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Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

Yet again, the Bu$Hitler-AssCross Junta is suppressing my vote and silencing my patriotic right to dissent. Here we have all known all this time to get out the vote on November 3, and what did they do? They went out and secretly opened the polls early, allowing countless operatives, no doubt shuttled from poll to poll in HALLIBURTON-owned SUVs, to get in and fabricate false votes for Shrub and Co. Meanwhile, I am stuck here in Canada, unable to return to my own country until after midnight at the earliest. Does anyone know how to get a hold of Lawrence Tribe or Alan Dershowitz?


"...became to confused by the ballot design that he accidentally wrote in Pat Buchanan" -classic!

Liberal Larry

Classic typo.


I was intimidated by two Republicans when I voted today. Both were wielding guns, clubs and badges! At least I can take solace in the fact
that, this only happened the first time I voted for Kerry.


What if Bush wins the overall election, but loses Florida?

Wouldn't this present Osama with a dilemma?

Kool-Aid Drinker's Domestic Partner

I have been trying all day to go and vote, but I keep seeing things that make me afraid that somebody's going to suppress my vote.

First, when I opened the door there was this bright light in the sky. Instantly of course I thought the Repukes were nuking my city so I shut the door real fast and ran and hid under my bed.

Then I realized it was only the sun. So I crawled out from under my bed and went back outside, but as I was walking to the bus stop I saw something dark and unfamiliar following me, so I ran back to my house and hid under my bed.

That's when I realized that dark thing was my shadow. So I crawled out from under my bed yet again, and headed for the bus stop, but then I saw an enormous, roaring thing headed right at me, and I ran back home and hid under my bed again.

Now I'm wondering if I just missed my bus.


Holy election fraud, Batman! I think I was just disenfranchised. I looked in the mirror just now and there is a little sticker on my tie-dyed t-shirt that says, "I voted today." I don't remember going to the polls. I think I was kidnapped by Cheney after he hit me over the head with an (empty) 18 year old bottle of Scotch. This means....aaaaaah! I voted for BUSH!


First, I was forced to stand in line in a building made of concrete blocks. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I swear I could smell cyanide. Then, some jackbooted thug stands at the entryway and demands "my papers". I yelled, "Hey Heinrich! This is America. We get to vote here without your fascist interference! I know my rights!" Then, they shove me in this booth and close a curtain behind me where I was faced with some form of torture device with levers and writing all over it. I'm sure it was electrified, except for the "Bu$hitler" lever. So, I ran because there were bugs crawling all over me. When I got home, I called Moveon.Org and told them I was being suppresed. Larry Boies is now on my speedial; he said that he was the walrus. I'm going to have to light up the celebration bong a couple hours early just to calm down, and the fascist bugs are still crawling up the back of my neck.

Liberal Larry

Sheesh, I had no problems at all. You folks must live in Repug districts or something, because it was smooth sailing up here.

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