gaia Earth. We can all feel the love, man.

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